7:33 am, January 26, 2015

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World leaders react to death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah

Reactions from around the world to the death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah

Friday - 01/23/2015, 01:01pm EST

Tunisia announces new minority government without Islamists

Tunisia announces cabinet for new minority government, Islamists and leftists excluded

Friday - 01/23/2015, 12:45pm EST

Sierra Leone eases blocks on travel, business as Ebola wanes

Sierra Leone eases restrictions on movement, business as Ebola cases fall across West Africa

Friday - 01/23/2015, 12:42pm EST

Hollande, leaders call for investments in the green economy

Hollande, leaders call for investments in the green economy, pact addressing poverty

Friday - 01/23/2015, 12:12pm EST

Hostage video: was it really done outside?

Questions raised about extent of doctoring of video showing Japanese hostages

Friday - 01/23/2015, 12:04pm EST

French court upholds stripping citizenship in terror case

Top French court upholds stripping citizenship for binational jihadi in terrorism case

Friday - 01/23/2015, 11:10am EST

Hazy skies the backdrop for Obama's climate talks in India

Obama to join Indians breathing world's dirtiest air amid climate talks in New Delhi

Friday - 01/23/2015, 11:00am EST

SAfrica former police chief dies, was jailed for corruption

South African former police chief who was convicted of corruption dies after long illness

Friday - 01/23/2015, 10:48am EST

153 arrested in South Africa looting

South Africa: 153 arrested in looting and riots targeting foreign-owned shops

Friday - 01/23/2015, 09:22am EST

France sees as many anti-Muslim acts in Jan as all of 2014

Group says France sees as many anti-Muslim acts since January terror attacks as in all of 2014

Friday - 01/23/2015, 09:17am EST

Congo's Senate votes down measure that drew protests

Congo's Senate votes down measure that drew protests over concerns elections would be delayed

Friday - 01/23/2015, 09:08am EST

Israeli man under house arrest for leaked Madonna songs

Israeli man under house arrest, suspected of leaking unreleased songs by Madonna

Friday - 01/23/2015, 08:20am EST

Sri Lanka's once-powerful ex-president faces backlash

Fortunes of Sri Lanka's once-powerful ex-president and family collapse after electoral defeat

Friday - 01/23/2015, 07:34am EST

Saudi Arabia nears generational change in the throne

Saudi royal family nears a potentially divisive moment of passing throne to next generation

Friday - 01/23/2015, 07:00am EST

Yemen's US-backed president quits; country could split apart

Yemen's US-backed president quits under pressure, increasing fears that country could fracture

Friday - 01/23/2015, 06:26am EST

Saudi's new king, Salman, a force for unity in royal family

Saudi Arabia's new monarch, King Salman, a longtime statesman, mediator in family disputes

Friday - 01/23/2015, 05:54am EST

Macau ranks No. 1 in economic performance among world cities

Chinese and Turkish cities and energy-boom towns dominate list of top economies worldwide

Friday - 01/23/2015, 01:12am EST

Prisoners coordinated attacks from notorious Lebanese jail

Prisoners using cell phones coordinated militant attacks from 'Lebanon's Guantanamo'

Friday - 01/23/2015, 12:22am EST

UN meeting challenges world to stand up to anti-Semitism

Speakers at UN meeting challenge world to stand up to rising anti-Semitism

Thursday - 01/22/2015, 10:20pm EST

DAVOS WATCH: Merkel upstaged, more protests, currency wars

DAVOS WATCH: Concern over Europe's economy dominates Davos; leaders welcome any more stimulus

Thursday - 01/22/2015, 08:56pm EST
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