12:05 am, March 27, 2015

Business News

US stocks edge higher in early trading, day after sell-off

US stock indexes edge higher in early trade, a day after big sell-off; euro continues to slide

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 10:12am EDT

Apple's Tim Cook cites record sales and "unbelievable" year

Apple CEO touts record sales and recent products, promises more effort on diversity in 2015

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 09:52am EDT

European stocks rebound after Wall Street inspired sell-off

Following big sell-off, European markets rebound strongly; euro down at new 12-year low

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 09:42am EDT

German teachers on strike for higher wages

German teachers, other public sector employees stage short-term strike for higher wages

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 08:50am EDT

Early Look: How does Apple Watch stack up vs rival watches?

Early Look: Apple Watch does more than many rivals, but you also pay more

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 08:38am EDT

Good news for some of us: Other people are quitting jobs

More Americans are quitting their jobs, which could mean larger paychecks are on the way

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 07:42am EDT

Spate of derailments deepens fear of oil train disaster

Recent spate of derailments in the US, Canada deepens fear of possible oil train disaster

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 05:38am EDT

It's not just right-to-work: Bills targeting unions multiply

With unions politically weakened, Republicans launch blizzard of legislative attacks

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 03:32am EDT

Secret Service testing drones, how to disrupt their flying

AP Exclusive: Secret Service to test drones over DC, looking at ways to stop rogue flights

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 03:24am EDT

Kochs say no to Dems' probe into climate research funding

Koch Industries refuses to comply with Dems' probe into fossil fuel money in climate science

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 12:40am EDT

Asia stocks weak after US drops on Fed rate hike anxiety

Asian stocks weak as investors cautious after Wall Street tumbles on Fed rate hike fears

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 11:58pm EDT

Target lays off 1,700, won't fill another 1,400 vacancies

Target plans 1,700 layoffs in restructuring, mostly in Minneapolis; won't fill 1,400 vacancies

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 09:10pm EDT

Montel Williams out as payday loan pitchman in New York

Payday loan marketer loses Montel Williams as pitchman in New York, to pay $2.1M penalty

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 08:54pm EDT

Christie calls $225M Exxon Mobil settlement 'really good'

Christie: Exxon Mobil settlement for fraction of $9B sought by New Jersey is 'really good'

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 08:52pm EDT

Obama calls for effort to boost high-tech training, hiring

Obama getting help from local governments and employers to boost high-tech training, hiring

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 07:46pm EDT

Andorra takes over bank accused by US of money laundering

Andorra intervenes in BPA bank following US accusations of money laundering

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 06:50pm EDT

Duke Energy to pay $146M to settle lawsuit over CEO ouster

Duke Energy settles lawsuit over post-merger ouster of its CEO in 2012 for $146 million

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 06:00pm EDT

Norwegian pilots end strike after deal reached with airline

Norwegian pilots to return to work after deal reached with budget airline

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 06:00pm EDT

Greece says Germany owes it compensation for WWII occupation

Greece says Germany never provided full compensation for damage during WWII Nazi occupation

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 05:17pm EDT

US stocks sink as investors worry about higher rates

US stocks fall sharply as investors worry about higher rates; euro slides against the dollar

Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 04:57pm EDT
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