2:07 am, July 23, 2014

SEC News

SEC sues New Jersey as states' finances stir fears

The Securities and Exchange Commission is conducting several investigations into what states disclosed about their weakened finances.

Thursday - 08/19/2010, 12:18pm EDT

New financial law limiting public access?

Learn more about the potential new restrictions to what can be FOIA-ed

Monday - 08/02/2010, 02:53pm EDT

SEC now freer to hike whistleblower awards

The agency has more power.

Tuesday - 07/27/2010, 11:42am EDT

SEC hires more experts to look at financial systems

Agency wants more employees from diverse backgrounds.

Tuesday - 06/15/2010, 12:50pm EDT

Porn Viewing vs. Coffee Breaks

Is the person in the next cubicle doing his or her important government job, or viewing porn? And is this a problem exclusive to government? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey takes a peek at the porn problem.

Thursday - 05/27/2010, 04:00am EDT

Privacy, porn, and your federal job: analysis

The Securities and Exchange Commission has been slapped with a lawsuit demanding disclosure of names of employees who viewed pornography on government computers. Attorney Debra Roth explains what's going on here.

Thursday - 05/13/2010, 10:31am EDT

Tuesday Morning Federal Newsstand

Tuesday - 01/06/2009, 08:00am EST
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