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Dorobek Must Reads - March 17

Thursday - 03/17/2011, 01:40pm EDT

Reporters' Roundup: Pay-for-performance, DoD source selection guidelines

These are the stories Federal News Radio reporters are working on today.

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 06:12pm EDT

Pentagon Labyrinth: Careerism hurting military

Ret. Marine Colonel G.I. Wilson says too many people in the military are focused on achieving high rank.

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 03:44pm EDT

Recovery Board offers transparency lessons

Ed Pound, one of the report's principal authors and the board's director of communications, shares highlights from the Recovery Board's annual report and a look at the year ahead.

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 03:06pm EDT

USGS: Study of Japan earthquake helps predict future risks

Three days after the devastating earthquake in Japan, the U.S. Geological Survey updated the magnitude from 8.9 to 9.0, making the earthquake the fourth largest ever recorded.

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 02:49pm EDT

Analysis: Women leaders add value to orgs

Susan Butler, a speaker at the Women in Technology conference, discusses the value of elevating women to leadership positions.

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 02:13pm EDT

Bill would create National Office of Cyberspace

Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) has introduced the Executive Cyberspace Coordination Act.

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 02:01pm EDT

White House urges privacy bill of rights for Internet

The White House is asking Congress to pass a privacy bill of rights for the Internet. The legislation is aimed at protecting Americans from intrusive data gathering.

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 02:00pm EDT

Dorobek Must Reads - March 16

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 12:22pm EDT

Analysis: Gov reorg rhetoric offers no specifics

Tom Shoop, editor-in-chief of Government Executive, explains what changes are coming in terms of government reorg.

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 06:24pm EDT

Reporters' Roundup: GSA's new role as consultant, DoD defends TRICARE increases

These are the stories Federal News Radio reporters are working on today.

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 06:15pm EDT

Causey: Fed managers tired of fed bashing

Federal News Radio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey brings an update of federal managers' mood from the Federal Managers Association conference in Arlington, Va.

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 06:08pm EDT

Pentagon Labyrinth: Spinney says DoD spends wastefully

Chuck Spinney, a former program analyst for DoD, discusses the serious waste he sees in defense spending.

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 05:43pm EDT

CAM-I identifies steps to improve performance

(CAM-I) has come up with its own performance framework to improve performance.

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 05:03pm EDT

How agencies can meet transparency, FOIA goals

Not every agency is responding the President's call for transparency - a call that was highlighted in a memorandum signed on President Obama's first day in office.

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 04:58pm EDT

DoD blocks ESPN, YouTube for Japan relief efforts

The tremendous demand to see the Japan earthquake and tsunami is eating up bandwidth already weakened by Internet problems in that part of the world, DoD's Cyber Command says.

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 04:44pm EDT

Fixed price contracting the future in Army?

At least one Senior Army Official says fixed-price contracting might not be the way to go for the Army.

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 03:37pm EDT

Former NSA head says too much info is classified

General Michael Hayden, the director of NSA from 1999 to 2005, says in order to protect people from vulnerabilities we need to first educate them of the risks, Wired Magazine reports.

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 03:19pm EDT

Dorobek Must Reads - March 15

Tuesday - 03/15/2011, 01:49pm EDT

Debt limit's impact on your Thrift Savings Plan

Does the battle over the debt limit have an impact on the TSP super-safe G fund?

Monday - 03/14/2011, 04:58pm EDT
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