10:10 pm, April 20, 2015

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Cardinal Francis George, key Catholic orthodoxy voice, dies

Cardinal Francis George, retired Chicago archbishop and key voice for Catholic orthodoxy, dies

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 06:36am EDT

Senator: Decade-old Gulf oil leak is 'unacceptable'

Senator presses federal officials to release data, records on decade-old Gulf oil leak

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 04:20am EDT

Authorities remove 5 bodies from Phoenix home after shooting

Authorities remove bodies from home where 5 were killed; police say man shot family, self

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 02:14am EDT

Prosecutor: Reputed mobster discussed stolen Boston artwork

Prosecutor: Reputed mobster discussed sale of stolen Boston artwork with undercover FBI agent

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 01:46am EDT

Sunken aircraft carrier rediscovered off California coast

Scientists rediscover sunken radioactive WWII aircraft carrier off Northern California coast

Friday - 04/17/2015, 11:38pm EDT

Common Core tests OK, but Nevada gives leeway to schools

Limited testing of Common Core goes OK, but Nevada offers leeway for schools that don't test

Friday - 04/17/2015, 09:00pm EDT

Suspicious vehicle at arsenal checkpoint prompts evacuation

Suspicious vehicle at arsenal checkpoint prompts evacuation, but no explosive threat found

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:30pm EDT

Correction: Bird Flu story

Correction: Bird Flu story

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:30pm EDT

Washington governor repeats call for state auditor to resign

Washington governor repeats call for indicted state auditor to resign immediately

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:20pm EDT

In Aaron Hernandez murder case, question lingers: Why?

Question lingers in murder case of ex-New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez: Why?

Friday - 04/17/2015, 06:17pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: Images of Oklahoma City bombing

AP PHOTOS: Images of Oklahoma City bombing of federal building ahead of 20th anniversary

Friday - 04/17/2015, 04:00pm EDT

Ohio man pleads not guilty to plotting military base attack

Ohio man pleads not guilty to charges over terror plot to attack US military base or prison

Friday - 04/17/2015, 03:57pm EDT

Conversion rate lags behind Mormon missionary increase

Record increase in Mormon missionaries doesn't lead to equal spike in converts

Friday - 04/17/2015, 03:50pm EDT

Hamptons town limits aircraft noise amid growing complaints

Hamptons town limits aircraft noise at local airport to address growing complaints

Friday - 04/17/2015, 02:30pm EDT

Hurdles in 'Suge' Knight case: Hesitant witness, fuzzy video

Prosecutors in 'Suge' Knight murder trial face hurdles including hesitant witness, fuzzy video

Friday - 04/17/2015, 02:02pm EDT

US senator says it's time to put a woman on the $20 bill

US senator pushes to get a woman on the $20 bill, suggests Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday - 04/17/2015, 01:38pm EDT

Dog flu outbreak gained foothold at urban doggie day cares

Dog flu took off in doggie day cares, got extra boost from spring break boarding

Friday - 04/17/2015, 01:06pm EDT

Aaron Hernandez's mom: I shared bond with victim's mother

Aaron Hernandez's mom: I shared bond with Ursula Ward, mother of her son's victim

Friday - 04/17/2015, 11:36am EDT

Q&A: Who is this flying mailman with a message for Congress?

Q&A: Who is this postal worker pilot, 'no sane person,' who landed gyrocopter on Capitol Hill?

Friday - 04/17/2015, 10:36am EDT

Developer jailed for kickbacks among Menendez contributors

Contributors to Menendez's defense fund include developer who pleaded guilty to kickbacks

Friday - 04/17/2015, 09:45am EDT
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