1:18 pm, January 25, 2015

U.S. News

Oklahoma's hope for cashing in on heritage becomes a debacle

Oklahoma's effort to lure tourism with showplace Native American museum turns into debacle

Friday - 01/23/2015, 02:26pm EST

DNA ties prisoner to 2 of 6 serial killings from 1976

Oregon inmate charged in California with 2 of 6 serial killings of young women 40 years ago

Friday - 01/23/2015, 01:18pm EST

Jury resumes deliberations in Bosnian war crimes case

Jury resumes deliberations in trial of man charged with lying about Bosnian war crimes

Friday - 01/23/2015, 12:30pm EST

NTSB: Planes should have technologies so they can be found

Investigators: Airliners should be equipped with technologies so they can be found

Friday - 01/23/2015, 12:06pm EST

NY asks feds to probe 2013 Rikers Island inmate death

NY panel asks feds to probe 2013 Rikers Island inmate death; calls care 'incompetent'

Friday - 01/23/2015, 11:54am EST

Video of New Jersey man shot by police raises questions

Video of police officers fatally shooting New Jersey man raises questions, stirs anger

Friday - 01/23/2015, 10:44am EST

Northeast's first significant winter storm expected

Forecasters: Expect 1st significant winter storm along Northeast corridor this weekend

Friday - 01/23/2015, 06:20am EST

Euro plunges, but European brands are not on sale in US

The plunging euro won't benefit American shoppers but will make European vacations cheaper

Friday - 01/23/2015, 06:18am EST

MLK estate drops lawsuit against King Center over licensing

Lawsuit over licensing agreement filed by MLK estate against King Center voluntarily dismissed

Friday - 01/23/2015, 02:10am EST

Montana city gets OK to drink water after oil spill in river

Montana city gets OK to drink water after 40,000-gallon oil spill into Yellowstone River

Friday - 01/23/2015, 02:06am EST

Powerful New York politician arrested on bribery charges

Top New York politician arrested on bribery charges, accused of misusing his 'titanic' power

Friday - 01/23/2015, 01:56am EST

Officer who carried dying girl comforts grieving father

Officer who carried dying child out of Colorado movie theater comforts girl's grieving father

Friday - 01/23/2015, 01:56am EST

Bill and Melinda Gates making Super Bowl plans

Bill and Melinda Gates making plans to go to the Super Bowl in Phoenix

Friday - 01/23/2015, 12:16am EST

Surprise! Magnets used to plant drugs under cars from Mexico

Drug smugglers plant magnetized boxes under cars of 'trusted travelers' from Mexico

Thursday - 01/22/2015, 10:24pm EST

Tsarnaev lawyers ask again to move trial outside Boston

Boston Marathon bombing suspect's lawyers make 3rd push to move trial outside Massachusetts

Thursday - 01/22/2015, 08:18pm EST

Family accused of $20M fraud amid mansion fires, theft claim

Family accused of $20M insurance fraud after multiple fires, jewelry theft claim at mansion

Thursday - 01/22/2015, 08:06pm EST

Prosecutor: Bombings defendant was top Osama bin Laden aide

NY prosecutor: Defendant in 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa was top Osama bin Laden aide

Thursday - 01/22/2015, 07:20pm EST

Barriers set up, water tested at site of North Dakota spill

Barriers set up, water being testing at North Dakota site of 3 million-gallon saltwater spill

Thursday - 01/22/2015, 06:19pm EST

Gun maker gets Newtown lawsuit moved to federal court

Gun maker gets Newtown suit moved to federal court where expert says it may have easier time

Thursday - 01/22/2015, 04:48pm EST

Police use patrol car to stop pit bull rampage in California

Officer kills pit bull with patrol car to stop dogs' rampage in California neighborhood

Thursday - 01/22/2015, 03:20pm EST
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