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Department of the Interior News

Cool Jobs: The Biogeographer

Jennifer Krstolic is a biogeographer for the U.S. Geological Survey.

Friday - 10/07/2011, 02:01am EDT

Interior to start over for cloud email with an RFI

Agency will do market research to see how the cloud market has changed. This decision prompted Onix and Google to drop their lawsuit.

Thursday - 09/29/2011, 07:06pm EDT

Interior ready to put substance behind IT reforms

Initial results from the two major changes to the way the agency manages and applies technology will come to the forefront this fall.
September 29, 2011

Wednesday - 09/28/2011, 03:36pm EDT

Bills would block new monuments on public land

Presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to George W. Bush have designated public land as national monuments, using a federal law to protect from development sites judged to have natural, historical or scientific significance.

Tuesday - 09/13/2011, 04:42pm EDT

Agencies earning a 'profit' from contract fees

GAO found four of six governmentwide acquisition contracts ended up with 'excess revenue' for the agency in each of the last four years. GSA's schedules programs earned an extra $62 million a year, while Interior and NASA earned an extra $4.7 million and $1.7 million annually, respectively.

Monday - 09/12/2011, 07:53pm EDT

Analysis: VisTA move to open source could start government trend

Ed Meagher, a former Interior Department CIO and deputy CIO and Chief Technology Officer at VA, explains why he supports VisTA's move to open source.

Wednesday - 09/07/2011, 04:17pm EDT

Agency financial systems still deficient

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee found agencies manually input data into grants, contracts and loan systems. The committee also said at least 10 agencies don't have good oversight of the data quality.

Wednesday - 09/07/2011, 03:19pm EDT

Interior defines new approach to IT

The Interior Department issued its four-year technology transformation plan where it describes how it will save $100 million a year starting in 2016. Interior's roadmap focuses on back office and administrative systems.

Friday - 07/08/2011, 05:12pm EDT

Inside GPO's printing plant

An inside look at how the Government Printing Office works on a daily basis, including an audio slideshow of GPO's printing plant.

Wednesday - 06/15/2011, 07:30pm EDT

OMB teeing up financial, HR systems for the cloud

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra said there are more than 1,000 of these back-office systems and moving them to private cloud providers could save billions. Several agencies, including Labor and EEOC, already have moved their financial systems to a private cloud. Kundra envisions an interagency effort similar to the one for email where agencies commit to using a governmentwide contract for these services.

Friday - 06/10/2011, 08:01am EDT

Four agencies must move to new FM systems

Interior's National Business Center no longer will support CGI's Momentum software forcing NRC, EEOC, FLRB and NTSB to find a new financial management system provider.

Wednesday - 06/08/2011, 04:01pm EDT

How to design federal web sites for mobile devices

NavigationArts' Mobile Practice Director Doug Brashear joins host John Gilroy to talk about how the government should handle mobile communication.
May 10, 2011(Encore presentation September 6, 2011)

Tuesday - 05/10/2011, 07:25pm EDT

Google's claims of FISMA certification questioned

Microsoft makes court documents public as part of battle to provide cloud services to the Interior Department. Google contends its Google Apps for Government offers more security than FISMA requires.

Tuesday - 04/12/2011, 07:24am EDT

Kundra pitches more budget authority for CIOs

The federal CIO told House lawmakers that one major reason IT projects fail is the lack of authority agency technology executives have over spending. Kundra said as part of the 25-point IT reform plan, OMB is restricting the roles of all major agency CIOs. He said the Interior Department is the model, and HHS is next.

Friday - 03/18/2011, 07:30am EDT

Time to update the federal CIO law?

Sen. Collins asked GAO to study the current roles and responsibilities of these senior technology managers. This would be the third such study from GAO since 1996, but first since 2005. VA's CIO Roger Baker reiterates his call to give CIOs oversight and authority of their IT budget.

Monday - 03/07/2011, 07:34am EST

Bring your own telework tools

The federal government could soon pay a $2,000 subsidy to federal employees who buy their own mobile devices.

Monday - 03/07/2011, 04:00am EST

GAO: Interior's challenges include resource protection, backlog

The Government Accountability Office has released a list of seven major management challenges at Interior. The challenges range from land acquisition to information security.

Thursday - 03/03/2011, 03:52pm EST

DoD's footprint reduced on GAO High Risk List

The government watchdog agency highlights 30 areas that are at-risk of major problems or failure. Auditors added Interior's handling of gas and oil resources, but several on-going challenges saw the scope of oversight shrink because of progress agencies have made.

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 12:05pm EST

Interior creates two agencies to replace MMS

As the Department of Interior re-invents what used to be the Minerals and Management Service, we get an update from director Michael Bromwich on the new agencies.

Thursday - 02/10/2011, 10:08am EST

Deloitte: iPad to transform federal workplace

Deloitte's Eric Openshaw explains how the tablet technology is becoming more than just a toy.

Wednesday - 02/02/2011, 02:05pm EST
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