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No A's on White House cyber report card

The Obama administration received mostly B's, C's and D's on its report card.

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 03:47pm EST

New director at CRS may usher in new policies

Congressional Research Service's Daniel Mulhollan is stepping down after 14 years. Does this open the door for some new policies?

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 03:37pm EST

Reporters' Roundup: State of the Union hiring reform, Air Force medical innovations

These are the stories Federal News Radio reporters are working on today.

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 03:32pm EST

What Obama will say about defense in State of the Union

Politico's Morning Defense describes what the president is expected to say about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and troop drawdowns.

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 03:15pm EST

Spam emails on the decline reports that three botnets have stopped their activities, leading to less spam.

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 03:15pm EST

Homeland Security Committee may refocus on Islamic terrorism

Homeland Security today's David Silverberg discusses how priorities may change with the new GOP chairman of the committee.

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 02:22pm EST

POLL: What's the state of the federal government?

In light of the State of the Union Address, Federal News Radio asks feds what they think is the state of the federal government.

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 01:25pm EST

Dorobek Must Reads - January 25

A daily list of the best stories of the day as compiled by the DorobekINSIDER team.

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 01:23pm EST

Answers to your TSP withdrawal questions

The Federal Thrift Investment Board's Tom Trabucco answers more questions about withdrawing from your Thrift Savings Plan.

Monday - 01/24/2011, 05:51pm EST

Why talented officers are leaving the military

Kauffman Foundation's Tim Kane explains why the military's best and brightest are leaving from his in-depth survey.

Monday - 01/24/2011, 04:56pm EST

Exit interview with DHS IG Richard Skinner

Skinner shares what it was like to oversee an organization that included 23 agencies.

Monday - 01/24/2011, 04:26pm EST

Reporters' Roundup: Fraudulent medical payments, analysis of OMB 25-point plan

The stories that Federal News Radio reporters are working on today.

Monday - 01/24/2011, 04:06pm EST

Oxford University report: How to prep for cyber-attacks

Oxford University's Ian Brown discusses his report on the dim prospects of a cyber war.

Monday - 01/24/2011, 03:50pm EST

NASA to update IT security rules

NASA is working on making cybersecurity a top priority.

Monday - 01/24/2011, 03:43pm EST

In new round of budget talks, Defense spending not safe

MSNBC reports on efforts to cut the budget without ruling out defense cuts.

Monday - 01/24/2011, 03:43pm EST

Stuxnet proves critical infrastructure must be resilient

Government Computer News reports that the "new normal" is attacks on infrastructure, as with the Stuxnet worm.

Monday - 01/24/2011, 03:39pm EST

Dorobek Must Reads - January 24

A daily list of the best stories of the day as compiled by the DorobekINSIDER team.

Monday - 01/24/2011, 01:08pm EST

Analysis: Even bleaker times ahead?

Friday - 01/21/2011, 05:30pm EST

City of Copenhagen shares info with idea map

The city of Copenhagen's Tine Malm shares how the idea map allows citizens to offers suggestions to the local government.

Friday - 01/21/2011, 04:18pm EST

Report: Social network threats taken lightly

The survey finds the lack of concern is even more troubling because of a more than 20 percent hike in attacks from 2009.

Friday - 01/21/2011, 03:05pm EST
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