2:40 am, March 6, 2015

Business News

City, contractor questioned at NYC jail health care hearing

City and company officials questioned about NYC jail health care quality at hearing

Wednesday - 03/04/2015, 04:30am EST

AP Exclusive: Airlines reject rechargeable battery shipments

AP Exclusive: Airlines reject rechargeable battery shipments as tests show potential for fires

Wednesday - 03/04/2015, 02:24am EST

Asia stocks down after US fall as China growth goal eyed

Asian stock markets down after Wall Street decline as China growth target awaited

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 11:02pm EST

Los Angeles developer makes offer for shuttered Revel casino

Los Angeles developer makes 11th-hour offer to buy Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 09:18pm EST

Crop herbicides play a role in shrinking monarch population

Crop herbicides play role in shrinking monarch butterfly population; agribusiness pledges help

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 07:38pm EST

Airlines move to better track planes a year after Flight 370

Airlines slowly move to better track planes a year after Malaysia Airlines disappearance

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 06:22pm EST

US stocks fall a day after Nasdaq passes 5,000 milestone

US indexes close modestly lower a day after Nasdaq passed 5,000 for first time in 15 years

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 04:44pm EST

New Greek government to spend $234M on poverty relief

Support for new Greek government soars after it promises to spend $234M on poverty relief

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 04:36pm EST

Greece poised for recession as uncertainty takes its toll

Uncertainty over Greece's economic future pushing country back toward recession

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 04:16pm EST

Best Buy hikes shareholder dividend, offers one-time payment

Best Buy earnings top forecast, hikes dividend, plans one-time payout from legal settlements

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 03:50pm EST

WIRELESS SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: New phones, new ways to connect

New ways to connect from high-end & budget smartphones, to data plans & developing world apps

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 03:12pm EST

Russia troubles hinder Ford, GM efforts to recover in Europe

Drop in Russian car sales this year to hurt Ford and GM's plan to return to profits in Europe

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 02:43pm EST

GENEVA AUTO SHOW PHOTO GALLERY: Speed and luxury dominate

A slideshow of the Geneva auto show, where new sports and luxury cars grabbed attention

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 02:36pm EST

Automakers vow not to give up on weak-selling electrics

While battery range lags, automakers push high-end sports cars at a growing global market

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 12:26pm EST

Switzerland to automatically share tax data with Australia

Switzerland to automatically share bank data with Australia as part of crackdown on tax cheats

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 11:50am EST

WIRELESS SHOW PHOTO GALLERY: On the ground in Barcelona

A slideshow of the people and phones making headlines at the wireless show in Barcelona, Spain

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 11:22am EST

US stocks ease in early trading, Nasdaq below 5,000 points

US stocks ease in early trading, Nasdaq below 5,000; Best Buy gains after raising dividend

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 11:10am EST

Ukraine hikes benchmark interest rate to 30 percent

Ukraine hikes benchmark interest rate to 30 percent in bid to halt devaluation, inflation

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 10:40am EST

Hungary makes nuclear deal with Russia a 30-year secret

Hungary makes secret for 30 years details of deal with Russia to expand nuclear power plant

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 10:28am EST

Barclays takes net loss as past sins linger on balance sheet

Barclays takes net loss for 4th quarter of $2.58 billion as it takes provisions for past sins

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 10:28am EST
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