6:01 pm, May 25, 2015

World News

Pope says Romero was killed out of hatred for his faith

Pope urges faithful to take 'heroic example' of slain Salvadoran bishop killed for his faith

Sunday - 05/24/2015, 07:07am EDT

Nigerian airlines cancel flights amid fuel crisis

Nigerian airlines cancel flights as fuel crisis worsens in Africa's biggest oil producer

Sunday - 05/24/2015, 06:22am EDT

German police confirm 6 killed in Alpine guesthouse fire

German police confirm 6 killed in Alpine guesthouse fire; technical fault suspected as cause

Sunday - 05/24/2015, 06:19am EDT

Syrian official: Islamic State militants in Palmyra's museum

Syrian official says Islamic State militants broke in Palmyra's museum, though artifacts safe

Sunday - 05/24/2015, 06:12am EDT

Palme d'Or up for grabs ahead of Cannes Film Festival finale

Palme d'Or up for grabs ahead of Cannes Film Festival finale on Sunday; jury pondering

Sunday - 05/24/2015, 05:42am EDT

Ireland gives resounding 62.1 percent 'yes' to gay marriage

Official results: Ireland gives resounding 62.1 percent 'yes' to gay marriage in referendum

Sunday - 05/24/2015, 02:10am EDT

Salvadorans rejoice as slain Archbishop Romero beatified

Huge crowds rejoice as Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, slain in 1980, beatified by church

Sunday - 05/24/2015, 01:42am EDT

Islamic State group radio claims Saudi mosque suicide attack

Islamic State radio station claims Saudi mosque attack, warns of 'black days' for Shiites

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 11:46pm EDT

Powerful Cannes film 'Mediterranea' humanizes migrants

Powerful Cannes film 'Mediterranea' humanizes struggle of would-be migrants braving the sea

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 08:04pm EDT

Icelandic film 'Rams' wins Cannes Un Certain Regard prize

Animal Planet: Icelandic film 'Rams' wins Cannes' globe-spanning Un Certain Regard contest

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 08:04pm EDT

At Mideast forum, officials seek world's help

Mideast officials say world must be more involved in fighting extremists, helping refugees

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 07:32pm EDT

UN envoy: IS poised to become 'serious threat' in Libya

UN envoy to Libya: Islamic State extremists will pose 'serious threat' if unity talks fail

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 04:20pm EDT

Rebel commander reported killed in east Ukraine car bombing

Rebel commander and 6 others reported killed in car bombing in eastern Ukraine

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 04:00pm EDT

AP Analysis: At Mideast forum, hopes for future amid chaos

AP Analysis: At Mideast forum, today's purgatory overwhelms hope for future prosperity

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 03:32pm EDT

AP Interview: Top UN official says Europe must open borders

AP Interview: Head of UN refugee agency says Europe, others must open borders to Syrians

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 03:20pm EDT

Somalia: Militants kill lawmaker in capital, attack 2 towns

Somalia: 1 lawmaker killed in capital, 18 killed as suspected Islamic militants attack 2 towns

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 02:50pm EDT

Once expelled by France, Cohn-Bendit gets French nationality

Former '68 student firebrand Cohn-Bendit gets citizenship in France _ 47 years after expulsion

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 02:27pm EDT

Year-old Thai coup imposes superficial calm but little else

1 year after coup, Thailand is calm but tensions simmer as generals shape politics

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 02:14pm EDT

Thousands attend Italian nun's beatification in Kenya

Thousands gather in central Kenya to attend beatification ceremony of Italian nun

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 01:53pm EDT

Top US commander says IS actively recruiting in Afghanistan

US NATO commander in Afghanistan says IS growing but not yet operational

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 01:50pm EDT
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