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Army uses real-looking wounds to train medics reports on the Army's use of simulated wounds to train medical staff.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:48pm EST

OMB to change IT management requirements

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:45pm EST

WikiLeaks' Assange caught in legal troubles

CNN's Brian Todd brings the latest in extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:40pm EST

WikiLeaks founder's servers exceed U.S. cyber powers

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:39pm EST

Disaster response in era of open government

From the data management panel discussion, NOAA's Joseph Klimavicz discussed the agency's response during the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:34pm EST

Army smartphone plan creates telecom opportunities

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:25pm EST

DHS starts 'see something say something' program

WFED's Jared Serbu brings details of DHS' new anti-terrorism program.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:21pm EST

POLL: What was the biggest story for government in 2010?

Poll on the biggest stories for 2010.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:11pm EST

Evaluating the effectiveness of deficit reduction proposals

Comeback America Initiative's David Walker discusses the proposals by the president's deficit reduction commission.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:00pm EST

Dorobek Must Reads - December 8

A daily list of the best stories of the day as compiled by the DorobekINSIDER team.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 12:26pm EST

Last-minute open season tips

Federal health benefits expert Walton Francis explains what feds need to do in the last week leading up to the open season deadline.

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 06:22pm EST

New brings cost-savings, transparency

Treasury's Dan Tangherlini explains the reason behind the website relaunch and move to the cloud.

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 04:51pm EST

Report: Energy mismanages nuclear waste

Gov Exec's Tom Shoop discusses the fallout from Energy's mismanagement of plutonium waste.

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 03:37pm EST

Davis: House pay freeze pushback won't stop bloodletting

Former Virginia Congressman Tom Davis tells WFED's Jason Miller about the impact of the new Congress on federal employees.

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 03:13pm EST

Navy intel officer accused of leaking classified docs

The Washington Post reports that a Navy intelligence officer is accused of leaking classified documents.

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 01:40pm EST

DoD mental health problem grows

Gov Exec reports that the number of defense personnel with mental health problems is growing.

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 01:36pm EST

NIST, DHS team with finance sector for cybersecurity

NIST and DHS are partnering with the private sector on cybersecurity.

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 01:22pm EST

Dorobek Must Reads - December 7

A daily list of the best stories of the day as compiled by the DorobekINSIDER team.

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 01:08pm EST
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