12:27 am, May 28, 2015

Business News

Treasury to expand government checking account

Treasury more than doubles money in government checking account

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 04:50pm EDT

Lending Club jumps as online lending continues to grow

Lending Club stocks jumps, helped by signs that online lending industry continues to grow fast

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 04:48pm EDT

Iran says it will release seized Maersk ship after fine paid

Iran says authorities likely will release seized Maersk ship in 2 days after fine paid

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 04:10pm EDT

Netflix says FCC should demand changes in AT&T-DirecTV deal

Netflix says FCC should reject AT&T's $48.5B purchase of DirecTV in its current form

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 04:10pm EDT

Belarus requires the idle to pay for not working

Belarus to make those who work less than half a year pay a $250 fine to the government

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 03:40pm EDT

US productivity drops at 1.9 percent rate in first quarter

US productivity slumps 1.9 percent in Q1, while labor costs rise in sign of weaker growth

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 03:34pm EDT

Tech executive mourned by Silicon Valley luminaries

Silicon Valley leaders, Bono mourn popular tech executive, husband of Facebook's Sandberg

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 03:22pm EDT

Fed Chair Yellen says stock market prices 'quite high'

Yellen says stock prices 'quite high' but overall financial stability risks not elevated

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 02:03pm EDT

Greece makes IMF payment amid signs of bailout progress

Amid signs of progress on bailout, Greece makes repayment to IMF ahead of bigger one next week

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 02:03pm EDT

How do you get on QVC? Tips from entrepreneur Lori Greiner

How do you get on QVC? Some tips from entrepreneur and 'Shark Tank' investor Lori Greiner

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 12:54pm EDT

US stocks slipping after weak economic data; oil prices rise

US stocks slip after weak economic data; energy shares buck trend, move higher as oil rises

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 12:27pm EDT

A bio snapshot of Lori Greiner of QVC and 'Shark Tank'

A bio snapshot of Lori Greiner, entrepreneur on QVC and investor on ABC's 'Shark Tank'

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 12:06pm EDT

GlaxoSmithKline opts to hold on to HIV business

GlaxoSmithKline opts to hold on to HIV business as it seeks to move past troubled year

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 11:10am EDT

Early gains for US stocks after some solid company earnings

Early gains for US stocks after some solid company earnings; Electronic Arts, LendingClub rise

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 10:49am EDT

UK 'flash crash' trader: I was just good at my job

UK trader accused in 2010 Wall Street 'flash crash': I was just good at my job

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 10:48am EDT

BMW profits rise on SUVs, strong sales in UK, US

X-series SUVs and crossovers help push BMW earnings higher

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 10:29am EDT

Weak US jobs data keeps stock markets in check

Downbeat US jobs, productivity reports take edge off stock market gains

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 10:28am EDT

Mixed signals emerge for eurozone economy

While survey points to eurozone businesses in robust mood, figures show big retail sales drop

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 08:33am EDT

Van Gogh work fetches over $66 million at New York auction

Vincent van Gogh work created in south of France sells for $66 million at New York auction

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 08:22am EDT

Panera CEO on push to banish artificial ingredients

Panera CEO on banished ingredients: 'Discretion is the better part of valor'

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 07:56am EDT
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