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FDA News

New security prescription at Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs has begun implementing program changes designed to increase security and enhance the experience of its patients.

Tuesday - 07/27/2010, 06:40am EDT

Sammies finalist fights unapproved drugs

Through aggressive enforcement actions, incentives and multi-faceted education campaigns, FDA stopping the distribution of hundreds of unapproved prescription drugs. Deborah Autor is the fed behind the effort.

Monday - 07/26/2010, 10:40am EDT

Cool Jobs: DHS vet protects nation through food

Dr. Doug Meckes says his job is more than barns and chicken coops. As director of DHS's Food, Agriculture, and Veterinary Defense Division, he helps secure the nation by protecting our food supply. And he says the role of federal vets is only growing.

Wednesday - 07/14/2010, 06:55am EDT

Report: FDA needs to reorganize to better protect food

A new report from the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council says the FDA should become more proactive when it comes to food-borne illnesses.

Thursday - 06/10/2010, 04:24pm EDT

FDA and NIH Launch Electronic Safety Reporting Portal

The Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health have launched a new Web site that, when fully developed, will provide a mechanism for the reporting of pre- and post-market safety data to the federal government. Currently, the Web site can be used to report safety problems related to foods, including animal feed, as well as adverse events that might happen in relation to human gene transfer trials. Consumers can also use the site to report problems with pet foods and pet treats. The new site, called the Safety Reporting Portal, is meant to provide greater and easier access to online reporting. FDA officials say it's a first step toward a common electronic reporting system that will offer one-stop shopping, allowing people to file a single report that may be of interest to several agencies.

Monday - 05/31/2010, 11:49pm EDT

Rep. Towns: Birnbaum resignation was right decision

The Congressman explains why he thinks she made the right choice.

Thursday - 05/27/2010, 06:08pm EDT

The changing state of Public Sector collaboration and associated operations

The Future of Public Sector Workforce and Workspace Sustainability is a series featuring a panel of renowned government and technology-industry experts. The panel, The changing state of Public Sector collaboration and associated operations, the first in the series looks at the challenges and evolving landscape facing Public Sector agencies, and how advanced collaboration models and solutions help organizations raise performance and satisfy citizen demands.

Monday - 05/17/2010, 04:38pm EDT

OMB to set new real property policy

Controller Danny Werfel says agencies have been developing inventories and now it's time to get rid of unneeded real estate. OMB also preparing to kick off cloud computing certification program. And administration's performance management portal under development.

Tuesday - 04/13/2010, 06:52am EDT

FDA: transparency & spreading the word

Tuesday - 06/30/2009, 10:05am EDT

Health Care Reform and Food Policy

Friday - 06/19/2009, 06:06pm EDT

FDA recalls tainted paint

The FDA is warning consumers to stop using face paints commonly dabbed on children's cheeks at parties, sporting events and other festivities and sold in retail stores.

Thursday - 05/14/2009, 09:12am EDT

Fighting Food Fallacies

Tuesday - 03/31/2009, 02:59pm EDT

Food Safety: What's in Your Mouth?

The nation's food safety system is a "hazard to public health". Now what?

Tuesday - 03/17/2009, 12:38pm EDT

More, More, More

Monday - 03/16/2009, 11:00am EDT

Keeping pace with pacemakers

Monday - 02/23/2009, 09:28am EST

Healthcare Challenges

Wednesday - 01/28/2009, 04:55pm EST

FDA Exit Interview

Wednesday - 01/14/2009, 09:37am EST

FDA Exit Interview

Wednesday - 01/14/2009, 09:37am EST

FDA's Lessons Learned

Wednesday - 11/12/2008, 05:21pm EST
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