10:24 pm, December 22, 2014

Business News

German E.ON's spinoff marks energy business change

Renewable energy revolution powers split-up of German utility E.ON

Monday - 12/01/2014, 09:47am EST

Move over unions _ French bosses protesting, too

French bosses, fed up with taxes and red tape, take lesson from unions and take to the streets

Monday - 12/01/2014, 09:27am EST

Lufthansa cancels 1,350 flights in pilot strike

German airline Lufthansa cancels 1,350 flights after pilots stage renewed strike

Monday - 12/01/2014, 08:58am EST

Obama buys 17 titles at independent bookstore

Obama shows support for small businesses, buys 17 books for all ages at independent DC store

Monday - 12/01/2014, 07:30am EST

Ferguson mayor: No severance package for Wilson

Ferguson mayor: No severance package for former police Officer Darren Wilson, who resigned

Monday - 12/01/2014, 05:32am EST

Black Friday weekend slows down as allure fades

Retail group: Total spending, traffic falls for four-day holiday weekend

Monday - 12/01/2014, 04:54am EST

Germany signs no-spy deal with BlackBerry

Germany signs no-spy deal with BlackBerry, OKs purchase of encryption specialist Secusmart

Monday - 12/01/2014, 03:30am EST

BLACK FRIDAY LIVE: Thinner crowds, protests, beer

What's happening around the country as the holiday shopping season kicks off

Monday - 12/01/2014, 03:20am EST

German utility company E.ON to focus on renewables

German utility company E.ON to drop conventional power business, focus on renewables

Monday - 12/01/2014, 02:50am EST

Justices weigh limits of free speech over Internet

In arguments Monday, justices to weigh free speech rights of threatening language on Internet

Monday - 12/01/2014, 02:30am EST

No bomb found on Spain-to-NY flight after threat

Nothing dangerous found on American Airlines flight from Barcelona to NYC after bomb threat

Monday - 12/01/2014, 01:50am EST

EU piling pressure on Google to change ways

EU institutions try to pressure Google to change business practices with 2 moves in 2 days

Monday - 12/01/2014, 01:14am EST

Hackers force message on websites via US firm

Syrian hacker group hijacks US social media company website, posts message on visitors' sites

Monday - 12/01/2014, 12:20am EST

Black Friday gets a little less frenzied

Black Friday gets a little less crazy, as many Americans do their shopping on Thanksgiving Day

Sunday - 11/30/2014, 01:46pm EST

Union calls on Lufthansa pilots to stage strike

Lufthansa pilots' union calls on members to go on strike Monday in retirement benefits dispute

Sunday - 11/30/2014, 01:40pm EST

Oil plunge is threat and boon to global economies

Oil price plunge a boon for crude-importing Asia, Europe but negative impacts loom

Sunday - 11/30/2014, 08:18am EST

Plunging crude prices hammer energy companies

Energy stocks drained by OPEC decision to maintain production levels

Sunday - 11/30/2014, 08:10am EST

Poor durum crop likely to impact pasta consumers

Poor durum wheat crop likely will mean higher prices or lower quality pasta for consumers

Sunday - 11/30/2014, 05:12am EST

Officer who shot Michael Brown resigns in Ferguson

Officer who killed unarmed 18-year-old in Ferguson resigns, protests and cleanup continue

Sunday - 11/30/2014, 01:26am EST

S&P 500 slips as crude oil sinks

S&P 500 eases as falling oil prices hit energy stocks

Saturday - 11/29/2014, 01:26pm EST

Google buys up Dutch wind energy for data center

Google buys up output of Dutch wind turbines to supply new European data center

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 06:00pm EST
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