2:02 pm, May 25, 2015

Congressional, White House Action on Sequestration

House Democrat to offer bill ending automatic cuts

Rep. Smith to propose bill to end automatic budget cuts while also trimming federal spending

Wednesday - 02/27/2013, 09:48am EST

Obama warns of risks over budget cut uncertainty

Obama warns that uncertainty over budget cuts already taking hold ahead of Friday deadline

Tuesday - 02/26/2013, 03:15am EST

OMB, agencies still crunching sequestration-related furlough numbers for non-DoD civilians

The White House released its estimate on the impact of cuts from sequestration would have on each state and the District of Columbia. OMB's Danny Werfel said they still are obtaining clarity on the impact $85 billion in cuts would have on each agency.

Monday - 02/25/2013, 05:29am EST

What if we sequester and nobody notices?

What if we get sequestered and nothing happens? At least not right away? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to know what if the government, instead of furloughing all FBI agents, TSA screeners, and air traffic controllers on the same day finds a way to muddle through -- at least for awhile.

Thursday - 02/21/2013, 02:00am EST

Obama presses GOP to halt automatic spending cuts

Obama presses GOP to avoid automatic spending cuts, warns that 'people will lose their jobs'

Tuesday - 02/19/2013, 05:02pm EST

Part-timers running government

The next time Congress is in D.C. for an extended period of time, somebody should suggest that the House and the Senate investigate how much time and money has been lost preparing for a partial government shutdown almost everybody says would be a mistake. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

Tuesday - 02/19/2013, 02:00am EST

Poll: Will sequestration actually happen?

Federal News Radio wants to know what you think. Will sequestration go into effect when the deadline hits on March 1?

Monday - 02/18/2013, 05:36pm EST

Consequences of failure laid out in sequestration fight

Consequences of failure laid out in budget debate as time to avoid sweeping cuts grows short

Friday - 02/15/2013, 10:10am EST

Democrats to unveil bill to replace budget cuts

Senate Democrats to unveil bill to replace automatic budget cuts

Thursday - 02/14/2013, 06:10pm EST

OMB to Congress: Sequestration impact 'real,' but furloughs not immediate

Obama administration officials are painting a bleak picture of how federal agencies would fare under sequestration, the automatic budget cuts slated to go into effect in two weeks. The Senate Appropriations Committee heard testimony from several Obama administration officials about the consequences of the cuts, which are set to take effect March 1. However, Danny Werfel, controller of the Office of Management and Budget, emphasized to the committee that employee furloughs would not be immediate.

Thursday - 02/14/2013, 05:50pm EST

Employee unions march on Capitol Hill to stop sequestration

AFGE, AFSCME rally against the potential cuts from sequestration as part of their week-long legislative conference. Union members are meeting with lawmakers to ensure they understand the broader impact cuts due to sequestration would have on the nation and the economy.

Wednesday - 02/13/2013, 10:26am EST

Military issues dire warnings of readiness crisis, decries political gridlock

Among the warnings the military's top uniformed officers delivered to the Senate Tuesday: Half of Marine Corps units will fall below readiness standards by the end of the year, the Army will have to curtail training for 80 percent of its ground forces and shipyards are already becoming short-staffed because of DoD's hiring freeze.

Wednesday - 02/13/2013, 06:02am EST

Obama calls on Congress to stop sequestration, pass cyber bill

President Obama used his State of the Union speech Tuesday night to reiterate common management themes that have been part of the administration's push over the last four years.

Tuesday - 02/12/2013, 10:51pm EST

Feds as roadkill

Politicians who are beating up on federal workers are doing a pretty good job of it. Friends of feds are few and far between, maybe even on the endangered species list, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says. So what's next?

Tuesday - 02/12/2013, 02:00am EST

Senate Democrats craft bill to avert budget cuts

Senate Democrats craft bill to avert automatic budget cuts to Pentagon, domestic programs

Monday - 02/11/2013, 08:38pm EST

White House outlines deep cuts it may have to make

Ramping up pressure on Congress, White House details looming 'self-inflicted' spending cuts

Saturday - 02/09/2013, 01:42pm EST

Furlough-proof your retirement

Members of the House of Representatives who think their congressional districts are the polar opposite of Washington, D.C., would be wise run the numbers before they start slashing the pay of "bloated bureaucrats" and contractors who make up a big portion of their voting-age workforce, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

Friday - 02/08/2013, 02:00am EST

Civilian discretionary spending under scrutiny

On this week's Bloomberg Government show, nine programs that make ideal targets for budget cuts.
February 7, 2013

Thursday - 02/07/2013, 04:50pm EST

GOP sequestration plan calls for reducing federal workforce

Republicans on the House and Senate Armed Services Committees have proposed an alternative to the automatic budget cuts set to go into effect next month that includes reducing the size of the federal workforce by 10 percent through attrition.

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 04:40pm EST

Obama urges stopgap budget deal to avoid deep cuts

Obama urges a short-term budget deal to avoid deep cuts as deficits slightly shrink, for now

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 12:04pm EST
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