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Minn. cancels moose hunting as population plummets

Minnesota cancels moose hunting season after aerial survey shows sharp decline in population

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 04:53pm EST

US tightens Iran sanctions, targets censorship

US tightens Iran sanctions, targets oil revenue and censorship

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 04:18pm EST

Frail Mo. teen found cuffed in parents' basement

Police: Frail Kansas City teen found handcuffed in parents' basement; said he was there months

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 04:18pm EST

Frail Mo. teen found chained in parents' basement

Police: Frail Kansas City teen found handcuffed in parents' basement; said he was there months

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 02:10pm EST

Strange bedfellows: Business, labor on immigration

Obama summons business, labor to back immigration overhaul; common goal for sometime-opponents

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 01:18pm EST

1 dead as truck crashes, dangles over I-95 in Fla

1 dead after bakery truck crashes, dangles off ramp over Interstate 95 in Fort Lauderdale

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 12:58pm EST

Man guilty in Family Research Council shooting

Man with Chick-fil-A sandwiches pleads guilty in shooting at Family Research Council building

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 12:51pm EST

Charity set up after RI fire has had modest effect

Despite big claims, charity set up after RI nightclub fire has given only modest help to kids

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 12:38pm EST

Two Scouting families; opposite views on gay ban

Two families share affection for Scouts, differ sharply on whether no-gays policy should stay

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 12:04pm EST

Obama urges stopgap budget deal to avoid deep cuts

Obama urges a short-term budget deal to avoid deep cuts as deficits slightly shrink, for now

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 12:04pm EST

US, China top diplomats discuss NKorea

US, China discuss NKorea as it plans nuclear test

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 06:30am EST

EPA: Decline in carbon pollution from power plants

EPA says carbon pollution from power plants declines with less coal use

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 06:26am EST

GSA adopts new mileage reimbursement rates

The agency raised the rate for using a privately owned vehicle to $0.565 per mile. Rates for airplane travel and motorcycles also went up.

Tuesday - 01/08/2013, 05:16am EST

GSA calls for travel advisory committee nominations

The General Services Administration is soliciting nominations for individuals to serve on the 15-member Government-wide Travel Advisory Committee. The new committee will oversee agency travel policies to ensure that they are transparent and efficient.

Monday - 12/31/2012, 12:05pm EST

Embassy security and traveling abroad

Fred Burton, vice president for Intelligence at STRATFOR, will talk about the recent attacks on U.S. Embassies in Middle East, and other security threats.
September 28, 2012(Encore presentation October 5, 2012)

Friday - 09/28/2012, 09:38pm EDT

Washington Monument didn't sink after earthquake

The Washington Monument did not sink any further into the ground as a result of last year's 5.8-magnitude earthquake, government surveyors said in a report released Tuesday.

Tuesday - 08/21/2012, 08:15pm EDT

Report accuses general of lavish travel, spending

The four-star general who headed U.S. Africa Command used military vehicles to shuttle his wife on shopping trips and to a spa and billed the government for a refueling stop overnight in Bermuda, where the couple stayed in a $750 suite, a Defense Department investigation has found.

Friday - 08/17/2012, 08:12pm EDT

GSA freezes feds' 2013 travel per diem rates at 2012 levels

Per diem rates for work-related federal travel in 2013 are frozen at 2012 levels, according to the General Services Administration. GSA sets the allowances for lodging, meals and other incidental expenses for federal employees who must travel for work. The standard per diem rate is $123 ($77 lodging, $46 meals and incidental expenses).

Tuesday - 08/14/2012, 02:50pm EDT

Border security

Fred Burton, vice president for Intelligence at STRATFOR will talk about U.S. border protection efforts.
June 22, 2012(Encore presentation June 29, 2012)

Friday - 06/22/2012, 10:26pm EDT

GSA to launch $1.4B next-generation travel management system

The General Services Administration has awarded Concur Technologies a contract to launch the next phase of the agency's cloud-based travel-management service. Version 2 of the program will provide travel planning, authorizations, reservations, ticketing, and reimbursements and reporting through a streamlined interface

Monday - 06/04/2012, 03:50pm EDT
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