1:56 am, December 19, 2014

World News

Mexico officials confirm ID in case of missing 43

Mexico attorney general confirms 1st ID from charred remains as case of missing 43 students

Monday - 12/08/2014, 01:34am EST

Four years on, something of an Arab Winter

Can democracy thrive in Arab world? 4 years on, it's more of an Arab Winter than a spring

Monday - 12/08/2014, 12:08am EST

US sends 6 prisoners from Guantanamo to Uruguay

US sends 6 Guantanamo prisoners to Uruguay as refugees; other transfers promised by year's end

Monday - 12/08/2014, 12:06am EST

News Guide: Rise and fall of China's Zhou Yongkang

News Guide: The rise and fall of China's former security czar Zhou Yongkang

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 06:04pm EST

Man rescued after lions maul him at Barcelona Zoo

Man rescued after jumping into lions' enclosure at Barcelona Zoo where he was seriously mauled

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 03:10pm EST

Britain closes Cairo embassy over security fears

British embassy in Cairo closed to public over security fears; no word on when it will reopen

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 02:28pm EST

UAE: Stabbing of US teacher a 'lone terrorist act'

UAE official: Restroom stabbing of American teacher a 'lone terrorist act'

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 01:22pm EST

Experts see Korean parallels in Sony hack

Amid debate, cyber experts cite similarities between Sony attack and 2013 hacks on South Korea

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 01:10pm EST

Saudi extends detention of women drivers

Relatives: Saudi women arrested for driving nearly a week ago to be held for 25 days

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 12:59pm EST

African migrant boat capsizes off Yemen, 70 dead

Boat carrying African migrants capsizes off Yemeni coast, killing 70

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 12:30pm EST

More US troops than planned to stay in Afghanistan

Pentagon chief Hagel: More US troops than originally planned will stay in Afghanistan in 2015

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 12:02pm EST

American, South African hostages killed in Yemen

American, South African held by al-Qaida in Yemen killed during US-led rescue operation

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 11:32am EST

Israel accuses Palestinians of looting antiquities

Israeli antiquities officials accuse 6 Palestinians of seeking to loot Dead Sea Scrolls

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 11:10am EST

Israel to probe 1 of deadliest Gaza war strikes

Israel opens 8 more probes linked to Gaza war, including strike that killed 24 from 1 family

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 10:29am EST

The Arab Spring, 4 years on

A look at Arab Spring countries after 4 years of unrest

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 10:29am EST

Syrian planes target IS attack on eastern air base

Syrian government warplanes target IS militants attacking eastern air base

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 09:50am EST

Group: 34 killed by rebels in latest Congo attack

Civil society group: At least 34 civilians killed in latest eastern Congo massacre by rebels

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 09:10am EST

Nigeria seizes aircraft, weapons bound for Chad

Nigeria says it has seized an aircraft loaded with helicopter, weapons bound for Chad

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 09:00am EST

Report: Retired pope wanted 'Father Benedict' name

Report: Pope Benedict says he'd like to have been known as "Father Benedict" after retirement

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 08:50am EST

Obama says Somers' life was in imminent danger

Obama says he authorized rescue try in Yemen because American's life was in imminent danger

Sunday - 12/07/2014, 08:16am EST
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