4:10 am, September 19, 2014

Government News

Kansas court: Remove Democrat from Senate ballot

Kansas court orders Democrat off ballot, a blow to GOP Sen. Pat Roberts' re-election hopes

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 11:30pm EDT

Congressman supports real grass at World Cup

Oregon congressman supports players protesting artificial turf at the 2015 World Cup

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 10:19pm EDT

CDC tells healthy adults not to forget flu vaccine

Flu is in season, and CDC wants healthy adults to do a better job getting inoculated

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 10:18pm EDT

Ukraine's pleas for lethal aid from US go unmet

Obama welcomes, praises Ukraine leader _ but turns aside plea for weapons to fight separatists

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 10:16pm EDT

NASA's Maven spacecraft reaches Mars this weekend

NASA's Maven spacecraft reaches Mars this weekend after 10-month, 442 million-mile journey

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 08:46pm EDT

NASA picks Boeing and SpaceX to ferry astronauts

NASA picks Boeing and SpaceX to carry astronauts to space station by 2017 in $6.8 billion deal

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 08:46pm EDT

Intelligence director disputes allegations he lied

James Clapper said he spoke in error about NSA surveillance as he rolls out new intel strategy

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 07:22pm EDT

Senate blocks effort to stop Obama on immigration

Senate blocks effort to bar Obama from taking executive action on immigration

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 07:20pm EDT

US: Syrian rebel training may take 12 months

Dempsey says it may take 12 months to complete training of moderate Syrian rebels

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 07:17pm EDT

Clinton: Turn female economic issues into movement

Hillary Clinton urges female voters to turn pay inequity and economic security into a movement

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 06:10pm EDT

Intel chief: Al-Qaida cell in Syria poses threat

Intelligence director says al-Qaida cell in Syria poses threat equal to Islamic State group

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 06:10pm EDT

Senate: China hacked military contractor networks

Senate investigation says China hacked into military contractor networks at least 9 times

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 05:50pm EDT

Obama nominates US envoys to Mexico, India

Obama nominates ambassadors to Mexico, India

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 05:28pm EDT

Fed keeps rates low, but brace for the inevitable

Fed keeps record-low rates for now, but investors, consumers, businesses face the inevitable

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 05:02pm EDT

Ukrainian leader meets with Obama at White House

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Ukrainian president asks US for military aid

Ukrainian president thanks US for assistance, but says it needs lethal military aid

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 03:38pm EDT

Senate OKs Rep. Heck promotion to 1-star general

Senate approves Nevada Rep. Joe Heck's promotion to 1-star general in Army Reserves

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Report: Progress 'modest' on upping embassy safety

State Dept watchdog cites limited progress in boosting Marine security after Benghazi attack

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 01:58pm EDT

AP Sources: US offers Ukraine $46M in security aid

AP Sources: US to give Ukraine $46 million in security assistance, stops short of lethal aid

Thursday - 09/18/2014, 12:28pm EDT
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