10:42 am, April 1, 2015

Business News

Sweden cuts key rate again to record minus 0.25 pct

Swedish bank cuts key interest rate again to record minus 0.25 percent

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 11:30am EDT

US stocks fall as traders guess timing of next rate increase

US stocks fall as traders guess timing of next rate increase; Oracle gains on earnings

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 10:50am EDT

AmEx to debut multi-brand customer loyalty program in US

AmEx launching US customer loyalty program providing discounts at AT&T, Macy's, among others

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 10:20am EDT

Stock markets cautious as investors brace for Fed, oil drops

World stock markets steady as investors brace for Fed, oil takes another dive

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 09:26am EDT

France scrutinizes cash economy for terror financing

France gives close look at cash economy over terror financing concerns

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 09:20am EDT

As Fed weighs a rate hike, US economy is looking a bit paler

Fed may signal a coming rate hike despite weak home building, retail sales and factory output

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 06:16am EDT

China stocks at 7-year high, other indexes steady before Fed

China stocks at 7-year high on stimulus hopes but other Asian benchmarks steady ahead of Fed

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:50am EDT

Judge won't block part of Seattle's minimum wage law

US judge decides not to block part of Seattle minimum wage law from going into effect April 1

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 03:32am EDT

Female senior partner: No discrimination at investment firm

Senior partner testifies in gender bias case, says she saw no discrimination at venture firm

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 03:30am EDT

Egyptian small investors look for a role

Egyptian investors at the international conference were eyeing new government policies

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 02:59am EDT

Japan trade gap narrows as lower oil prices reduce imports

Japan's trade deficit narrows as lower oil prices reduce import costs, export volume weakens

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 02:52am EDT

Unemployment rate drops in 24 states in January

Unemployment drops in 24 states in January as job market improves nationwide

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 01:42am EDT

GOP offers $3.8T budget that boosts defense, cuts elsewhere

GOP offers $3.8T budget that boosts defense spending, cuts elsewhere and balances in 10 years.

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 12:54am EDT

Federal debt limit comes back into force at $18.1 trillion

Federal debt limit returns at $18.1 trillion with Treasury making moves to stay under cap

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 12:30am EDT

Drought-stricken California ramps up water restrictions

Regulators approve more stringent water restrictions in drought-stricken California

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 09:48pm EDT

Don't want NSA to spy on your email? 5 things you can do

Fretting about online spies, but not sure what to do? 5 ways you can be more private online

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 08:58pm EDT

Obama administration: 16.4M have gained health insurance

Administration estimate is significantly higher than figure cited by independent expert

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 06:58pm EDT

Greece seeking joint Merkel-Hollande talks on bailout

Greek leader seeking joint Merkel-Hollande talks amid bailout impasse

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 06:15pm EDT

New Jersey, leagues renew court tussle over sports gambling

New Jersey, pro sports, NCAA look to appeals court in latest fight to legalize sports gambling

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 05:39pm EDT

Citibank in Argentina to stop making bond payments

Citibank to stop making bond payments for Argentina amid legal fight in US over debt repayment

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 05:20pm EDT
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