6:44 am, May 23, 2015

Cool Jobs in Government

Thousands of feds have one thing in common - they perform work most people don't associate with the government. In our ongoing series, Cool Jobs in Government, Federal News Radio uncovers and highlights some of the most interesting and unorthodox ways feds spend their days.

Cool Jobs: NASA researcher monitors the sun

Dr. Richard Fischer watches solar weather like a meteorologist watches hurricanes. He says that improvements in technology are actually increasing our vulnerability to solar events.

Thursday - 07/15/2010, 09:08am EDT

Cool Jobs: Fed holds weight of world on shoulders

Federal News Radio continues to highlight unorthodox ways that some feds spend their days with a visit to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Thursday - 07/15/2010, 08:08am EDT

Cool Jobs: Zoo keeper loves animals, science

As Animal Keeper for Great Cats and Bears at the National Zoo, Kristen Clark has some 'wild' days. But she says caring for the animals takes a combination of scientific inquiry and respect. She also reveals that her lion pride might see some new members come this fall.

Wednesday - 07/14/2010, 01:40pm EDT

Cool Jobs: DHS vet protects nation through food

Dr. Doug Meckes says his job is more than barns and chicken coops. As director of DHS's Food, Agriculture, and Veterinary Defense Division, he helps secure the nation by protecting our food supply. And he says the role of federal vets is only growing.

Wednesday - 07/14/2010, 09:08am EDT

Cool Jobs: CBP employees fight elements to keep data flowing

Field technology officers must fix hardware and software no matter the hazard, even if it's hundreds of feet up on a tower or on a snow covered mountain top. Employees need to be physically fit and technically skilled to perform the duties. CBP counts on these employees to keep the systems working to monitor and protect the borders.

Wednesday - 07/14/2010, 04:00am EDT

Cool Jobs: FBI cop patrols on bike

Michael Arnold does his cool federal job from a bicycle. That's because he's an officer with the FBI Police Mountain Bike Patrol Team, which he says gives him a special opportunity to interact with the public.

Tuesday - 07/13/2010, 10:08am EDT

Cool jobs: Postal Service stamp development manager

Terry McCaffrey oversees every element of new stamps USPS releases.

Monday - 07/12/2010, 06:42pm EDT

Cool Jobs: NARA's Nicholson preserves our most important documents

All this week, in our special week-long series, "Cool Jobs in Government, " Federal News Radio uncovers and highlights some of the most interesting and unorthodox ways feds spend their days. This afternoon, we meet Kitty Nicholson of the National Archives and Records Administration.

Monday - 07/12/2010, 02:18pm EDT

Cool Jobs in Government

Federal employees have some pretty cool jobs. Check them out!

Monday - 07/12/2010, 04:00am EDT

Cool Jobs: Navy's Harris shares office with Flipper

Chris Harris is a dolphin trainer with the U.S. Navy. The Navy uses dolphins' natural sonar to help it locate underwater objects, such as sea mines.

Friday - 07/09/2010, 02:49pm EDT
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