5:19 pm, April 1, 2015

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Mining for tourists? A dubious economic savior in Appalachia

Mining for tourists? Parts of Appalachia look to past for tourism future; 'it's not a panacea'

Monday - 03/30/2015, 10:47am EDT

A look at US Bureau of Reclamation rural water projects

A look at rural water projects funded by the US Bureau of Reclamation

Monday - 03/30/2015, 07:50am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Horsemen chase thrill of the hunt, scent of a fox

AP PHOTOS: Hounds and horsemen track, chase but not kill foxes in time-honored organized hunts

Monday - 03/30/2015, 07:00am EDT

Indiana governor: New law 'not about discrimination'

Indiana governor: Religious objections law not a mistake; critics say it allows discrimination

Monday - 03/30/2015, 03:36am EDT

LA light rail running after hitting car; driver gravely hurt

LA light rain operating again after hitting car, injuring 21; car driver in critical condition

Monday - 03/30/2015, 02:48am EDT

Drownings along Rio Grande spike after enforcement surge

Drownings along Rio Grande spike as immigrants wade into weed-choked canals to avoid detection

Monday - 03/30/2015, 02:48am EDT

Official: 2 found dead in rubble believed to be missing men

Authorities: 2 bodies found in rubble believe to be 2 men missing since NYC explosion

Monday - 03/30/2015, 01:20am EDT

Boston officer improving after surgery to remove bullet

Boston police: Officer shot in face by suspect is improving after surgery to remove bullet

Monday - 03/30/2015, 01:16am EDT

Indiana governor supports clarifying religious objection law

Indiana Gov. Pence supports clarifying religious objection law opponents say is anti-gay

Sunday - 03/29/2015, 07:40pm EDT

Library of Congress acquires rare trove of Civil War images

Library of Congress acquires rare trove of Civil War images, many by Confederate photographers

Sunday - 03/29/2015, 05:12pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: Mid-Atlantic duckpin bowling keeps its roots

AP PHOTOS: A duckpin bowling alley keeps its roots as the sport dwindles

Sunday - 03/29/2015, 02:50pm EDT

Decorated Boston cop in coma after being shot in face

Decorated Boston cop in coma after being shot in face; suspect killed, bystander injured

Sunday - 03/29/2015, 02:49pm EDT

Popular Nevada governor looms over fight for Reid seat

Popular Nevada governor would be favorite for Reid seat in 2016, but shows little interest

Sunday - 03/29/2015, 02:48pm EDT

Painstaking search continues after NYC blast, but hope dims

Painstaking search for missing 2 continues after NYC blast, but hope of their survival is dim

Sunday - 03/29/2015, 01:12am EDT

Hundreds rally against Indiana law, say it's discriminatory

Hundreds protest Indiana law that critics say allows discrimination on religious grounds

Sunday - 03/29/2015, 01:09am EDT

NASA details plans to pluck rock off asteroid, explore it

NASA: 2020 launch of big mission where robot grabs rock off asteroid for astronauts to explore

Sunday - 03/29/2015, 12:46am EDT

American, Russian leaving Earth for year at space station

2 men leaving Earth this week for year in space: American and Russian flying for science

Sunday - 03/29/2015, 12:46am EDT

Amanda Knox grateful to 'have my life back' after court saga

Amanda Knox 'so grateful to have my life back' after Italian court overturns conviction

Saturday - 03/28/2015, 09:12pm EDT

Marriage plans and writing occupy Amanda Knox

Marriage plans and writing occupy Amanda Knox in US

Saturday - 03/28/2015, 05:06pm EDT

With gay marriage case pending, religion bills gain ground

With gay marriage case pending before high court, religious objection bills gain traction

Saturday - 03/28/2015, 02:40pm EDT

Glitch sends false notice to crime victims, triggers probe

Oregon officials investigate computer glitch that sent false notice to crime victims

Sunday - 03/22/2015, 01:30am EDT

7 siblings perish in NYC home fire, officials eye hot plate

Orthodox Jewish family loses 7 children in house fire; hot plate eyed as cause

Sunday - 03/22/2015, 12:14am EDT

Proposed Chargers-Raiders stadium near Los Angeles advances

Proposed stadium for Chargers, Raiders advances, hits early benchmark with petition drive

Saturday - 03/21/2015, 09:20pm EDT

Former rap mogul collapses in court after bail hearing

Former rap mogul collapses in Los Angeles court after bail set at $25 million in murder case

Saturday - 03/21/2015, 08:32pm EDT

2 officers in critical condition after fatal wrong-way crash

2 New Jersey police officers in critical condition following fatal wrong-way crash in New York

Saturday - 03/21/2015, 06:33pm EDT

Slain civil rights activist to receive posthumous degree

Wayne State to award posthumous degree to Detroit mother, civil rights activist slain by Klan

Saturday - 03/21/2015, 03:22pm EDT

Convicted in girl's running death, grandma faces death

Convicted in granddaughter's running death, Alabama woman faces potential death penalty

Saturday - 03/21/2015, 03:02pm EDT

A look at the officers, friend in fatal NYC wrong-way crash

A look at the New Jersey police officers and a friend in fatal New York City wrong-way crash

Saturday - 03/21/2015, 11:26am EDT

Fracking: US tightens rules for chemical disclosure

Fracking: US requires disclosure of chemicals for oil, gas drilling on public lands

Saturday - 03/21/2015, 10:42am EDT

FBI asks for patience in black man's hanging in Mississippi

FBI asks for patience as investigators probe cause of black man's hanging in Mississippi

Saturday - 03/21/2015, 03:40am EDT

Attack on pregnant woman complicated by abortion politics

Gruesome attack on pregnant woman renews debate over how to prosecute the killing of a fetus

Saturday - 03/21/2015, 01:42am EDT

Northeast gets another blast of winter on 1st day of spring

Northeastern US gets another blast of winter weather just as spring officially arrives

Friday - 03/20/2015, 10:56pm EDT

Remnants of wild winter dictate spring US weather woes

Forecasters worry about worsening western drought, moderate eastern flooding after wild winter

Friday - 03/20/2015, 10:40pm EDT

Attorney: Ex-NFL player Sharper plans to plea in rape cases

Ex-NFL player Darren Sharper reaches plea agreements in rape cases against him in 4 states

Friday - 03/20/2015, 09:28pm EDT

1st phase of Boston Marathon bombing trial winding down

Guilt phase of Boston Marathon bombing trial winding down; penalty phase is next

Friday - 03/20/2015, 07:18pm EDT

State bills would limit access to officer body camera videos

State lawmakers, police groups seek to restrict public access to videos from body cameras

Friday - 03/20/2015, 06:36pm EDT

Penn St students protest against frat over nude photo posts

100-plus Penn State students, supporters protest against frat over nude photos on Facebook

Friday - 03/20/2015, 06:26pm EDT

'Lincoln Speaks' exhibit shows words' transformative power

'Lincoln Speaks' exhibit showcases transformative words _ stirring, soothing, commanding

Friday - 03/20/2015, 06:00pm EDT

Felon using expedited airport security lane renews concerns

Disclosure that a felon used expedited airport security line renews airplane security concerns

Friday - 03/20/2015, 04:30pm EDT
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