7:47 am, January 29, 2015

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Trans-Pacific balloon crew: It's like camping in the sky

Camping in the sky: Trans-Pacific balloon crew two-thirds of the way toward breaking 2 records

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 06:57pm EST

Super Bowl jet-setters get topflight travel treatment

Ready, jet-set, go: Private plane operators wine, dine passengers arriving for Super Bowl

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 05:28pm EST

Push for gay protections in Idaho stirs emotional debate

Long-sought bill creating protections for gays in conservative Idaho stirs emotional debate

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 12:30pm EST

Ex-Boy Scout describes mental scars left by abuse at trial

Former Boy Scout describes emotional scars left by leader's abuse in California civil trial

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 11:50am EST

AP PHOTOS: A selection of Northeast snowstorm images

AP PHOTOS: A selection of editors' favorite images of the Northeast snowstorm

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 10:38am EST

Ex-Army prosecutor found guilty of rape at court-martial

Former Army prosecutor who handled sexual-assault cases found guilty of rape in court-martial

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 04:40am EST

Drilling plan may restrict sensitive Arctic Ocean areas

Alaska officials say offshore drilling plan likely to take some Arctic locations off table

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 04:00am EST

Snowstorm threatens to paralyze the crowded Northeast US

Fierce snowstorm could paralyze Northeast US for days; 'It's going to be ridiculous out there'

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 02:08am EST

AP PHOTOS: 10 worst Northeast snowstorms in last 60 years

AP PHOTOS: 10 worst snowstorms in Northeast US in last 60 years, plus a notable one from 1888

Monday - 01/26/2015, 09:46pm EST

Lawmakers hear heated testimony about sex-orientation bill

Idaho lawmakers hear testimony about bill that would have protections for sexual orientation

Monday - 01/26/2015, 07:50pm EST

Oklahoma could halt executions for Supreme Court drug review

Oklahoma looks to halt executions while Supreme Court reviews drug implicated in botched case

Monday - 01/26/2015, 07:50pm EST

NASA spacecraft almost to Pluto: Smile for the camera!

NASA spacecraft almost to Pluto, starts snapping pictures Sunday: Smile for the camera!

Monday - 01/26/2015, 07:12pm EST

Panic attack, bad back: Theater shooting brings jury excuses

Panic attacks, bad backs: Theater shooting brings out jury excuses, shows hardships of service

Monday - 01/26/2015, 06:05pm EST

Breached pipeline that spilled oil lies exposed on riverbed

Sonar indicates pipeline that spilled oil into Yellowstone River is exposed on riverbed

Monday - 01/26/2015, 05:00pm EST

Feds announce charges in New York Russian spy ring case

Feds announce charges in Russian spy ring case, say 3 defendants tried to recruit New Yorkers

Monday - 01/26/2015, 04:20pm EST

Measles outbreak casts spotlight on anti-vaccine movement

Disney-linked measles outbreak casts spotlight on anti-vaccine movement

Monday - 01/26/2015, 03:58pm EST

Avian flu confirmed in commercial turkey flock in California

Avian flu confirmed in commercial turkey flock in California; no risk to humans

Monday - 01/26/2015, 03:08pm EST

Seekers of the Hollywood Sign disrupt nearby neighborhood

Half the fun of seeing the Hollywood Sign is getting to the landmark _ unless you live nearby

Monday - 01/26/2015, 01:50pm EST

Technology improves avalanche gear for backcountry skiers

Technology improves avalanche safety gear for growing number of backcountry skiers

Monday - 01/26/2015, 11:30am EST

Opening statements next in murder trial of ex-Pat Hernandez

Opening statements expected soon in murder trial of ex-New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez

Monday - 01/26/2015, 08:48am EST
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