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Thursday - 02/21/2013, 04:43pm EST
OPM eases burden to hire people with disabilities

The agency will publish a final rule Friday that will remove the need for people with disabilities to have a "certification of job readiness."

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 12:08pm EST
Pentagon notifies Congress of likely furloughs

Pentagon tells Congress that worker furloughs are likely if no budget deal reached by March 1

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 11:23am EST
Federal Drive Interviews -- Feb. 21, 2013

The latest presidential executive order tries to boost information sharing about cybersecurity threats and sharing is to take place among government agencies and between the government and industry. To find out how, Federal Drive talks to Jim Fama, vice president for energy delivery at the Edison Electric Institute. And imagine the panic if there's a major health outbreak and just not enough medicine for everyone. The FDA wants the public's help as it drafts a new strategy to combat drug shortages. Capt. Valerie Jensen is associate director of the drug shortage program at FDA and she joins the Federal Drive.

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 09:53am EST
Thursday morning federal headlines - Feb. 21, 2013

The Morning Federal Newscast is a daily compilation of the stories you hear Federal Drive hosts Tom Temin and Emily Kopp discuss throughout the show each day. The Newscast is designed to give users more information about the stories you hear on the air. In today's news, the IRS is claiming success in a nationwide crackdown on suspected identity thieves and GSA wants to bolster security outside the the Commerce Department's headquarters.

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 07:30am EST
Committee examining $500 million in IRS contracts

House committee investigating $500 million in contracts between IRS, computer company

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 06:52am EST
NTEU:CBP furloughs could put nation at risk, create hardships for employees

The National Treasury Employees Union was informed by Customs and Border Protection that agency-wide furlough notices of up to 14 days will be issued in mid-March as a result of sequestration. CBP told NTEU that it will have to make $754 million in cuts from March 1 through Sept. 30, the end of the current fiscal year.

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 06:16am EST
EEOC becoming one by meeting strategic goals

A year into its 16-point strategic plan, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is making solid progress against most of its milestones. The strategy includes using technology to improve its services and creating a federal sector plan to better address specific issues.

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 05:59am EST
Pentagon starts 45-day countdown to civilian furloughs

The Pentagon says furloughs for nearly all of its 780,000 civilian employees would begin in April if sequestration goes into effect. DoD would grant limited exceptions for civilians in combat zones or those who are critical to preserving life and safety. Political appointees would also be exempt. The Pentagon also released a list of states where furloughs would have the most effect.

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 05:56am EST
CACI replaces CEO with former Lockheed exec

CACI appointed Kenneth Asbury as the company's president and chief executive officer on Wednesday. Asbury comes to CACI after 27 years of leading systems and services expansion as well as program delivery for Lockheed Martin.

Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 09:30pm EST
OSHA finds VA at fault for Calif. researcher death

Federal officials on Wednesday blamed unsafe working conditions and poor training for the death of a young Veterans Affairs medical center researcher in San Francisco who died after handling bacteria that causes meningitis.

Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 06:32pm EST
After Navy role, Work to head CNAS think tank

Undersecretary of the Navy Robert Work will become the CEO of the Center for a New American Security, a prestigious defense think tank with close ties to the Obama administration. Work will start at CNAS April 22.

Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 05:41pm EST
DoD details states hit hardest by sequestration

The Pentagon's budget chief, Robert Hale, told reporters that the economic impact of sequestration would be felt nationwide. The biggest potential losses, in term of total civilian payroll dollars, would be in Virginia, California, Maryland, Texas and Georgia, he said. Hale said the unpaid leaves for civilian workers would begin in late April and would save $4 billion to $5 billion if extended through the end of the budget year, Sept. 30.


Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 04:14pm EST
Postal Service fashion coming to a store near you?

The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service announced Feb. 19 it has inked a deal with the Cleveland-based Wahconah Group to launch an all-weather line of clothing. The clothing and accessories, to be branded with USPS trademarks, will be available at department and specialty stores beginning in 2014.

Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 09:10am EST
Allen retirement opens Europe command slot

Former Afghan war commander to quit, re-opening Obama's search for new US commander in Europe

Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 08:20am EST
Federal Drive Interviews -- Feb. 20, 2013

Retired Air Force Gen. Chuck Walks talks about what the next Secretary of Defense's first hurdles will be. Bernie Becker, staff writer at The Hill newspaper, discusses a possible Simpson-Bowles sequel.

Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 08:00am EST
Wednesday morning federal headlines - Feb. 20, 2013

The Morning Federal Newscast is a daily compilation of the stories you hear Federal Drive hosts Tom Temin and Emily Kopp discuss throughout the show each day. The Newscast is designed to give users more information about the stories you hear on the air. In today's news, the Department of Veterans Affairs is promising swift action in Baltimore and GSA Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini announced a series of consolidation steps he said would make the agency more efficient.

Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 05:45am EST
Navy's ship IT modernization program faces budget-related delays

The fledgling effort to replace IT systems aboard 193 Navy ships, called CANES, will take longer than expected. With or without sequestration, the Navy expects eight installations scheduled for 2013 to be interrupted.


Wednesday - 02/20/2013, 05:18am EST
New metrics to help agencies determine value of social media

GSA led a 12-member interagency working group to create a set of measures specifically aimed at defining the usefulness of social media for agencies. The agency also released an API that lets users create tools to bring together government social media feeds in one place. Both tools are called for in the Digital Government Strategy.


Tuesday - 02/19/2013, 05:22pm EST
Younger vets still struggle as jobs scene improves

For younger vets, getting home often trumps job considerations

Tuesday - 02/19/2013, 05:02pm EST
Obama presses GOP to halt automatic spending cuts

Obama presses GOP to avoid automatic spending cuts, warns that 'people will lose their jobs'

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