4:12 am, April 19, 2015

Business News

Plane crash kills 150 people in French Alps; black box found

German jet crashes in French Alps with 150 on board after 8-minute plunge; black box recovered

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 02:22am EDT

US stock indexes end lower

US stock market ends the day lower, led by utility stocks

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 11:30pm EDT

Lexmark agrees to buy software maker Kofax for $1 billion

Lexmark says it will pay $1B for software maker Kofax, expanding its enterprise software unit

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 09:48pm EDT

High nursing home bills squeeze insurers, driving rates up

High nursing home bills hit insurers; more scale back long-term care policies or push rates up

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 09:28pm EDT

Farmers fund research to breed gluten-free wheat

Early research aimed at breeding gluten-free wheat variety; funded by Kansas farmers

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 08:42pm EDT

Federal workers owe more than $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes

IRS says federal workers owe more than $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes; delinquency rate falls

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 06:30pm EDT

Telefonica to sell UK phone operator O2 to Hutchison Whampoa

Telefonica announces sale of O2 UK to Hong Kong's Hutchison Whampoa for over $15 billion

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 06:10pm EDT

On 5th anniversary of health care law, no end to debate

Then and Now: Health care debate still roils politics 5 years after Obama signed his overhaul

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 05:06pm EDT

Comcast gets social to shake bad customer-service reputation

Comcast, long criticized on customer service, adding more online reps as it tries to improve

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 05:02pm EDT

US stock indexes turn higher at midday

US stock market rises modestly at midday

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 04:10pm EDT

Greek ex-finance minister guilty of misdemeanor, not felony

Court: Greek ex-finance minister Papaconstantinou guilty of misdemeanor in Swiss bank case

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 03:30pm EDT

US new-home sales surge in February

US new-home sales jump 7.8 percent in February as builders shake off winter

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 03:06pm EDT

Techies snatching up more real estate in Southern California

Internet moguls not the only techies snatching up real estate in Southern California

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 02:12pm EDT

High court limits securities suits over deceptive comments

Supreme Court limits investor lawsuits over company comments that may be misleading

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 02:08pm EDT

Expert: Silicon Valley bias suit spurs closer look by firms

Experts: Silicon Valley gender bias case spurs some firms to take a closer look at practices

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 12:50pm EDT

Higher gas costs lift US consumer prices after 3 declines

Higher gas costs raised US consumer prices 0.2 pct. in February, first increase in 4 months

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 12:33pm EDT

A look at the Airbus A320 plane that crashed in France

Key facts about the Airbus A320, the model of plane that crashed in France

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 12:12pm EDT

New pro-trade board will sharpen Dems' divide on the issue

Top Democrats on new pro-trade board will sharpen differences among liberals, blacks

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 11:50am EDT

US stocks slip in early trading

US stocks fall slightly in opening trading

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 11:20am EDT

GM recalls Chevy Malibus to fix sunroof control issue

GM recalls Chevy Malibus; sunroofs can close unexpectedly when button is barely touched

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 11:12am EDT
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