4:29 am, January 28, 2015

World News

Schools in Guinea closed amid Ebola to reopen Monday

Health Minister: All schools in Guinea that were closed amid Ebola are to reopen on Monday

Friday - 01/16/2015, 10:20am EST

Congo government says offensive against rebels imminent

Congo government says an offensive against FDLR rebel group 'only a matter of time'

Friday - 01/16/2015, 10:20am EST

AirAsia fuselage to be lifted to surface after divers foiled

AirAsia fuselage to be lifted after sea conditions again foil divers' examination of wreckage

Friday - 01/16/2015, 10:10am EST

Kazakshstan's war games simulate response to "separatists"

Kazakhstan holds military drills intended to simulate response to "separatists"

Friday - 01/16/2015, 10:10am EST

US Muslim rights group seeks removal from UAE terror list

Council on American-Islamic Relations seeks to be removed from terrorism list in Emirates

Friday - 01/16/2015, 10:10am EST

Europol chief: foiling every attack is 'extremely difficult'

AP interview: Europol chief says foiling every terror attack is 'extremely difficult'

Friday - 01/16/2015, 09:52am EST

Draft of new Thai constitution would protect LGBT rights

Draft of Thailand's new constitution would protect rights of gay and transgender people

Friday - 01/16/2015, 09:49am EST

France won't abandon foreign anti-terrorist operations

President: France at 'war' against terrorism, won't abandon international military operations

Friday - 01/16/2015, 08:48am EST

2 arrested in Berlin on suspicion of supporting terrorism

2 men arrested in Berlin on suspicion of recruiting fighters for Islamic State in Syria

Friday - 01/16/2015, 07:46am EST

Vatican: Pope's Charlie Hebdo comments do not justify attack

Vatican says pope comments on Charlie Hebdo do not justify violence

Friday - 01/16/2015, 05:56am EST

International force mulled to fight Boko Haram in Nigeria

Nigeria's neighbors consider sending troops against Boko Haram militants after latest killings

Friday - 01/16/2015, 05:48am EST

Former Orthodox educator builds life as woman in Jerusalem

A transgender story: From male Orthodox activist to female author, educator in Jerusalem

Friday - 01/16/2015, 05:48am EST

Switzerland stuns markets by giving up on currency peg

Swiss central bank unexpectedly scraps limit on franc's strength, causing gyrations in markets

Friday - 01/16/2015, 04:58am EST

Canada's FM discusses jailed reporters on Egypt visit

Canadian foreign minister hopes for resolution for Al-Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt

Friday - 01/16/2015, 03:56am EST

'Leviathan,' Ida' among foreign-language Oscar contenders

'Leviathan,' 'Ida,' 'Timbuktu' among contenders for foreign-language Academy Award

Friday - 01/16/2015, 01:32am EST

POPE WATCH: A smartphone welcome in a historic cathedral

POPE WATCH: Philippine clergy welcome pope, smartphones held high to record the moment

Friday - 01/16/2015, 12:02am EST

Iraq's top Shiite cleric thrown into heart of politics

Iraq's fight against IS draws its top Shiite cleric into key political role

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 09:04pm EST

Kerry says he's going to give 'a big hug to Paris'

Kerry says France trip not to apologize for unity march no-show but to give 'big hug to Paris'

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 05:20pm EST

French watchdog asks: Did TV stations endanger hostages?

Did TV thwart French police? Broadcast watchdog looks at TV failures in covering attacks

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 04:12pm EST

Italy: 2 Italian aid workers freed in Syria

2 Italian aid workers freed in Syria; authorities say they will return home soon

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 04:10pm EST
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