8:49 pm, January 27, 2015

Technology News

Amazon branching out from TV series to movie production

Amazon Studios expanding from TV series to produce new movies for theaters, video streaming

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 04:50pm EST

Snowplow tracking apps hold cities accountable for cleanup

GPS-based snowplow tracking apps hold cities accountable, turn residents into watchdogs

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 02:08pm EST

Boston taxi drivers sue city over ride-hailing services

Group of Boston taxi drivers sue city over different rules for online ride-hailing services

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 12:40pm EST

Twitter accounts of New York Post and news agency UPI hacked

New York Post Twitter accounts hacked; News agency UPI says its website, Twitter hacked too

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 06:50am EST

AT&T to take $10 billion in charges in 4Q

AT&T to record $10 billion in 4Q charges related to pension and benefit plans, copper wires

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 06:10am EST

UK arrests man in Sony Playstation and Xbox attack

UK organized crime unit arrests man in connection with Playstation and Xbox disruptions

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 04:20am EST

France attacks reinvigorate privacy versus security debate

Obama, Cameron weigh privacy versus security in aftermath of France terror attacks

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 03:26am EST

$1B Switch data center near Reno will be world's biggest

$1B Switch data center planned near Reno to be biggest in world; $1B expansion in Vegas, too

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 02:46am EST

Google to stop consumer sales of Glass to redesign device

Google Glass pulled off consumer market as company works on more refined, affordable version

Monday - 01/19/2015, 11:12am EST

Why a Samsung takeover of Blackberry could make sense

Why a Samsung takeover of Blackberry could make for a logical business combination

Friday - 01/16/2015, 08:00pm EST

Vietnamese leader says banning social media sites impossible

Vietnam's leader says it's impossible to ban social media so gov't should inform people better

Friday - 01/16/2015, 05:00pm EST

Obama criticizes state laws that hurt broadband competition

Obama calls for repeal of state laws preventing communities from creating broadband networks

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 07:06pm EST

Apple, Google reach new settlement in high-tech wage case

Apple, Google strike new settlement in suit alleging conspiracy against high-tech workers

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 06:00pm EST

Mexican billionaire becomes largest NY Times shareholder

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim becomes largest shareholder in The New York Times Co.

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 12:18pm EST

Apple camera patent gives GoPro stock jitters

Apple patent for digital 'action' camera prompts GoPro stock slide

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 08:00pm EST

Facebook launches Amber Alerts to help find missing children

Facebook to show Amber Alerts in users' news feeds nationwide to help find missing children

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 05:48pm EST

NY defense lawyer: Silk Road creator is not a drug dealer

NY defense lawyer: Silk Road founder was fooled by those running underground website

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 04:56pm EST

Obama: With tech advances come privacy risks for US

Obama calls for new laws on data hacking, says tech advances come with privacy risks

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 10:16am EST

PC industry still struggling, but sales decline leveling off

Global PC shipments fell again last year, though research firms see positive signs for 2015

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 04:00am EST

Workforce obstacles hamper digital tech growth at agencies, study says

Agency management is mostly gung-ho about bringing new digital technology into the workplace, but hurdles such as a sluggish acquisition process and a workforce lacking tech-related skills keep the federal government from innovating, according to a new study.

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 12:46pm EST
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