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Disaster response in era of open government

From the data management panel discussion, NOAA's Joseph Klimavicz discussed the agency's response during the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:34pm EST

Communications lessons learned from Gulf oil spill

The Gulf Coast oil spill is prompting many agencies to take a second -- and often a third -- look at how they handle communications in a crisis.

Tuesday - 11/09/2010, 05:22pm EST

DorobekINSIDER moderates AFFIRM meeting on Gulf Coast spill response

The DorobekINSIDER moderates AFFIRM meeting on Gulf Coast spill response.

Tuesday - 10/26/2010, 03:58pm EDT

As a federal pioneer of LEED, NOAA grasps savings

From the soon-to-be renovated headquarters of the General Services Administration, to the green roof of the main New York City Post Office, the federal government is making energy-efficient-and-sustainable buildings a top priority. But a little over three years ago, one federal building in the D.C. area led the way in the design and construction of a new generation of green buildings.

Wednesday - 10/06/2010, 07:43am EDT

Bracing for Hurricane Earl

Learn more about the federal preparations for the storm.

Tuesday - 08/31/2010, 10:08am EDT

Turtles affected by oil spill released back into the sea

Learn more about NOAA's turtle rescue efforts

Tuesday - 08/24/2010, 10:31am EDT

Up Close: NOAA's Jon Hare on the search for oil in the Gulf

Read about his experiences.

Tuesday - 08/17/2010, 01:08pm EDT

NOAA pilots cloud solutions

Tuesday - 08/17/2010, 11:23am EDT

Cool Jobs: Predicting weather in space

In this installment of our Cool Jobs in Government series, we learn about an entire group of people who work on predicting weather in space.

Thursday - 08/12/2010, 05:00pm EDT

NOAA's Klimavicz keeps systems primed, ready to handle disaster needs

This week, host Jason Miller interviews Joe Klimavicz of NOAA.
Aug. 12, 2010

Tuesday - 08/10/2010, 03:47pm EDT

NOAA still expects active Atlantic hurricane season

The Atlantic Basin remains on track for an active hurricane season.

Friday - 08/06/2010, 02:04pm EDT

Sammies nominee fights global warming

Dr. Susan Solomon is with NOAA and works on global warming issues.

Tuesday - 07/27/2010, 03:37pm EDT

Virtual tools near actual federal use

Let's face it, meetings are a necessary evil for the federal workforce. But what if you could use a collaboration tool that lets you participate digitally? The next generation of virtual collaboration tools are almost the next best thing to being there.

Thursday - 07/22/2010, 07:04am EDT

NOAA: measuring devices through time

Track the evolution of the NOAA's measuring instruments and methods

Wednesday - 07/21/2010, 02:01pm EDT

NOAA: June, April to June, and year-to-date global temperatures are warmest on record

Read more about NOAA's data.

Friday - 07/16/2010, 01:00pm EDT

CIOs ponder change and vision on the job

Fourteen years ago, Congress passed the landmark Clinger-Cohen Act, creating the job of chief information officer in federal agencies. How has the job changed over the years, and what do today's CIOs think of their role?

Thursday - 07/01/2010, 06:37am EDT

NOAA Launches Oil Spill Tracker Web Site

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has launched a federal Web site meant to answer questions about the response to the B-P Gulf oil spill. Agency officials say it's designed as a one-stop shop for detailed near-real-time information about the response to the Deepwater Horizon incident, incorporating data from the various agencies that are working together to tackle the spill. Originally designed for responders, who make operational decisions regarding the disaster, the web site integrates the latest data on the oil spill's trajectory, fishery closed areas, wildlife and Gulf Coast resources into one customizable interactive map. The web site is

Thursday - 06/17/2010, 05:59pm EDT

FEMA, NOAA use social media for public awareness

Find links to all of their resources.

Thursday - 06/17/2010, 02:06pm EDT

NOAA creates online home for geospatial data

A new place users can go to map the Gulf oil spill.

Wednesday - 06/16/2010, 02:16pm EDT

Mapping the response to BP oil spill

New online tool created by NOAA and the EPA shows real time changes.

Tuesday - 06/15/2010, 12:57pm EDT
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