5:12 am, January 31, 2015

Business News

Hawaiian Host buys Mauna Loa in macadamia nut consolidation

Hawaiian Host, maker of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, buys nut processor Mauna Loa

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 07:50pm EST

Government policy change aims to help first-time homebuyers

Changes on US-backed home loans should help first-time buyers, but financing hurdles remain

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 07:30pm EST

Need help filing out your tax return? Don't call the IRS

IRS cutting taxpayer services just as health law makes filing federal returns more complicated

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 06:12pm EST

Business group: Cuba deal opens prospects for US companies

Chamber of Commerce: Obama's Cuba move offers US companies a chance to boost sales

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 06:02pm EST

Fed survey finds moderate economic growth

Fed survey finds US economy growing moderately but energy price plunge hurting in oil patch

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 05:44pm EST

JPMorgan Chase results hit by legal costs

Bank earnings: JPMorgan hit by legal costs, trading drop while Wells Fargo sees steady results

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 05:39pm EST

Houses passes bill easing rules regulating Wall Street

House Republicans push through bill easing Wall Street rules imposed after financial crisis

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 05:26pm EST

Dismal report on US retail spending hits the stock market

US stocks slump on dismal retail sales report, slow global growth forecast; Bond prices rise

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 05:00pm EST

5 things to know about Obama's next climate move: methane

5 things to know about Obama's plans to reduce methane leaks from oil and gas production

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 05:00pm EST

Holiday shopping hiccup: US retail sales fell in December

US retail sales tumbled in December as consumers turned cautious, but a rebound is expected

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 04:36pm EST

JPMorgan profit falls, hit by legal costs and lower trading

JPMorgan reports profit of $4.9 billion, but misses estimates; bank hit with legal costs

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 03:08pm EST

Wells Fargo's earnings edge up as revenue rises

Wells Fargo's earnings in the fourth quarter inch up as interest income lifts revenue

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 02:58pm EST

London black cabs get break over rivals on bus lanes

London black cabs get a break: European court bars upstart rivals from bus lanes

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 02:32pm EST

House votes to overturn protections for young immigrants

House votes to overturn protections for immigrants brought illegally to US as kids

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 02:08pm EST

Russia: Gas to Europe should go via Turkey, not Ukraine

Russia's gas giant says exports to Europe should go via Turkey, bypassing Ukraine

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 01:40pm EST

Bio of House Small Business Committee head Steve Chabot

About Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, chairman of the House Small Business Committee

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 01:00pm EST

Weak growth forecast, sales slump send US stocks lower

US stocks sink, bond prices rise after weak forecast for global growth, drop in retail sales

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 12:20pm EST

Shell, Qatar shelve petrochemical project as oil price falls

Shell and Qatar Petroleum shelve petrochemical plant as oil price plummets

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 12:20pm EST

US businesses expanded stockpiles in November

US business boosted stockpiles by modest 0.2 percent in November despite lower sales

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 11:20am EST

Motivated to ride a bike? Bike-share company changes name

Motivated to ride a bike? Company that runs bike-share systems in NYC, elsewhere changing name

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 11:12am EST
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