12:25 pm, May 26, 2015

U.S. News

Oldest known stone tools found in Kenya; makers not known

Kenyan site yields oldest known stone tools, raising mysteries of who made them and why

Friday - 05/22/2015, 08:12am EDT

Prosecutor: 6 officers indicted in death of Freddie Gray

Prosecutor: Grand jury indicts 6 officers in police-custody death of Freddie Gray

Friday - 05/22/2015, 05:26am EDT

Environmentalists seize on latest Santa Barbara oil spill

Environmentalists seize on latest Santa Barbara oil spill, 46 years after historic disaster

Friday - 05/22/2015, 04:10am EDT

Purple Heart recipient among bikers killed in Waco shooting

Purple Heart recipient among 9 bikers killed in Waco restaurant shooting

Friday - 05/22/2015, 01:30am EDT

California water cuts move to those with century-old rights

As parched California digs deeper into water cuts, farmers with strongest rights offer deal

Friday - 05/22/2015, 01:18am EDT

5 things to know as Pyrex brand marks 100th year

5 things to know as Pyrex reaches 100-year milestone; Corning Museum of Glass plans exhibit

Friday - 05/22/2015, 01:00am EDT

Appeals court delays transgender California inmate's surgery

Court delays transgender California inmate's sex reassignment surgery after board backs parole

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 09:12pm EDT

Q&A: California farmers with oldest water rights face cuts

Q&A: Why California farmers with strongest water rights face drought cuts

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 09:10pm EDT

VA averts construction shutdown at troubled Denver hospital

VA averts construction shutdown at Denver hospital; still faces anger over $1 billion overrun

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 06:49pm EDT

Senate Democrats demand more money for Amtrak repair backlog

Senate Democrats demand GOP provide more money to tackle $21 billion Amtrak repair backlog

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 06:34pm EDT

Motorcyclists to gather around US for Memorial Day weekend

Motorcyclists to gather for rallies around the US on Memorial Day weekend

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 06:10pm EDT

Boy Scouts' leader says ban on gay adults not sustainable

President of the Boy Scouts says longstanding ban on gay adults is no longer sustainable

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 05:30pm EDT

Not just Denver: VA problems in Florida, Louisiana, Nevada

Not just Denver: VA also had cost overruns, delays at Florida, Louisiana, Nevada hospitals

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:58pm EDT

Air Force launches hush-hush mini-shuttle into space

Air Force launches hush-hush mini-shuttle into space, no crew, just experiments on board

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:00pm EDT

US schools ramp up use of safety drills, security

Government survey: US schools boost security with drills, guards

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 02:40pm EDT

Scientists reveal Washington state's first dinosaur

Scientists reveal Washington state's first dinosaur, marking key find for state, Pacific coast

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 02:02pm EDT

Study: Local lockups can be more pricey to run than thought

Survey: Cost of running jails extends far beyond corrections budgets, can be more expensive

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 01:38pm EDT

Jon Bon Jovi breaks out guitar at commencement address

New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi addresses Rutgers-Camden graduates with new song

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 12:59pm EDT

Last drought victims: Q&A on California senior water rights

The last victims to suffer from drought in California: Q&A on senior water rights holders

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 09:26am EDT

Police identify suspect in slaying of wealthy DC family

Police identify suspect in slaying of wealthy DC family, housekeeper; man still at large

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:56am EDT
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