4:00 pm, April 16, 2014

Industry Chatter

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The relationship between agencies and contractors can be complicated. Host Francis Rose talks with large and small vendors about trends they're seeing and the policy and regulations they're paying attention to.

ZL Technologies' Kon Leong on managing messy data

Kon Leong, president, CEO and co-founder of ZL Technologies, joins Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to discuss unstructured data, records management and the importance for companies and agencies to archive their "corporate ememories."

Friday - 03/01/2013, 01:01pm EST

Abt Associates' Kathleen Flanagan on international-development contracting

Kathleen Flanagan, CEO of Bethesda, Md.-based Abt Associates, joins Industry Chatter to discuss the issues facing contractors working in international development.

Friday - 02/22/2013, 04:07pm EST

Decision Sciences' Stanton Sloane on securing the global supply chain

Stanton Sloane, president and CEO of Decision Sciences International Corporation, joins Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to discuss the global supply chain industry.

Thursday - 02/07/2013, 08:36pm EST

ASI Government's Kymm McCabe on big data, acquisition

Kymm McCabe, president and CEO of ASI Government, joins Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to discuss Big Data trends in the federal government.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 02:44pm EST

Dell's Paul Christman on software industry

Paul Christman, Quest Software's public-sector subsidiary, joins Industry Chatter with Francis Rose.

Thursday - 01/10/2013, 07:11pm EST

Industry Chatter: INADEV Corporation's Ferhan Hamid on mobile app development

Ferhan Hamid, CEO of INADEV Corporation, joined Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to discuss the development of mobile application at federal agencies.

Thursday - 01/03/2013, 08:50pm EST

Industry Chatter: Burdeshaw Associates' Marv Sambur on DoD recruiting

Marv Sambur, president and CEO of Burdeshaw Associates, a senior defense consulting firm, joins Industry Chatter to discuss recruiting in the defense industry.

Thursday - 12/20/2012, 06:47pm EST

Industry Chatter: Citrix Systems' Tom Simmons on workplace virtualization

Tom Simmons, area vice president for the U.S. Public Sector for Citrix Systems, joined Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to workplace virtualization and cloud solutions.

Thursday - 12/13/2012, 08:33pm EST

Industry Chatter: Optimos CEO Lisa Mascolo on the mobile future

Lisa Mascolo, the CEO of enterprise IT firm Optimos joins Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to discuss mobile technology trends for the future.

Thursday - 12/06/2012, 03:12pm EST

Accelera Solutions' Joe Brown on the mobility environment

Joe Brown, president of Accelera Solutions, joined Industry Chatter to discuss the mobility environment and his company's offerings.

Thursday - 11/15/2012, 03:39pm EST

Exceptional Software Strategies' Ray Bowen demystifies the cloud

Ray Bowen, the president and CEO of Exceptional Software Strategies, joins Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to demystify cloud computing.

Thursday - 10/25/2012, 06:33pm EDT

Industry Chatter: New ACT-IAC leaders discuss priorities

The American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) has been under new leadership since July. Members of the group elected Darren Ash, the chief information officer of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, to serve as the ACT's president. Meanwhile, Dale Luddeke, the senior vice president and chief growth officer at TASC, was elected the chair of the Industry Advisory Council.

Thursday - 10/18/2012, 03:10pm EDT

Iron Mountain's Sue Trombley on updating federal records management

The Obama administration has laid out an ambitious roadmap for agencies to phase out the use of paper records by 2020 in favor of managing nearly all records electronically. Sue Trombley, the director of consulting for Iron Mountain, joins Industry Chatter to discuss the ways the private sector can help agencies build on the government's guidance.

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 04:51pm EDT

Brocade's Anthony Robbins on the government's big data challenge

Anthony Robbins, vice president of federal for Brocade, joins Industry Chatter, to discuss the big data challenge for federal agencies.

Friday - 09/21/2012, 03:29pm EDT

SAP NS2's Mark Testoni on national security, IT issues

Mark Testoni, the president of SAP NS2, joins Industry Chatter to discuss his company, the marketplace and emerging trends.

Thursday - 09/13/2012, 05:09pm EDT

SolarWind's Sanjay Castelino on BYOD and the consumerization of IT

Sanjay Castelino, with Austin, Texas-based IT firm SolarWinds, joined Industry Chatter to discuss the growing phenomenon of "bring-your-own-device" at federal agencies. The BYOD shift is part of an evolution toward the consumerization of IT, Castelino said.

Thursday - 09/06/2012, 05:21pm EDT

NetApp Federal's Mark Weber on managing big data

Mark Weber, president of NetApp U.S. Public Sector, which includes Federal, SLED and Healthcare, joined Industry Chatter to discuss one of the biggest technology buzzwords of 2012: big data.

Thursday - 08/30/2012, 02:13pm EDT

TWD & Associates's Larry Besterman on converged IT infrastructure

Larry Besterman, the president and CEO of TWD & Associates, a small business systems integrator, joined Industry Chatter for a discussion of how and why agencies are turning to technology, such as cloud computing, to save costs.

Thursday - 07/26/2012, 08:53pm EDT

Agile development, cloud fit into 'do more with less' framework

Al Fox, federal division head of Outsystems, spoke with In Depth with Francis Rose on Industry Chatter .

Friday - 06/22/2012, 03:09pm EDT
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