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Tuesday - 05/12/2015, 04:29pm EDT
Ed DeSeve, Co-Chair, Presidential Transition 2016 Initiative

The next administration will have a new sounding board to help make the move to the Executive Branch go smoother. The National Academy of Public Administration and American Society for Public Administration launch the Presidential Transition 2016 Initiative. It will advise the new president on management best practices and challenges. Ed DeSeve is a co-chair of the group and former senior advisor to the director for implementation of the Recovery Act in the Office of Management and Budget. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose what the council will do.


Tuesday - 05/12/2015, 04:24pm EDT
Charlie Johnson, Political Science Professor, Texas A&M University

Inspectors general have four steps toward an independent and positive relationship between two branches of government. That's according to a new report from the IBM Center for the Business of Government. Charlie Johnson, a political science professor at Texas A and M University, is also a co-author of the report. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose about the inspectors general he spoke with across government, who say balancing Congress and agency leaders is like "straddling a barbed wire fence."


Tuesday - 05/12/2015, 04:17pm EDT
Maj. Gen. Arnold Punaro, CEO, Punaro Group

Ten out of 15 recommendations from the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission earn White House support. And the House includes some of those recommendations in its version of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act. But one-third of the Defense Department's budget goes to military compensation, and some experts in the defense community say compensation reform needs to be bigger. Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Arnold Punaro, chief executive officer for the Punaro Group, tells In Depth with Francis Rose why the recommendations aren't bold enough.


Tuesday - 05/12/2015, 04:05pm EDT
Joanne Woytek, Program Manager, SEWP 5, NASA

The latest iteration of NASA's Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement contract (SEWP) is on the street. SEWP V is live after some delays. On In Depth, Joanne Woytek, the program manager for NASA SEWP, told Francis Rose and Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller about the big SEWP V announcement.


Tuesday - 05/12/2015, 03:06pm EDT
Postal Service needs some transformation pain now to avoid desperation later

Commentary: In-Depth host Francis Rose says getting the Postal Service on solid ground needs both a long-term and short-term plan that may mean making significant changes to the historical role of the organization.

Tuesday - 05/12/2015, 09:17am EDT
Tuesday federal headlines - May 12, 2015

The Federal Headlines is a daily compilation of the stories you hear discussed on Federal News Radio each day. It is designed to give readers more information about the stories heard on the radio. In today's news, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants ideas to build stronger telescopes, a former CIA officer is sentenced to three and a half years in prison for leaking classified information and

Monday - 05/11/2015, 04:18pm EDT
David Hawkings, Senior Editor, Roll Call

Congress is back at full strength Monday. The Senate has another full work week, and the House is back after a recess last week. But a quick look down the agendas for each chamber doesn't show much is going on with funding federal agencies for fiscal 2016. David Hawkings, senior editor at Roll Call, writes the Hawkings Here blog. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose what he's looking for on the Congressional schedule this week.


Monday - 05/11/2015, 04:16pm EDT
Michele Mackin, Director of Acquisition & Sourcing Management, GAO

Some Rapid Innovation Program projects are still slow-going for the Defense Department. The Pentagon uses the program to get new technology projects off the ground. But the Government Accountability Office says half of the 44 rapid innovation projects DoD completed in July 20-14 are in the hands of acquisition departments or other users. Michele Mackin, director of acquisition and sourcing management issues at the Government Accountability Office, tells In Depth with Francis Rose what she found.


Monday - 05/11/2015, 04:12pm EDT
Jeff Neal, Senior Vice President, ICF International

Federal employee compensation packages are mostly safe -- for now. A revised budget from the House removes most of the provisions that make federal employees nervous about their retirement savings. Congress now has a chance to make some changes to civilian compensation, and it doesn't have to look far for how to do it. Jeff Neal, senior vice president for ICF International and a former chief human capital officer for the Homeland Security Department, tells In Depth with Francis Rose what Congress should think about.


Monday - 05/11/2015, 04:07pm EDT
Sydney Heimbrock, Chief Learning Officer, OPM

Federal chief learning officers are gaining a higher profile across the government. A majority of the respondents to an exclusive Federal News Radio survey of federal chief human capital officers and CLOs say agencies highly value these executives. Sydney Heimbrock, chief learning officer at the Office of Personnel Management, tells Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller the CLO is more important ever, even though the job has been around for a least a decade.


Monday - 05/11/2015, 09:00am EDT
Monday federal headlines - May 11, 2015

The Federal Headlines is a daily compilation of the stories you hear discussed on Federal News Radio each day. It is designed to give readers more information about the stories heard on the radio. In today's news, new rules from the National Archives and Records Administration seek to bring some order to how agencies handle controlled, unclassified information, Attorney General Loretta Lynch moves forward on plans to investigate the police department in Baltimore and the Postal Service loses $1.5 billion in the first three months of this year.

Friday - 05/08/2015, 05:30pm EDT
Federal News Countdown: An uncertain marriage, Rewiring the Pentagon

Dave McClure, the chief strategist at the Veris Group, and Dan Chenok, executive director of the IBM Center for the Business of Government and chairman of the Industry Advisory Council, count down the week's top stories with Francis Rose.


Friday - 05/08/2015, 04:06pm EDT
Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

Now the hard work really begins for agencies to make their spending data more transparent. The Office of Management and Budget issues new guidance and other tools to begin the implementation of the Data Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act). Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller writes about the new policy in his bi-weekly feature, Inside the Reporter's Notebook. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose what agencies have to do over the next two years.


Friday - 05/08/2015, 04:03pm EDT
Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

The Defense Department is worried about an impending shortage of engineers across a lot of its technical professions. But when it comes to its acquisition programs, the shortage is already here. As Federal News Radio's Jared Serbu reports, the Pentagon's top science official says too few of the department's program managers have engineering programs, and it's one reason programs fail.


Friday - 05/08/2015, 04:02pm EDT
Tom Shoop, Editor in Chief, Government Executive

Federal employees get a "thank you" and an apology from President Barack Obama during Public Service Recognition Week. He admits sequestration, budget cuts and hiring freezes haven't made things easier for federal employees. Tom Shoop, editor in chief at Government Executive magazine, tells In Depth with Francis Rose about PSRW and the President's proclamation.


Friday - 05/08/2015, 03:56pm EDT
Scott Quehl, Senior Principal, Accenture Federal Services

The Office of Management and Budget's guidance for fiscal 2017 is out. The administration tells agencies to show how they'll make 5 percent cuts in their budgets. Scott Quehl, a senior principal at Accenture Federal Services and former chief financial officer at the Commerce Department, tells In Depth with Francis Rose what the budget guidance means and how agencies use it.


Friday - 05/08/2015, 08:47am EDT
Friday federal headlines - May 8, 2015

The Federal Headlines is a daily compilation of the stories you hear discussed on Federal News Radio each day. It is designed to give readers more information about the stories heard on the radio. In today's news, officials tell the Senate Judiciary Committee, there's a good reason the FOIA backlog across the government grew so much last year, GAO finds Defense has a long way to go when it comes to settling whistleblower reprisal cases and the board running the Thrift Savings Plan gets more questions about cybersecurity.

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 05:47pm EDT
Damon Davis, Director, Health Data Initiative, HHS has reached old age in technology terms. Five years after its launch to make health data more accessible, the technology running the portal is well behind the times. Damon Davis, director for the Health Data Initiative in the Department of Health and Human Services, Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller about the changes coming to later this year.


Thursday - 05/07/2015, 04:30pm EDT
Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

Achieving energy independence on military bases is a priority across the Defense Department. Fort Knox, Kentucky, is the first base to actually do it. The fort uses new generators, and a supply of naturally-occurring gas deposits underneath the base, to operate all of its facilities while completely disconnected from the outside electric grid. R.J. Dyrdek, energy manager at Fort Knox, tells Federal News Radio's Jared Serbu, the initial motivation for getting off the grid was a terrible ice storm in 2009, which left parts of the base without electricity for up to a week.


Thursday - 05/07/2015, 04:24pm EDT
Larry Allen, President, Allen Federal Business Partners

The General Services Administration wants to know why prices change between different schedules for the same or similar items. Larry Allen is president of Allen Federal Business Partners and author of the Week Ahead newsletter. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he said GSA's competitive pricing initiative could create a flood of industry experts jumping to conclusions.


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