6:19 am, September 30, 2014

Government News

US official says Khorasan Group threat to aviation

US official says Khorasan Group 'a clear and present danger' to passenger, cargo flights

Friday - 09/26/2014, 07:00pm EDT

McConnell, Grimes differ on marijuana

As Kentucky harvests first hemp crop, its Senate candidates disagree on marijuana legality

Friday - 09/26/2014, 07:00pm EDT

US Sen. Joe Manchin wants brother's lawsuit tossed

US Sen. Joe Manchin seeks to dismiss suit by brother who says he never repaid $1.7M loan

Friday - 09/26/2014, 06:19pm EDT

Fancy meals but no food for fasting Indian leader

Fasting Indian leader Modi won't taste food at coming dinner with Obama, lunch with Biden

Friday - 09/26/2014, 05:10pm EDT

Nunn hits back at Perdue on terrorism ad

In Georgia, Nunn hits back personally to answer Perdue ad on terrorism in their Senate race

Friday - 09/26/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Candidates in New Jersey House race air disputes

Candidates in New Jersey's 3rd District congressional race air disputes in joint interview

Friday - 09/26/2014, 04:44pm EDT

NFL security department not built to watch players

NFL security department spends time on event security, investigating conmen, not players

Friday - 09/26/2014, 04:38pm EDT

Pentagon stresses effort to limit civilian deaths

Pentagon: Every effort taken to limit civilian casualties in air strikes against militants

Friday - 09/26/2014, 04:30pm EDT

Landmark $554M US-Navajo settlement made official

Feds, Navajo officials sign off on $554M settlement over mismanagement of tribal resources

Friday - 09/26/2014, 03:27pm EDT

Dempsey: Ground troops would be international

Dempsey: Any eventual ground troops in Iraq would be multinational

Friday - 09/26/2014, 03:10pm EDT

Turkey, still coy, joins fight against militants

Imperiled by militants, Turkey joins NATO, Muslim coalition to destroy Islamic State group

Friday - 09/26/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Families want investigations into police deaths

Civil rights community, families call for federal investigation in Garner, Brown deaths

Friday - 09/26/2014, 12:18pm EDT

Holder says DC should have voting rights

Outgoing attorney general says DC should have voting representation in Congress

Friday - 09/26/2014, 11:28am EDT

Outside groups' planned spending by the numbers

Handful of outside groups have more than $80M in ad time booked before Election Day

Friday - 09/26/2014, 10:20am EDT

Report: Admission of uninsured at hospitals dips

Government says hospitals benefiting from fewer admissions of uninsured patients

Friday - 09/26/2014, 10:10am EDT

To win Senate, groups book $80M of final TV ads

Small handful of outside groups ready to spend $80M on television ads to shape Senate contests

Friday - 09/26/2014, 09:45am EDT

German opposition goes to court on Snowden hearing

German opposition seeks court ruling to force Snowden hearing on NSA in Berlin

Friday - 09/26/2014, 08:40am EDT

Pentagon: No 'credible' evidence civilians killed

Pentagon: No 'credible' evidence civilians killed in coalition airstrikes

Friday - 09/26/2014, 06:10am EDT

FBI: About a dozen Americans fighting in Syria

FBI Director James Comey offers lower number of Americans in Syria than commonly understood

Friday - 09/26/2014, 04:50am EDT
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