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Bloomberg Government's Capital Impact

This is an archive page for Bloomberg Government's Capital Impact radio show. Focusing on the business implications of government actions, Capital Impact explored the effects of government spending in core industries of defense, IT and technology, energy, finance, health care and transportation, and the appropriations process in Congress. For more information about Bloomberg Government, visit them online at

Natural gas vehicles, spectrum breakdown and vulnerable senators

On this week's Capital Impact show, guests discuss the use of natural gas, the "cloud" and the upcoming election.

Wednesday - 08/08/2012, 06:19pm EDT

Cyber acquisitions, the internet tax debate, and the R&D tax credit

On this week's Bloomberg Government Capital Impact show, analysts will discuss which cybersecurity companies are being targeted for mergers and acquisitions. Plus, what's next in the internet tax debate and how are companies benefiting from the R&D tax credit.
August 2, 2012

Thursday - 08/02/2012, 07:00pm EDT

Sizing up the housing market and what's ahead for Dodd-Frank?

On this week's Capital Impact show, Bloomberg Government analysts will discuss what to look for when the housing market starts to rebound, and the impact and future of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Thursday - 07/26/2012, 06:41pm EDT

Impact of health IT spending; sequestration and Capitol Hill

On this week's Bloomberg Government Capital Impact show, analysts will discuss the benefits of electronic health records, and legislation that could make its way through Congress before the sequestration deadline.

Thursday - 07/19/2012, 06:42pm EDT

Planning for sequestration; Corporate money & candidates

On this week's Bloomberg Government Capital Impact show, defense analysts examine which types of contractors would be most affected by sequestration. Plus, how are corporations spending money on the presidential election?

Wednesday - 07/11/2012, 04:37pm EDT

Private equity cashes in on federal contracts, energy companies eye federal lands

On this week's Capital Impact show, Bloomberg Government analysts discuss private equity's involvement in the government contracting market, fossil fuels on federally-owned land, and what Congress has left on its to do list this year.

Wednesday - 06/27/2012, 03:53pm EDT

Health law on trial

On this week's edition of Bloomberg Government's Capital Impact show, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle discusses the Affordable Care Act and the potential political fallout of a high court reversal.

Tuesday - 06/19/2012, 03:12pm EDT

Congress eyes risky trades, housing policy in focus

On this week's Capital Impact show, how Congress is policing risky trades. Plus, what is Washington doing to kick start home sales?

Wednesday - 06/13/2012, 05:31pm EDT

Ranking top government contractors; threat of sequestration

This week on Bloomberg Government's Capital Impact show, results from a new BGov analysis that shows federal contract spending is slumping. Plus, how defense contractors may be able to protect some revenue from sequestration.

Wednesday - 06/06/2012, 06:16pm EDT

Sizing up the cyber market, Defense M&A targets, and contractor contributions

Federal Technology Analyst Jason Wilson sizes up the defense cyber market. Defense Financial Analyst Sopen Shah looks at potential targets for mergers and acquisitions. Data Analyst Peter Brusoe looks at how federal contractors are donating money this campaign season.

Thursday - 05/31/2012, 10:39am EDT

US companies eye trade threats

On this edition of the Capital Impact show, BGOV Trade Analysts Caitlin Webber and Ken Monahan evaluate trade tensions facing the U.S. Plus, Congressional Analysts Melissa Avstreih and Loren Duggan look at legislation to reduce or eliminate duties on imported goods.

Thursday - 05/24/2012, 06:21am EDT

Financial regs return to forefront; Defense budget hits the floor

On this week's Capital Impact show, BGOV economic analysts Nela Richardson and Christopher Payne examine JP Morgan's unexpected $2 billion derivatives loss. Plus, BGOV Defense Analyst Robert Levinson and Congressional Analyst Loren Duggan outline the FY2013 Defense Authorization bill.

Thursday - 05/17/2012, 06:17am EDT

The future of health care cost savings

On this week's show, host Allen Scott examines efforts to cut health care costs and their potential implications for businesses and federal and state budgets. Guests include Health Care Analysts Christopher Flavelle and Brian Rye, and Congressional Analyst Loren Duggan.

Thursday - 05/10/2012, 04:14am EDT

Energy in focus: The future of power plants and the energy debate in Congress

On this week's Capital Impact show, energy analysts Rob Barnett and Richard Heidorn discuss the future of nuclear power. Plus, the latest on the congressional energy debate with Loren Duggan and Derek Wallbank.

Thursday - 05/03/2012, 04:49pm EDT

Looking ahead: M&As, Defense approps and 2013 IT projects

Guests on this week's show include defense finance analyst Sopen Shah, congressional analyst Loren Duggan, and technology analysts Afzal Bari and Allan Holmes.

Thursday - 04/26/2012, 04:05pm EDT
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