9:46 am, May 23, 2015

Business News

For some long-term unemployed, hope arises: A job audition

Some long-term unemployed find a lifeline: Auditions that offer a tryout for a permanent job

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 09:02am EDT

Simply Fashion and Dots stores closing nationwide

Simply Fashion and Dots stores closing across US; going-out-of-business sales starting

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 08:40am EDT

Yellen spooks markets over stock valuations

Global stocks roiled by Yellen comments on high valuations, possible spike in bond yields

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 08:13am EDT

Lower oil prices dent Repsol profits in Q1

Spain's Repsol sees Q1 profit slip 6 pct in the wake of oil price slump, Libyan interruptions

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 07:58am EDT

The first self-driving vehicle you see may have 18 wheels

Daimler unveils autonomous truck, predicts it will hit the road before a self-driving car

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 05:16am EDT

Aetna curtails coverage of surgical tool tied to cancer risk

Insurer Aetna to stop most coverage of hysterectomy approach tied to risk of spreading cancer

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 02:38am EDT

Tesla beats Wall Street forecasts on record quarterly sales

Tesla Motors beats Wall Street's forecast as record quarterly sales boost revenue

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 02:20am EDT

Asian shares sink after Wall Street drop, US economy fears

Asian shares sink taking cue from Wall Street as US Fed chief comments send shares falling

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 02:16am EDT

Whole Foods plans new chain to court millennials

Whole Foods planning new chain targeting millennials after sales disappoint

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 02:06am EDT

Pharmaceutical firm wants lethal injection drugs returned

Pharmaceutical company demands states return supplies of drugs obtained for lethal injection

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 01:58am EDT

GAO: Gov't waste of natural gas costing taxpayers millions

Significant amounts of natural gas on federal lands are being wasted, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year and adding to harmful greenhouse gas emissions, a congressional investigation has found.

Thursday - 05/07/2015, 01:32am EDT

Airline trade group wants more uniform rules on child seats

Lugging a child's seat for a flight only to be thwarted? Airline group seeks harmonized rules

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 06:56pm EDT

Report: 1,580 IRS workers evaded taxes over 10-year period

Investigator: 1,580 IRS workers evaded taxes over 10-year period; some got promotions, bonuses

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 06:40pm EDT

Survey: Hiring by US businesses slows sharply in April

Survey: US businesses added just 169,000 jobs in April, fewest in 16 months

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 06:16pm EDT

Drug developer Adaptimmune skids after IPO raises $191M

UK drug developer Adaptimmune fall after IPO prices at high end of expectations, raising $191M

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 05:50pm EDT

US stocks close lower after weak jobs data; oil prices rise

US stocks close broadly lower on weak jobs data, rise in bond yields; price of oil rises again

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 05:17pm EDT

Alexion Pharma to pay $8.4 billion for Synageva BioPharma

Alexion to pay premium in $8.4 B deal for rare disease treatment developer Synageva BioPharma

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 05:16pm EDT

Treasury to expand government checking account

Treasury more than doubles money in government checking account

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 04:50pm EDT

Lending Club jumps as online lending continues to grow

Lending Club stocks jumps, helped by signs that online lending industry continues to grow fast

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 04:48pm EDT

Iran says it will release seized Maersk ship after fine paid

Iran says authorities likely will release seized Maersk ship in 2 days after fine paid

Wednesday - 05/06/2015, 04:10pm EDT
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