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Commerce says a privacy office is needed

The Commerce Department recommended forming the office as part of a framework for ensuring online data privacy.

Friday - 12/17/2010, 09:30am EST

Internet Explorer to add tracking protection

The New York Times reports that Internet Explorer will add a tracking protection feature.

Thursday - 12/09/2010, 04:01pm EST

FTC's new chief technologist to shape online privacy policy

Ed Felten, the FTC's new chief technologist, explains what his goals are with the agency.

Monday - 11/15/2010, 07:24pm EST

SBA names new CIO; COO going back to FTC

Eileen Harrington, the SBA's chief operating officer, announced yesterday that she is leaving to become the new executive director of the Federal Trade Commission.

Thursday - 10/14/2010, 04:26pm EDT

FTC raises red flags on FCC's proposed cybersecurity certification program

The Federal Trade Commission is raising some red flags about the new Federal Communications Commission's certification program.

Thursday - 10/14/2010, 04:00pm EDT

GSA, DHS approve first governmentwide cyber provider

AT&T receives an authority to operate its cybersecurity services under the Networx telecommunications contract. Agencies now can purchase these services to meet the Trusted Internet Connections requirements.

Wednesday - 06/02/2010, 06:38pm EDT

FTC unveils stricter guidelines for bloggers

The FTC is reaching out to bloggers to come clean with their readers.

Friday - 10/09/2009, 10:21am EDT

Ask the CHCO: FTC

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