8:25 pm, May 4, 2015

Business News

Google Maps turns into Pac-Man's chomping grounds

Google inserts Pac-Man video game into digital maps to get an early start on April Fools' Day

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 02:18pm EDT

Greek pensioners hold anti-government rallies

Elderly Greeks hold anti-government rallies, demanding pre-austerity pensions

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 02:16pm EDT

Emirates, Etihad planes involved in air traffic scare

Emirates, Etihad Airways jetliners got too close to each other between UAE and Seychelles

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 01:33pm EDT

Rebels in eastern Ukraine pay pensions in Russian rubles

Rebel authorities in eastern Ukraine start paying pensions in Russian rubles

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 01:10pm EDT

5 things to know about GM's revamped Chevy Malibu

5 things to know about GM's longer, lighter and sleeker new Chevrolet Malibu midsize sedan

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 12:58pm EDT

Greek air traffic controllers call for radar system upgrade

Greek air traffic controllers call for radar system upgrade, more staff to avoid flight delays

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 12:56pm EDT

Falling corn prices stalk Monsanto, sending 2Q profits lower

Monsanto 2Q profit slips; farmers dodge falling corn prices, sales of biotech corn seeds fall

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 12:33pm EDT

US stocks edge lower in midday trading, continuing a slide

US stock indexes move lower in midday trading, continuing a slump from day before

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 12:17pm EDT

American farmer among the winners in sanctions-hit Russia

American farmer among the winners in the year since Russia was hit by US and EU sanctions

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 11:58am EDT

Survey: US businesses add 189k jobs in March

Survey: US businesses add 189,000 jobs in March, tough winter causes hiring pace to slow

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 11:20am EDT

US stock indexes open on a soft note, continuing declines

US markets open on a soft note, continuing weakness from the day before; European markets gain

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 11:20am EDT

Surveys show China manufacturing weak in March

Surveys show China manufacturing weak in March, companies cut more jobs

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 11:00am EDT

Gloomy China, Japan data add to pressure for stimulus

Gloomy data out of China, Japan add to pressure to stimulate Asia's 2 biggest economies

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 10:48am EDT

Rosneft says it settled dispute with dismantled oil firm

Russia's Rosneft says it settled longstanding dispute with dismantled oil company Yukos

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 10:20am EDT

Upbeat European data prompts stock market turnaround

European shares reverse early losses on strong manufacturing data as US data slew begins

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 09:49am EDT

Simon calls off $16.8B bid to create mall colossus

Simon snuffs hostile $16.B bid for Macerich, ending quest to create an American mall colossus

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 08:38am EDT

Albanian authorities evacuate village after oil well blast

Albania authorities evacuate residents after explosion at a Bankers Petroleum oil well

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 07:50am EDT

Bull trots on: Stocks grind higher for 9th straight quarter

S&P 500 index rises for 9th quarter in a row, 4th such streak since WWII

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 05:08am EDT

Lufthansa: Co-pilot disclosed earlier "severe depression"

Lufthansa: Co-pilot told flight school in 2009 he had 'previous episode of severe depression'

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 04:08am EDT

Asian stocks lackluster as Japan, China data shows weakness

Asian stock markets lackluster as Japan, China economic data shows weakness

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 02:26am EDT
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