10:24 am, May 28, 2015

Government News

Owners of NYC gay hotel face criticism over Ted Cruz dinner

Owners of NYC gay-oriented hotel face boycott threats over dinner with Sen. Ted Cruz

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 05:59pm EDT

USDA rules will require safety labels on tenderized beef

USDA rules will require safety labels, cooking instructions on tenderized beef

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 05:59pm EDT

House GOP approves cuts to Amtrak budget despite crash

Hours after deadly Philadelphia crash, House GOP panel approves cuts to Amtrak

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 05:40pm EDT

Lawmakers say they didn't know Azerbaijan paid for 2013 trip

US lawmakers say they were unware that 2013 trip paid for by Azerbaijan government

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 05:40pm EDT

FBI chief of staff tapped as acting DEA administrator

A former U.S. attorney and current chief of staff to the FBI director has been named acting director for the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Chuck Rosenberg will replace ousted DEA chief Michele Leonhart.

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 05:40pm EDT

Feds close insurance loopholes on preventive care

Administration closes insurance loopholes on prevention, from contraception to colonoscopies

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 05:18pm EDT

Judge orders fine for Iowa widow who split up bank deposits

Judge orders $2,500 fine, probation for Iowa widow who split up deposits of husband's cash

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 05:00pm EDT

Senate confirms Sally Yates as deputy attorney general

Senate confirms Sally Yates, Obama's pick for deputy attorney general; 2 women lead Justice

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 04:18pm EDT

First-class mail delivery slows in first months of the year

Figures from USPS show some first-class mail taking longer to get to destination

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 04:18pm EDT

Terror suspect says US used jail informants improperly

Kenyan terror suspect says US improperly used jail informants to gather evidence against him

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 03:40pm EDT

Trade offers contrast between Obama, Senate Democrats

Failure of Senate trade vote highlights divide between Obama, Democrats as Republicans jeer

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 03:20pm EDT

Clinton family foundation raises big money and big questions

Clintons' foundation raises big money and big questions about merging charity with politics

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 03:08pm EDT

Clarification: Military-Maternity Leave story

Clarification: Military-Maternity Leave story

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 12:47pm EDT

Kerry fills in NATO allies on Putin meeting

Kerry fills in NATO allies gathering in Turkey on Putin meeting

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 11:57am EDT

Ex-Pentagon spokesman Kirby appointed State Dep't spokesman

Kerry welcomes ex-Pentagon spokesman as new public face of State Department

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 11:30am EDT

No breakthrough as Kerry meets Russia's Putin

No breakthrough as Kerry talks Ukraine, Syria with Russia's Putin; each side cites better tone

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 11:20am EDT

Benghazi prompts CIA to look at expanding survivor benefits

CIA mulling policy change to award survivor payments to mother of contractor killed in Libya

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 11:16am EDT

1 Dem, 1 Republican headed to US House runoff in Mississippi

Democrat Zinn, Republican Kelly emerge from pack to win spot in Mississippi US House runoff

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 10:12am EDT

Decade after Uzbekistan massacre, justice remains elusive

Decade after Uzbekistan massacre, justice remains elusive as West turns blind eye

Wednesday - 05/13/2015, 08:16am EDT
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