6:45 pm, May 29, 2015

Pentagon Solutions

Wednesdays, 4 p.m.

Hosted by Francis Rose, Pentagon Solutions is a deep-dive conversation series that calls on defense experts both inside and outside of DoD to share ideas to solve the big challenges the defense community faces.

Navy's largest command is under the microscope

Pentagon Solutions listens to Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear, commander of U.S. Pacific Command, speak at the Surface Navy Association's annual convention

Wednesday - 01/22/2014, 05:45pm EST

A look at the first appropriated Defense bill in a long time

Gordon Adams, professor of International Relations at American University, distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center and former associate director for National Security and International Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget joins host Francis Rose.

Wednesday - 01/15/2014, 06:21pm EST

Five roadblocks afflicting DoD's procurement

Bill Greenwalt, visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, was Francis Rose's guest on Pentagon Solutions.

Wednesday - 12/18/2013, 05:38pm EST

Warming Arctic waters inspire Pentagon to rethink strategy in region

Sharon Burke, assistant secretary of defense for operational energy plans and programs, was Francis Rose's guest for Pentagon Solutions.

Wednesday - 12/04/2013, 04:58pm EST

Support services for war fighters remain a challenge for DoD

Phillip Carter, senior fellow, counsel and director of the Military, Veterans, and Society Program at the Center for a New American Security, joins Francis Rose for Pentagon Solutions.

Wednesday - 11/27/2013, 05:28pm EST

Fake numbers add up to trouble for DFAS

Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Arnold Punaro, chief executive officer of the Punaro Group and a member of the Defense Business Board, has been following problems at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

Wednesday - 11/20/2013, 06:12pm EST

Jan. 15 a double deadline for DoD

David Berteau, senior vice president and director of the CSIS National Security Program on Industry and Resources, and Ryan Crotty, fellow with the International Security Program and the Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group, Center for Strategic and International Studies, join Francis Rose on Pentagon Solutions.

Wednesday - 11/13/2013, 05:47pm EST

Pentagon budget situation revolves around readiness

Retired Adm. John Harvey, former commander of the Fleet Forces Command, joins Francis Rose.

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 05:53pm EST

House panel looks at reforming DoD acquisition process

Bill Greenwalt, a visting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, joins Francis Rose for Pentagon Solutions.

Thursday - 10/31/2013, 12:05pm EDT

Army, private sector solve energy problems together

Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of the Army, Installations, Energy and Environment, joins Francis Rose for Pentagon Solutions

Wednesday - 10/23/2013, 06:34pm EDT

What will the government reopening mean for DoD?

Gordon Adams of the Stimson Center and American University and Todd Harrison, senior fellow for Defense Budget Studies at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, join Francis Rose.

Wednesday - 10/16/2013, 06:33pm EDT

Pentagon's future goes from bad to worse in fiscal 2014

Todd Harrison, fellow for Defense Budget Studies at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, joined host Francis Rose on Pentagon Solutions.

Wednesday - 10/09/2013, 08:01pm EDT

American Defense industry is in a tough spot

Steve Grundman, former deputy undersecretary of defense for industrial affairs, is in studio talking about the tough spot the defense industry is in.

Wednesday - 10/02/2013, 08:50pm EDT

DoD plans for new year under sequestration

We listen to highlights from a House Armed Services Committee hearing: "Planning for Sequestration in Fiscal Year 2014 and Perspectives of the Military Services on the Strategic Choices and Management Review."

Wednesday - 09/25/2013, 07:32pm EDT

Hagel, Dempsey discuss Washington Navy Yard shooting

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey discuss the Navy Yard shooting. Hagel says he's employing a broad communication strategy and conducting multiple security reviews.

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 08:30pm EDT

How will draw down in Middle East affect DoD's operational energy?

The Center for Strategic and International Studies examines DoD's operational energy for the upcoming decade as military branches restructure and draw down in the Middle East.

Wednesday - 09/11/2013, 07:44pm EDT

Cropsey calls 'Mayday' on Navy's declining supremacy

Seth Cropsey, the former Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, talks about the basics of the Navy's struggles.

Wednesday - 09/04/2013, 07:52pm EDT

Hagel talks sequestration and readiness

Secretary of State Chuck Hagel speaks to marines about the impact of sequestration on the military's readiness. Also, Air Force Maj. Gen. Steven Kwast discusses the upcoming Quadrennial Defense Review.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 06:19pm EDT

DoD's Beth McGrath reviews the Strategic Management Plan

On this week's Pentagon Solutions, Beth McGrath, deputy chief management officer at the Defense Department, breaks down the newly released Strategic Management Plan.

Thursday - 08/15/2013, 03:30pm EDT

'Dissecting the Pentagon's Strategic Choices'

This week on Pentagon Solutions, Francis Rose listens to highlights from a recent event at the Brookings Institution.

Thursday - 08/08/2013, 01:45pm EDT
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