6:23 pm, January 30, 2015

Technology News

After gadgets and gizmos go home, CES exhibits get recycled

After the gadgets go home, CES goes green recycling the trade show's badges, booths and more

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 11:52am EST

Sony Pictures CEO: call to Google got 'The Interview' out

Sony Pictures CEO: Hackers "burned down the house," but studio hasn't lost a day of production

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 07:30am EST

Stray satellite signals help measure snowfall in arid West

Colorado scientists put stray satellite signals to work measuring snow _ key data in arid West

Monday - 01/12/2015, 09:02pm EST

Remembered: CES founder 'Analog Jack' Wayman

CES pays tribute to founder Jack Wayman, aka 'Analog Jack,' who died in August

Monday - 01/12/2015, 05:58pm EST

Coming to a car near you: auto technology at CES

Cars that think: gadget show gives glimpse of our automotive future

Monday - 01/12/2015, 12:34pm EST

China bans private drivers on ride-hailing apps

China bans private cars from ride-hailing apps in move that could hurt Uber expansion

Sunday - 01/11/2015, 11:20am EST

Drone revolution draws near, but big obstacles remain

Drones invite a revolution in the skies, but tall obstacles could delay new industry's takeoff

Saturday - 01/10/2015, 08:10am EST

Apple turns stores into galleries for iPad, iPhone artists

Art world meet Apple: Retail stores become galleries for art made with iPhone, iPad and Macs

Friday - 01/09/2015, 12:10pm EST

Apple, developers feasting on people's app-etite for apps

Apple's app sales set weekly record as people become more attached to their mobile devices

Friday - 01/09/2015, 03:38am EST

'Zelda,' 'Batman' among anticipated games due in 2015

'Legend of Zelda,' 'Batman: Arkham Knight' among anticipated video games due in 2015

Friday - 01/09/2015, 03:22am EST

Sony case statements could cause bind, depending on evidence

Public statements in Sony case could cause bind for US, depending where evidence trail leads

Thursday - 01/08/2015, 11:32pm EST

Don't sound the death knell for the PC just yet

After losing sales to smartphones and tablets, PC makers shake up design to woo consumers back

Thursday - 01/08/2015, 05:22pm EST

Want to turn heads at CES? Hire a celebrity

CES 'entrepretainers' Neil Young, Shaq, Ryan Seacrest, 50 Cent lend celebrity to gadget show

Thursday - 01/08/2015, 04:30pm EST

FCC chairman hints at utility-style rules for Internet

FCC chairman appears poised to push for tougher regulations to protect equal Internet access

Thursday - 01/08/2015, 04:08pm EST

FBI director gives new clues tying North Korea to Sony hack

FBI director: Sony hack had "clear links" to North Korea malware, exclusive IP addresses

Thursday - 01/08/2015, 01:42pm EST

Merkel website hacked ahead of visit by Ukrainian premier

Merkel and German government websites hacked; pro-Russian group claims responsibility

Thursday - 01/08/2015, 03:46am EST

Tablet apps let cats catch critters in cyberspace

Cyberspace isn't safe for mice: Cats pounce on chance to paw tablet screens to catch critters

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 05:48pm EST

FTC chief says gadget industry must prioritize privacy

Federal Trade Commission chair says coming bonanza of connected devices poses privacy concerns

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 01:16pm EST

Lawsuit alleges Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine swindled Beats partner

Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine depicted as scam artists in lawsuit triggered by Apple's Beats buyout

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 07:32am EST

NFL players' lawsuit vs. video-game maker allowed to advance

Federal court allows NFL players' lawsuit against video-game maker EA Sports to move forward

Wednesday - 01/07/2015, 02:40am EST
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