11:10 am, April 18, 2015

World News

Nigeria new leader Muhammadu Buhari has strict reputation

Nigeria's president-elect Muhummadu Buhari is known as strict, severe from his earlier rule

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 07:08am EDT

Yemen civilians shudder, bristle under bombing campaign

As Saudi-led airstrikes pound Yemen rebels, UN and Red Cross alarmed over civilian casualties

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 05:12am EDT

No nuke agreement yet: Iran talks push past deadline

Iran nuclear talks push past deadline; gaps still to bridge on program restraints

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 04:40am EDT

Lufthansa: Co-pilot disclosed earlier "severe depression"

Lufthansa: Co-pilot told flight school in 2009 he had 'previous episode of severe depression'

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 04:08am EDT

Buhari wins in Nigeria, defeating Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria's president concedes defeat, congratulates Buhari on electoral victory

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 03:46am EDT

Donors pledge $3.8B in Syria aid as thousands more displaced

Donors pledge $3.8B in Syria aid, well short of UN needs, as thousands more are displaced

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 03:10am EDT

Iraq premier: Troops in center of Islamic State-held Tikrit

Iraq's prime minister says troops have reached center of Tikrit in battle with Islamic State

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 03:08am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Violent past haunts Peru dances in Ayacucho area

AP PHOTOS: Dancers evoke conflict-scarred past of Ayacucho region in Peru's highlands

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 01:00am EDT

Guinea shuts border with Sierra Leone in effort to end Ebola

Guinea closes border with Sierra Leone as it ramps up efforts to end Ebola

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 12:20am EDT

Niger: Troops prevent Boko Haram attack, destroy base

Niger, Chad troops fend off Boko Haram attack, destroy militant base inside Nigeria

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 07:40pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: For Israeli teens, military is rite of passage

AP PHOTOS: In Israel, Jewish teens gear up for military rite of passage by training in mud

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 05:26pm EDT

Astronauts board space station for 1-year mission

2 Russians, 1 American board space station; 2 to spend a year away from Earth

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 05:02pm EDT

Despondent Gazans return to destroyed homes

Fed up with slow pace of reconstruction, despondent Gazans return to destroyed homes

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 04:00pm EDT

Things to know about Nigeria, as country picks new president

Things to know about Nigeria as new president is elected in Africa's most populous country

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 03:28pm EDT

Vatican hopes to avoid financial scandal during Jubilee year

Vatican hopes to avoid financial scandals during Jubilee following massive spending in 2000

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 02:44pm EDT

New research says Anne Frank likely died a month earlier

Anne Frank museum: Jewish diarist likely died a month earlier than previously thought

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 02:30pm EDT

Former Putin allies question his political course

15 years after Putin was first elected president, former allies question his course

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 01:55pm EDT

APNewsBreak: France seizes moment to push for Mideast talks

APNewsBreak: France using US-Israel tensions to push for UN resolution on Mideast peace effort

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 01:46pm EDT

Transportation strike in Argentina shuts down country

Transportation unions strike in Argentina to protest tax rates and inflation shuts down cities

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 01:43pm EDT

Donors pledge $3.8B in Syria aid, far short of what's needed

US, Kuwait, Europeans lead pledges for Syria aid; $3.8B raised, well short of UN needs

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 01:40pm EDT
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