10:23 am, May 5, 2015

World News

Kerry to visit Riyadh to confer with Saudi Arabia on Yemen

Kerry to visit Saudi Arabia to confer on Yemen; US wants humanitarian 'pause' in fighting

Monday - 05/04/2015, 07:50pm EDT

AP Interview: Qatar minister vows to improve migrants' lives

AP Interview: Qatar labor chief criticizes migrant worker housing, vows to improve their lives

Monday - 05/04/2015, 04:59pm EDT

Russia's new Armata tank makes debut in parade rehearsal

Russia's new Armata tank makes much-anticipated public debut in Moscow parade rehearsal

Monday - 05/04/2015, 04:26pm EDT

Senegal pledges 2,100 troops to aid effort in Yemen

Senegal pledges 2,100 troops to aid Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, foreign minister says

Monday - 05/04/2015, 04:19pm EDT

French president visits Qatar, deepening ties to Gulf

French president visits Qatar for talks with emir, plane deal at start of Gulf trip

Monday - 05/04/2015, 04:18pm EDT

Nepal: We will need huge foreign support for reconstruction

Nepal says it will need immense international support as it turns attention to reconstruction

Monday - 05/04/2015, 04:10pm EDT

Burundi Red Cross: 3 killed in clashes with security forces

Burundi Red Cross: 3 killed in anti-government street protests, scores injured

Monday - 05/04/2015, 03:24pm EDT

Jihadists destroy proposed world heritage site in Mali

Suspected Islamic militants destroy mausoleum in Mali that was proposed world heritage site

Monday - 05/04/2015, 02:59pm EDT

Once the kingmaker, Britain's Clegg faces election debacle

Once a kingmaker, British deputy PM Clegg faces election debacle as marriage to Tories haunts

Monday - 05/04/2015, 02:28pm EDT

Iraqi city still a ghost town a month after defeat of IS

Sunnis slow to return to Iraq's Tikrit after IS rout, fearing victorious Shiite militias

Monday - 05/04/2015, 02:15pm EDT

Texas looks to German experience for Astrodome plans

Texas delegation looks to German experience in plans to convert iconic Astrodome

Monday - 05/04/2015, 01:40pm EDT

US gives $45 million to help Kenya with refugee crisis

US gives Kenya $45M amid regional crisis that now includes refugees fleeing Yemen for Somalia

Monday - 05/04/2015, 01:40pm EDT

US shuts down Ebola treatment center in Liberia

US shuts down Ebola treatment center in Liberia as country counts down to Ebola-free status

Monday - 05/04/2015, 12:30pm EDT

Turkey says it stopped over 200 migrants heading to Greece

Turkey says it has stopped over 200 migrants from heading to EU-member Greece in small boats

Monday - 05/04/2015, 11:59am EDT

Study: Global warming to push 1 in 13 species to extinction

Baked to death? Study projects global warming will kill off 7.9 percent of world's species

Monday - 05/04/2015, 11:50am EDT

South African man in court over wife's murder

South African man in court over wife's murder days after he delivers plagiarized eulogy

Monday - 05/04/2015, 10:34am EDT

The Latest on Nepal: EU approves millions in funding support

The Latest on Nepal: European Union approves 20 million euro financial support for quake needs

Monday - 05/04/2015, 10:17am EDT

Alice, Charlotte, Diana? Guessing game for royal baby's name

Guessing game heats up over name of Britain's new princess, who spent 1st night at home

Monday - 05/04/2015, 09:30am EDT

Ashes of ballerina Plisetskaya to be spread over Russia

Ashes of Bolshoi ballerina Maya Plisetskaya to be spread over Russia after husband's death

Monday - 05/04/2015, 09:20am EDT

Under-fire German spy chief says his agency not a 'US tool'

German spy chief under fire over alleged NSA links, insists his spy agency is no US 'tool'

Monday - 05/04/2015, 09:07am EDT
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