8:45 am, December 21, 2014

Government News

Contractors ill-equipped for secret Cuba programs

US used untrained contractors for secret 'Cuban Twitter' and other programs to stir dissent

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 05:42pm EST

Obama signs bill to sanction Venezuelan officials

Obama signs bill to sanction Venezuelan officials for crackdown on anti-government protesters

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 05:20pm EST

AP source: North Korea linked to Sony hacking

AP source: North Korea linked to Sony hacking, federal investigators say

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 04:58pm EST

Key elements of US policy shift toward Cuba

Key elements of Obama's decision to shift US policy, normalize relations with Cuba

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 04:44pm EST

New ties with Cuba won't change immigration rules

Homeland Security: Renewed diplomatic ties with Cuba won't change immigration rules just yet

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 04:28pm EST

US delays release of study on 1953 Iran coup

State Department delays release of history on American policy in Iran at time of 1953 coup

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 03:20pm EST

AP Analysis: US was at odds with world over Cuba policy

AP Analysis: US policy aimed at isolated Cuba put Washington at odds with rest of world

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 02:38pm EST

White House: 'Sophisticated actor' hacked Sony

White House: Sony hack done by 'sophisticated actor,' declines to say North Korea responsible

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 02:30pm EST

Executions, new death sentences continue to fall

Report: New death sentences at 40-year-low, fewest executions since 1994

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 01:00pm EST

Jimmy Carter call US-Cuba diplomacy 'courageous'

Former President Carter praises Obama for 'courageous' shift in US-Cuba policy

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 12:48pm EST

How revived ties with Cuba came to be

Cuba initiative unfolded in 18 months of secret talks with assists from pope, Canada

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 12:38pm EST

Treasury sanctions mother-in-law of Mexican drug lord

Treasury sanctions mother-in-law of Mexican drug lord for her role in concealing drug assets

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 12:10pm EST

Why the Fed thinks US economy still needs its help

Fed pledges a 'patient' approach in determining when to raise interest rates

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 11:30am EST

2014: A year of battle lines drawn over dinner

Itching for a food fight? Here are the big issues that divided us in 2014

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 10:42am EST

US, Cuba patch torn relations in historic accord

Historic US-Cuba deal to patch long-broken relations could lead to flow of money and people

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 10:24am EST

Protections blocked, but sage grouse work goes on

Sage grouse work to continue despite move by Congress to cut off money for endangered listing

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 10:04am EST

US wins release of spy held for years in Cuba jail

Cuban who spied for US wins freedom after years as prisoner; release part of thaw in relations

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 10:04am EST

Alcohol calorie counts to be on menus by next year

Calorie labels for alcoholic drinks will be on the menu _ but not at the bar _ by next year

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 08:46am EST

Nation's travel security chief Pistole to retire

Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole will leave the agency at the end of December to serve as the president of a Christian college in Indiana.

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 07:40am EST

Text of Obama's remarks on US-Cuba relations

Text of President Obama's remarks on the release of Alan Gross, future US-Cuba relations

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 04:20am EST
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