2:38 am, April 2, 2015

World News

For business, more women in charge means bigger profits

Proof grows that female executives bring bigger profits, but businesses still slow to act

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 07:20am EDT

Pakistan: Short-range nukes needed to deter India

Pakistan nuclear adviser says short-range weapons needed to deter India

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 07:10am EDT

AP Analysis: Is Israel democratic? Not so clear

AP Analysis: Occupation of West Bank raises questions about Israel's claim to be a democracy

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 06:46am EDT

UN warns world could have 40 percent water shortfall by 2030

UN warns world could have 40 percent water shortfall by 2030, urges major changes

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 06:22am EDT

Israel's Netanyahu apologizes to country's Arab minority

Israel's Netanyahu apologizes for offending Arab citizens with his comments during election

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 06:08am EDT

Clashes rage in Ukrainian town, making mockery of truce

Heavy clashes rage in Ukraine coastal town, threatening prospects for long-lasting cease-fire

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 05:36am EDT

Colombia drug debate revived as herbicide deemed carcinogen

New labeling of weed killer as carcinogen revives debate on US anti-drug program in Colombia

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 03:30am EDT

Liberia investigates how latest Ebola patient got infected

Liberia investigates how latest Ebola patient got infected, after weeks with no cases

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 01:30am EDT

NEWS GUIDE: The crisis in Yemen

NEWS GUIDE: Latest developments as Yemen's Shiite rebels push south, IS joins the mix

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 12:54am EDT

Siblings killed in New York house fire buried in Israel

Bodies of 7 siblings, ages 5 to 16, killed in New York house fire are buried in Israel

Monday - 03/23/2015, 10:52pm EDT

Tourists flocking to Cuba 'before the Americans come'

Cuba sees tourism boom amid move for US detente, as travelers rush in 'before the Americans'

Monday - 03/23/2015, 07:48pm EDT

Son of Senegal's ex-president gets 6 years for corruption

Son of Senegal's former president sentenced to 6 years in prison for corruption conviction

Monday - 03/23/2015, 06:10pm EDT

Greek, German leaders seek to reboot relationship

In visit to Germany, Greece's Tsipras commits to dialogue on reforms but promises little

Monday - 03/23/2015, 05:42pm EDT

South African judge convicts retired tennis champion of rape

South African judge convicts retired tennis champion Bob Hewitt of rape, sexual assault

Monday - 03/23/2015, 05:36pm EDT

Cameroon's ruling party marks 30 years in power

Cameroon's ruling party celebrates 3 decades in power while opposition calls for change

Monday - 03/23/2015, 04:58pm EDT

Turkish MP: US, Canadian med students among group in Syria

Turkish MP says US and Canadian medical students among group which traveled to Syria

Monday - 03/23/2015, 04:58pm EDT

France swings to the right as Europe retrenches

France swings to the right, as Europe shifting amid economic and security concerns

Monday - 03/23/2015, 03:20pm EDT

Afghan protesters demand justice for woman killed by mob

Afghan protesters demand justice for woman attacked and killed by Kabul mob

Monday - 03/23/2015, 03:19pm EDT

Syria Kurds yet to be fully embraced by US in anti-IS fight

Despite success fighting IS, US slow to embrace Syrian Kurds due to Turkish objections

Monday - 03/23/2015, 02:46pm EDT

Experts warn African elephant numbers likely to decline

At Botswana meeting, conservationists warn that poaching of African elephants remains severe

Monday - 03/23/2015, 02:40pm EDT
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