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Army News

Tuesday morning federal headlines - August 16

On today's Federal Drive: The Commerce Department offers buyouts, the Army wants changes to its non-fighting force and the Navy test cyber readiness at sea.

Tuesday - 08/16/2011, 08:49am EDT

Army to update its 'institutional' organization

Secretary John McHugh announced the creation of a new commission to revamp the part of the Army that prepares, trains, educates and supports troops. He said this part of the service has not been significantly update for 30 years.

Monday - 08/15/2011, 07:41pm EDT

DoD to demo rapid IT acquisition

The Pentagon is preparing a new approach that will allow it to buy and develop cybersecurity capabilities more quickly. If it succeeds, officials said they plan to expand it to other areas of IT.

Monday - 08/15/2011, 05:42am EDT

Military steps up effort to detect brain injuries

The military has launched a broad campaign to treat tens of thousands of war veterans with traumatic brain injuries, often caused by roadside bombs. Since 2000, nearly 213,000 U.S. servicemen and women have suffered injuries, ranging from concussions to something penetrating the brain, the military said.

Sunday - 08/14/2011, 03:21pm EDT

Move to headquarters often a culture shock

Tony McClure, who spent 20 years in the Army and now works at the Army's Information Technology Agency in Washington, discussed making his move to the Washington area after years out in the field.

Friday - 08/12/2011, 06:51am EDT

Thursday morning federal headlines - Aug. 11

On the Federal Drive: The Coast Guard became the first agency to adopt both iPhones and Android mobile platforms, the Navy cyber command gets a new leader and the National Treasury Employees Union re-elected its leader.

Thursday - 08/11/2011, 08:12am EDT

After pause, Army prepares for 'gangbusters' enterprise email transition

The Army will begin lifting its finger off of the pause button for enterprise email within the next few days, the service's chief information officer said.

Wednesday - 08/10/2011, 05:29am EDT

DoD disability evaluations 'falling behind'

The Defense Department is not keeping up with the Department of Veterans Affairs in evaluating the disabilities of injured servicemembers, the Army's second highest ranking officer said Monday. The two agencies are working toward a joint system to reduce the evaluation time from 540 days to 295 days.

Tuesday - 08/09/2011, 06:41am EDT

Army to send robot Jeeps in supply chain

Now the Army is sending four Squad Mission Support System robot Jeeps to the country, where they will haul supplies for troops.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 05:02pm EDT

Army to cut 9,000 civilian jobs

The Army plans to cut nearly 9,000 civilian jobs by October of next year, Federal Times reports. Army Secretary John McHugh ordered Army leaders to start cutting staffing as part of former Defense Secretary Robert Gates' efficiency initiatives.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 10:55am EDT

Monday morning federal headlines - August 8

On Today's Federal Drive: The effect of the S&P downgrade on federal agencies, GSA rethinks new pay-for-parking rule and the Army cuts civilian personnel.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 08:26am EDT

Army to cut thousands of jobs

Half the cuts will come from the Army's Installation Management Command -- that's almost 12 per cent of the total workforce at the command.

Friday - 08/05/2011, 05:02pm EDT

Army looking for temperature-adjusting fabrics

This "environmentally responsive" material would constantly adjust to outside conditions as well as body heat.

Tuesday - 08/02/2011, 07:35pm EDT

Army responds to acquistion report

Tom Hawley, deputy undersecretary of the Army, and Heidi Shyu, acting assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology, discuss the Army's new acquisition in a press conference.

Tuesday - 07/26/2011, 04:00pm EDT

Army asserts progress on acquisition reforms

An Army-commissioned study finds that since 1996, the service has spent more than a billion dollars per year on defense systems that wound up being cancelled. Army leaders say they recognize the problem, and have already begun moving aggressively toward reform.

Friday - 07/22/2011, 09:50am EDT

DoD presses ahead on secure smartphones

Android devices are next up in DoD's effort to get off-the-shelf smartphones up to snuff with the Pentagon's security needs. Also, the Army looks for a better way to do two-factor authentication on mobile devices.

Monday - 07/18/2011, 07:03am EDT

Feds won't fight bankruptcy by married gay couples

Federal officials no longer plan to contest joint bankruptcy pleadings brought by legally married same-sex couples, a Department of Justice spokeswoman said Friday.

Friday - 07/08/2011, 08:12pm EDT

FBI joins Army investigation at Arlington Cemetery

The FBI has joined Army agents investigating possible criminal practices at Arlington National Cemetery that may have surrounded the burial of eight sets of cremated human remains found in urns in a single grave.

Wednesday - 06/29/2011, 05:56pm EDT

Pentagon Solutions: Army aims for net zero energy

Katherine Hammack is the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations & Environment in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army.

Wednesday - 06/29/2011, 03:53pm EDT

Lockheed to fly intel blimps over Afghanistan

The Army contract calls for 29 blimp-like vehicles that will carry sophisticated surveillance equipment above the terrain of Afghanistan for constant intelligence.

Wednesday - 06/29/2011, 09:40am EDT
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