9:37 am, March 6, 2015

Business News

US stock indexes move higher, led by energy sector gains

Market indexes move solidly higher, led by gains in energy stocks including Exxon Mobil

Monday - 02/02/2015, 12:10pm EST

Saudi prince's news channel halts broadcasting after 1 day

Hours after it goes on air from Bahrain, pan-Arab news channel suspended from broadcasting

Monday - 02/02/2015, 11:46am EST

UK Treasury chief: Greek impasse risk to world economy

UK Treasury chief says stand-off between Greece and eurozone biggest risk to global economy

Monday - 02/02/2015, 11:40am EST

Battle of the big phones: Samsung down in China, Apple gains

Battle of the big phones hits Samsung profit as Apple's large iPhone lures China buyers

Monday - 02/02/2015, 11:40am EST

US stock indexes open higher, led by gains in energy sector

US stock indexes open higher, led by gains in energy sector; Exxon Mobil among early risers

Monday - 02/02/2015, 10:36am EST

Croatia to write off debt to 60,000 poorest citizens

Croatia's leftist government to forgive debt to 60,000 poorest ahead of election

Monday - 02/02/2015, 10:10am EST

'Sniper' shoots down Super Bowl weekend record with $31.9M

'American Sniper' shoots down Super Bowl weekend box-office record with $31.9 million

Monday - 02/02/2015, 10:10am EST

How the Super Bowl ad game played out

Several themes emerged from Super Bowl ads

Monday - 02/02/2015, 09:50am EST

Union asks refinery workers to strike after talks break down

United Steelworkers calls on workers at 9 US refineries to strike after contract talks stall

Monday - 02/02/2015, 08:30am EST

Workers dig deep to fix massive New York City water leak

A river runs over it: Workers to dig deep under Hudson to fix massive New York City water leak

Monday - 02/02/2015, 03:57am EST

Officials meet to address safety after aviation calamities

Government, aviation industry officials try to address safety issues after year of calamities

Monday - 02/02/2015, 02:22am EST

France offers support for Greece amid bailout tensions

France offers cautious support to Greece in battle for new deal to ease or delay debt payback

Monday - 02/02/2015, 01:50am EST

Drivers: Return to your dealers for a 2nd air bag recall fix

More than 2M Toyotas, Chryslers and Hondas recalled 2nd time to fix faulty air bags

Monday - 02/02/2015, 12:44am EST

Germany's Merkel says she doesn't see another Greek debt cut

Germany's Merkel underlines creditors' refusal to consider new debt forgiveness for Greece

Sunday - 02/01/2015, 02:16pm EST

Obama budget sets up battle with GOP-controlled Congress

After year of relative peace on budget front, Obama's new plan sets up battle with Republicans

Sunday - 02/01/2015, 01:38pm EST

Greek leader tamps down rhetoric, vows to pay off debts

Greece's new prime minister says he won't clash with creditors, will pay debts off

Sunday - 02/01/2015, 08:18am EST

Stocks sag at the close; January finishes on weak note

Stock market sags at close as investors weigh weaker growth; January is worst month in a year

Sunday - 02/01/2015, 08:18am EST

10 Super Bowl ads that everyone will be talking about

McDonald's, BMW spots among the ads everyone will be talking about after Super Bowl Sunday

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 07:02pm EST

What slowing economy? US consumers are in a mood to spend

What slowing economy? US consumers show they're confident and eager to spend more

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 07:02pm EST

Revel sale put on hold while nightclub appeals terms

Revel casino sale put on hold by federal judge while nightclub owner appeals sale terms

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 06:10pm EST
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