7:29 pm, January 25, 2015

Business News

Dubai and Abu Dhabi stocks close at lowest of year

Dubai and Abu Dhabi indexes close at lowest points of the year due to drop in oil prices

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 01:12pm EST

EU promises Greece 'lighter surveillance'

EU promises Greece 'lighter surveillance' on eve of crucial vote

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 12:30pm EST

Energy stocks rebound in US as oil price recovers

US stocks turn higher, led by a surge in energy companies as the price of oil recovers

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 12:26pm EST

US stocks open lower; Ruble continues to slide

US stock indexes open moderately lower; Russian ruble continues to slide and oil prices fall

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 10:59am EST

RadioShack hires advisory firm

RadioShack hires FTI Consulting, names interim CFO as part of the agreement

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 10:50am EST

Qatar energy minister: OPEC monitoring oil's slide

Qatar energy minister says OPEC is watching oil market closely as prices continue to tumble

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 10:38am EST

Identity theft victims face months of hassle

Victims of identity theft stuck fighting for months to fix credit report, recover stolen funds

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 09:52am EST

German investor confidence spikes higher

German investor confidence leaps higher as falling oil prices, weak euro fuel optimism

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 09:30am EST

Spain: Google News vanishes amid 'Google Tax' spat

Spain: company closes Google News ahead of law requiring publisher payments

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 07:40am EST

As Ukraine truce holds, Russia vows economic pain

As truce holds in eastern Ukraine, Russia threatens to apply more economic pressure

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 06:36am EST

Fed likely to note gains but signal no rate hike

Fed is expected to note economic gains but unlikely to signal any imminent rate hike

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 04:34am EST

Ruble rallies on Central Bank rate hike

Ruble rallies 5 pct following overnight Central Bank rate hike

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 04:26am EST

Asian stocks fall, China rises on stimulus hopes

Most Asian stocks slide but China index rises as weak data fuels stimulus hope

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 03:48am EST

Ex-Madoff account manager sentenced to 6 years

Former Madoff account manager sentenced to 6 years in prison for role in $20 billion fraud

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 03:30am EST

Your info has been hacked. Now what do you do?

Someone stole your identity. What do you do now? A look at ways to protect & fix your credit

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 03:14am EST

Russia raises key rate to protect ailing economy

Russia's central bank raises key rate to 17 pct. from 10.5 pct. amid currency meltdown

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 02:22am EST

Why oil is down by half, what it means for you

Oil has fallen by nearly half, to recession levels, as US economy improves. Why, what to know.

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 02:06am EST

UAW head: Companies can raise pay, be competitive

New UAW chief says automakers can raise worker pay yet stay competitive with foreign companies

Monday - 12/15/2014, 06:38pm EST

Factory output eclipses pre-recession high

Factory output rises 1.1 percent in November; auto production growth accelerates sharply

Monday - 12/15/2014, 05:46pm EST

Foreign holdings of US Treasury securities slip

Foreign holdings of US Treasury securities slip for second month to $6.06 trillion in October

Monday - 12/15/2014, 05:30pm EST
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