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Business of Government Magazine 2010 Spring Edition

July 19th and 21st

Hear from FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, Federal Environment Executive Michelle Moore, Dr. David Blumenthal on Health IT, Rich Haley on managing financial resources at the FBI, Professor Tom Davenport on analytics and making better decisions, and Alec Ross on using social media to advance U.S. diplomatic goals. All of this and more next week on The Business of Government Magazine show

Friday - 07/16/2010, 11:01am EDT

FEMA struggles with financial systems controls

A new Inspector General audit finds FEMA failed to resolve some ongoing weaknesses. Inspectors also found a host of new vulnerabilities around cybersecurity and data backup.

Wednesday - 06/30/2010, 06:51am EDT

FEMA funds 'Disaster Hero' video game

Will teach children and their families how to prepare for all types of hazards or emergencies.

Thursday - 06/17/2010, 02:21pm EDT

FEMA, NOAA use social media for public awareness

Find links to all of their resources.

Thursday - 06/17/2010, 02:06pm EDT

DLA and FEMA prepare for hurricane season

Federal emergency responders can expect prompt and well-rehearsed reaction from the Defense Logistics Agency when providing disaster relief during this year's hurricane season, which runs June 1 through Nov. 30. DLA's Aaron Geduldig explains.

Tuesday - 06/15/2010, 10:31am EDT

NOAA works to map an earth in motion

NOAA's National Geodetic Survey - the official U.S. government source for determining precise latitude, longitude and elevation - is undergoing a modernization effort that takes into account advances in GPS and other technologies. chief geodesist at NOAA, Dr. Dru Smith, tells us where we are with that.

Friday - 05/21/2010, 09:50am EDT

Feds to help small businesses affected by oil spill

OMB says FEMA will lead a working group to develop a plan to coordinate agency response for small businesses and other social services. FEMA will set up the group in the next 10 days.

Tuesday - 05/18/2010, 01:37pm EDT

FEMA's Fugate on changes to the Stafford Act

Senate subcommittee looks at Stafford Act and how it may need some reform.

Monday - 05/17/2010, 06:20pm EDT

FEMA sparks up a new mobile lifeline

FEMA's new mobile Web site,, has launched. The mobile Web site makes it easier to access critical information regarding emergency preparedness and what to do before and after a disaster right on a smartphone, according to Director of External Affairs, Brent Colburn.

Tuesday - 05/04/2010, 10:53am EDT

Virtualization & Data Center Management Strategies

Listen April 27th at 2pm

Program will discuss key benefits associated with virtualization , strategies deployed to improve business processes within agency data centers, DHS Challenges to still Overcome, security a concerns in a virtualized environments, and future vision for the next 1 to 3 years.

Thursday - 04/01/2010, 01:29pm EDT

OMB's new performance framework to combine the best of the past

Deputy director for management Jeffrey Zients hires Shelley Metzenbaum to help lead the performance management effort. OMB to lean on the Performance Improvement Council to develop and advocate for new approach.

Friday - 09/25/2009, 06:50am EDT

Keeping FEMA in the DHS family

Monday - 05/18/2009, 06:10pm EDT

FEMA head nominee on hold

Monday - 05/11/2009, 02:49pm EDT

Interoperability: surmounting the Tower of Babel

Expectations clash with reality on Capital Hill on the issue of emergency communications interoperability.

Wednesday - 03/18/2009, 07:19am EDT

DHS considering giving TSA employees union rights

Review part of Napolitano's priorities for department

Thursday - 02/26/2009, 06:50am EST

Homeland Security: Inside & Out - February 15th, 2009

Current state of 'homeland security': After seven years, how did we get here?

Friday - 02/13/2009, 01:36pm EST

FEMA's Recovery Mentor Meeting

Monday - 02/02/2009, 04:24pm EST

FEMA in Focus

Thursday - 01/15/2009, 04:24pm EST

Continuity of Operations Planning and Teleworking

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