3:36 am, April 24, 2014

Coast Guard News

Coast Guard commandant on Gulf Coast response

President Barack Obama's pick to lead the Coast Guard proposed major cuts to the agency's counterterrorism mission. You can imagine how that's being received. Commandant Robert Papp explains.

Wednesday - 06/30/2010, 10:08am EDT

U.S. Navy symposium confronts sexual assaut

WFED's Max Cacas reports.

Thursday - 06/03/2010, 06:00pm EDT

Coast Guard harbored concerns about oil rigs

Globs of sticky brownish ooze soil miles of sensitive shoreline and marsh from Alabama to Louisiana. Former Coast Guard vice admiral Brian Peterman tells Federal News Radio deepwater oil rigs have caused concern for years.

Friday - 05/28/2010, 10:51am EDT

USCG portal keeping tabs on oil spill

A Coast Guard portal has been busy keeping pace with response efforts since the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20.

Tuesday - 05/25/2010, 06:00am EDT

Military academies are looking for leadership of the future

The 2010 academy nomination season now is open. We get details from Captain Eric Brown, Assistant Superintendent of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Friday - 04/09/2010, 11:30am EDT

Agencies trying to find balance between Web 2.0, cybersecurity

Coast Guard wants to set up separate network to use social media sites. CIO Council looking at cybersecurity implications of these tools.

Friday - 08/28/2009, 07:01am EDT

Coast Guard Yard green and shimmering

Thursday - 06/18/2009, 09:37am EDT

Making TWIC more than a FlashPass

Thursday - 05/07/2009, 09:37am EDT

Coast Guard goes blogospheric

Monday - 02/23/2009, 10:28am EST

USCG moves past 'Deepwater' problems

The Coast Guard buys a lot of equipment and supplies, but how should all that work get done? To answer that question, the Coast Guard came up with a set of acquisition priorities.

Thursday - 02/12/2009, 06:05pm EST

House Homeland Security Committee

Thursday - 02/05/2009, 06:07pm EST

Facebook to the Rescue?

Monday - 10/27/2008, 11:24am EDT
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