11:01 am, May 29, 2015

World News

Spain joins criticism of European migrant quota proposal

Spain criticizes quotas of migrants for European countries, citing its high unemployment rate

Monday - 05/18/2015, 12:39pm EDT

Malawian journalist Raphael Tenthani relished watchdog role

Malawian journalist goaded and chided officials in a country troubled by poverty, corruption

Monday - 05/18/2015, 12:00pm EDT

Nurse convicted of killing 2 UK patients with insulin

'Frustrated' nurse convicted of killing 2 UK hospital patients and trying to poison 20 others

Monday - 05/18/2015, 11:43am EDT

South Africa: Bob Hewitt gets 6 years in prison for rape

South Africa: Judge sentences retired tennis champ Bob Hewitt to 6 years in prison for rape

Monday - 05/18/2015, 11:00am EDT

Rat droppings, urine: Police warn of fake makeup dangers

Rat droppings, poison, urine: City of London police warn of health dangers in fake makeup

Monday - 05/18/2015, 10:50am EDT

AP PHOTOS: A look from the niqab, worn by some Muslim women

AP PHOTOS: Looking out from behind the niqab, worn worldwide by conservative Muslim women

Monday - 05/18/2015, 10:26am EDT

Official: Ethiopia detains 200 suspected human smugglers

Official: Ethiopia's government detains 200 suspected human smugglers, others being sought

Monday - 05/18/2015, 08:50am EDT

11 detained in ambush of Saudi prince's convoy in Paris

11 detained in ambush robbery of Saudi prince's diplomatic convoy in Paris

Monday - 05/18/2015, 08:50am EDT

Taliban attack on district in southern Afghanistan kills 7

Taliban attack on district headquarters in southern Afghan province kills 7

Monday - 05/18/2015, 08:40am EDT

Merkel: Global catastrophe plan needed after Ebola crisis

German Chancellor Merkel tells WHO global catastrophe plan needed for epidemic outbreaks

Monday - 05/18/2015, 07:30am EDT

Historic bathhouse offers respite from Gaza's hardships

Weary Gazans find relief in ancient bathhouse that has survived centuries of conflict

Monday - 05/18/2015, 06:32am EDT

Protesting Macedonians demand government's resignation

Tens of thousands of Macedonians protest in the capital, demanding government's resignation

Monday - 05/18/2015, 05:56am EDT

Malaysia launches talks amid Asia's growing migrant crisis

Malaysia launches talks, but no quick fix to Southeast Asia's deepening migrant crisis

Monday - 05/18/2015, 05:50am EDT

Pope canonizes 2 saints from 19th-century Palestine

Pope canonizes 2 nuns from 19th-century Palestine in hopes of encouraging Mideast Christians

Monday - 05/18/2015, 05:50am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Migrants arrive in Indonesia after ordeal at sea

AP PHOTOS: Desperate migrants from Myanmar, Bangladesh arrive in Indonesia after ordeal at sea

Monday - 05/18/2015, 05:36am EDT

Burundi president makes first appearance since failed coup

Burundi president makes first appearance in capital since failed coup

Monday - 05/18/2015, 05:30am EDT

Ukraine says 2 Russian officers captured near rebel area

Ukraine says 2 Russian officers captured near rebel stronghold of Luhansk are being questioned

Monday - 05/18/2015, 03:40am EDT

Kerry slams North Korea, vows security for South

Kerry heaps criticism on North Korea, reassures South of 'ironclad' US support

Monday - 05/18/2015, 03:23am EDT

2 dead, at least 20 injured in Germany train crash

2 dead, at least 20 injured when train hits trailer at road crossing in western Germany

Monday - 05/18/2015, 02:56am EDT

Syrian official says situation in Palmyra 'under control'

Syrian official says situation in historic town of Palmyra 'under control' despite IS breaches

Monday - 05/18/2015, 01:10am EDT
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