6:20 pm, March 3, 2015

Business News

Greece, creditors open to compromise but deal still far off

Markets buoyed as lenders say they're open to compromise on Greece debt, but deal still far

Friday - 02/13/2015, 03:00pm EST

Stocks back at record levels as energy sector recovers

S&P 500 index back at a record high as energy stocks recover; Dow average regains 18,000

Friday - 02/13/2015, 12:20pm EST

US indexes open slightly higher, hold near record highs

US stock market creeps higher in early trading as S&P 500 index holds near a record high

Friday - 02/13/2015, 12:20pm EST

Germany helps eurozone economy pick up speed in 4th quarter

Amid low oil prices and falling euro, eurozone economy grows faster than expected in Q4

Friday - 02/13/2015, 11:22am EST

Iceland jails Kaupthing bankers for market manipulation

Iceland Fraud Case: Former Kaupthing bankers receive prison sentence for market manipulation

Friday - 02/13/2015, 10:00am EST

Romanian ex-minister gets 2 years in jail for bribes, house

Former Romanian minister gets 2 years jail for bribes, getting mother's house built for free

Friday - 02/13/2015, 09:40am EST

German economy picks up speed, grows by 0.7 percent in Q4

German economy picks up speed, posts unexpectedly robust growth of 0.7 percent in 4th quarter

Friday - 02/13/2015, 08:30am EST

Tesla's 4Q profit falls on strong dollar, delayed shipments

Tesla Motors says its 4Q profit falls from impact of strong dollar, delayed vehicle shipments

Friday - 02/13/2015, 06:08am EST

Retailers fret as products languish on ships, docks at ports

Retailers fret as products languish on ships, docks at West Coast ports during labor dispute

Friday - 02/13/2015, 04:54am EST

Expedia to buy Orbitz, further shift in online travel space

Experts say consumers still have options amid deal binge in online travel; Expedia buys Orbitz

Friday - 02/13/2015, 04:52am EST

Financial ramifications when TV anchors become the news

Major TV anchor changes can hurt ratings or reputation but makes less of a dent in revenue

Friday - 02/13/2015, 03:36am EST

Obama to encourage info-sharing on cybersecurity threats

Obama to encourage private sector to share information on threats to cybersecurity

Friday - 02/13/2015, 03:20am EST

Greece and eurozone take modest steps to bridge differences

Greece's Tsipras hopeful of 'mutually acceptable' debt deal as he lays out reform agenda

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 11:33pm EST

France: Egypt 1st foreign buyer of French Rafale fighters

French official: Egypt to buy 24 Rafale jet fighters for 5.2B euros; jets' first foreign sale

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 07:48pm EST

House GOP pushes tax cuts despite veto threat over costs

House GOP pushes $300 billion package of tax cuts despite White House veto threat over costs

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 06:50pm EST

Company suspends efforts to seize Nebraska land for Keystone

Company suspending efforts to acquire Nebraska land for Keystone Pipeline amid legal challenge

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 06:20pm EST

NAFTA shadows Obama's efforts to seek clout for trade deals

NAFTA looms large as Obama seeks trade bargaining clout and promises better new deals

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 06:02pm EST

Flipboard magazines not just for mobile anymore

Flipboard says readers want bigger screens, reverses mobile trend by launching for PCs

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 05:54pm EST

US stocks approach record as technology, energy stocks gain

US stocks approaching record as technology, energy stocks gain; Orbitz jumps on Expedia bid

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 04:46pm EST

Preliminary report on NY train-car collision due this month

Investigators to issue preliminary report this month on NY train-car collision that killed 6

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 04:10pm EST
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