11:55 pm, May 26, 2015

Health News

Dentist accused of running 'house of horrors' agrees to quit

Florida dentist accused of running 'house of horrors' gives up medical license

Friday - 05/22/2015, 06:00pm EDT

After week in jail, Florida mom agrees to son's circumcision

Florida mother jailed in son's circumcision case gives up fight, agrees to allow procedure

Friday - 05/22/2015, 05:49pm EDT

FDA proposes to know more about antibiotic use in animals

FDA proposes increased data collection on antibiotic use in animals that become meat

Friday - 05/22/2015, 04:30pm EDT

Indy 500 broadcast to introduce real-time telemetry to fans

Sensors on drivers will provide unique data to Indy 500 fans to demonstrate stress of race

Friday - 05/22/2015, 04:13pm EDT

Cholera infects 3,000 Burundian refugees, UN calls for help

Cholera outbreak infects 3,000 Burundi refugees in Tanzania, 31 dead, UN says in call for help

Friday - 05/22/2015, 03:40pm EDT

2 ex-Wesleyan students face US charges over drug overdoses

2 expelled Wesleyan University students face US charges over on-campus drug overdoses

Friday - 05/22/2015, 03:10pm EDT

US appeals court upholds delay in Alzheimer's drug swap

Court rejects appeal by Actavis PLC, upholds delaying switch of patented Alzheimer's drugs

Friday - 05/22/2015, 03:00pm EDT

Q&A: Why are antibiotics used in livestock?

Q&A: What's driving Wal-Mart to ask suppliers to curb use of antibiotics

Friday - 05/22/2015, 02:40pm EDT

ConAgra to pay $11.2M to settle salmonella criminal case

ConAgra to pay $11.2M to settle criminal charge for shipping salmonella-tainted peanut butter

Friday - 05/22/2015, 12:28pm EDT

For Kimball, racing competitively is all about numbers

Racing competitively is all about numbers for diabetic IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball

Friday - 05/22/2015, 12:12pm EDT

Paralyzed man uses his thoughts to control a robotic arm

Paralyzed man controls robotic arm with thoughts in quest for mind-controlled prosthetics

Friday - 05/22/2015, 10:46am EDT

Coal, medicine, trains top Tokyo's Asia infrastructure plan

Coal, medical, train technology at top of Japan's agenda for Asian infrastructure financing

Friday - 05/22/2015, 05:30am EDT

Egg prices jump as impact of bird flu begins pinching supply

Egg prices jump as impact of bird flu takes heavy toll on Midwest egg-laying hens

Friday - 05/22/2015, 04:40am EDT

Red carpet Emergency Room at Cannes is always full of drama

Red carpet Emergency Room for Cannes wardrobe malfunctions is always full of drama

Friday - 05/22/2015, 03:40am EDT

Armed forces mission provides aid to poor parts of Peru

Armed forces mission provides medical aid, shoes to remote, poor communities in Peru valley

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 10:18pm EDT

NHL salary cap will climb to $71 million next season

Commissioner fields questions about salary cap, concussions in impromptu session

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 10:02pm EDT

Health officials: New strain of rabies found in New Mexico

Fox that bit woman in southern New Mexico had new strain of rabies, US and state officials say

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 07:16pm EDT

Former players: NFL teams 'conspired' to push painkillers

Former players claim NFL teams pushed painkillers for decades to keep them on the field

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 06:48pm EDT

Senators owner, donor doing well after liver transplant

Senators owner recovering after liver transplant; donor also doing well, craves Stanley Cup

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 06:47pm EDT

Senate panel OKs letting VA docs give advice on medical pot

Senate panel OKs bid to let VA docs give advice on medical pot in states where it's legal

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 05:29pm EDT

Ex-Atlanta TSA agent pleads guilty to stealing paid time off

Ex-Atlanta TSA agent pleads guilty to stealing roughly 2,240 hours in donated paid time off

Monday - 05/11/2015, 04:20pm EDT

Prison for heroin addict who killed man he met on Craigslist

Pennsylvania heroin addict gets 40 to 80 years in prison for killing man he met on Craigslist

Monday - 05/11/2015, 04:00pm EDT

Liberia cautiously marks end of Ebola after 4,700 deaths

Liberia cautiously marks end of Ebola, but cases grow in neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea

Monday - 05/11/2015, 02:38pm EDT

FDA questions benefit of cystic fibrosis drug from Vertex

FDA scrutinizes benefit of Vertex Pharmaceuticals combination pill to treat cystic fibrosis

Monday - 05/11/2015, 12:30pm EDT
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