12:09 pm, May 26, 2015

CDC News

CDC honored for its healthy telework program

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention take home a Tele-Vision Award.

Monday - 06/14/2010, 10:35am EDT

CDC cuts red tape and wins awards doing it

We meet the CDC fed awarded for her "spirit of innovation and ‘get it done' mindset" - Nancy Norton, a contracting officer and team leader for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Procurement and Grants Office.

Friday - 05/14/2010, 10:40am EDT

Bringing government to the people

Janice Nall, director of the Division of eHealth Marketing at the CDC, says government needs to be where people are getting their information.

Tuesday - 04/20/2010, 06:01am EDT

Agencies engage citizens with social collaboration

Agencies across the federal government are embracing the tools of social collaboration to become more accessible to citizens. An IT industry group that includes many federal IT officials heard from three of the top government experts in the field.

Friday - 04/16/2010, 06:55am EDT

COOP lights a fire under telework

Telework proves its worth, even in the planning stages of an emergency.

Thursday - 11/12/2009, 03:40pm EST

Connecting the health and environment

Thursday - 07/09/2009, 10:05am EDT

Federal Agencies Using CONNECT

Wednesday - 05/20/2009, 09:05pm EDT

Tall order submitted for GPO's Swine Flu flier

The Government Printing Office makes it possible to put H1N1 virus information literally into the hands of those who need it most.

Monday - 05/04/2009, 11:41am EDT

Pandemic response

Thursday - 04/30/2009, 09:37am EDT

Vacancies at HHS exposed by swine flu

Monday - 04/27/2009, 04:11pm EDT

Public health emergency declared

Monday - 04/27/2009, 09:05am EDT

Spreading the Word

Friday - 02/13/2009, 09:17am EST

Making Sense Out Of BioSense

Tuesday - 11/25/2008, 08:00am EST

Connecting the Dots

Monday - 11/17/2008, 10:28am EST

Failure to Protect?

Tuesday - 10/28/2008, 10:28am EDT

Failure to Protect?

Tuesday - 10/28/2008, 10:28am EDT
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