2:33 pm, January 31, 2015

U.S. News

Black breast-feeding gatherings battle troubling health gaps

Black breast-feeding gatherings try sisterhood approach to boost rates, reduce big health gaps

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 03:46am EST

Rap music mogul 'Suge' Knight arrested in fatal hit-and-run

Rap mogul 'Suge' Knight arrested in fatal hit-and-run, portrayed as victim and perpetrator

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 03:28am EST

Motorcycle crash victim meets donors whose blood saved him

Near-fatal motorcycle crash victim has emotional meeting with blood donors who saved him

Friday - 01/30/2015, 11:52pm EST

US mulls Middle East-North Africa category for 2020 census

US considers adding Middle Eastern-North African category to 2020 census

Friday - 01/30/2015, 11:52pm EST

Finished: Pit to access broken Seattle tunneling machine

Crews finish digging pit to reach broken tunneling machine key to building downtown tunnel

Friday - 01/30/2015, 10:00pm EST

Oregon college: Saudi royal did not receive degree there

Oregon college: Saudi Arabia's new deputy crown prince did not receive degree there as claimed

Friday - 01/30/2015, 09:20pm EST

Ow, ow, owl: Birders ID culprit in Salem jogger attacks

Owl species getting shot in West Coast forests identified as culprit in Salem jogger attacks

Friday - 01/30/2015, 08:20pm EST

Number of Las Vegas visitors in 2014 climbs to 41.1 million

Number of Las Vegas visitors climbs in December and 2014 to 41.1 million total

Friday - 01/30/2015, 08:10pm EST

Fitness email stirs controversy at Pennsylvania college

Fitness email directed at overweight students stirs controversy at Pennsylvania college

Friday - 01/30/2015, 07:50pm EST

26 victims or 27? Newtown panel considers role of Lanza mom

26 victims or 27? Newtown panel debates how to acknowledge shooter's mother in report

Friday - 01/30/2015, 06:30pm EST

Court denies bid for new trial in Michael Jackson case

Appeals court rejects bid by Michael Jackson's mother for new trial in suit against promoter

Friday - 01/30/2015, 05:36pm EST

Denver police solve old murder case; killer's mom had role

Denver police solve 18-year-old murder case; killer's mother shielded him until his own death

Friday - 01/30/2015, 05:19pm EST

Stock market heading lower in midday trading

Stock market sinks in midday trading; S&P 500 index on course for nearly 3pct monthly loss

Friday - 01/30/2015, 03:10pm EST

Rod McKuen, mega-selling poet and performer, dies at 81

Rod McKuen, poet and songwriter of record-setting popularity in 1960s and '70s, dies at 81

Friday - 01/30/2015, 12:02pm EST

Convicted drug dealer charged with murder of movie executive

Convicted drug dealer charged with murder of missing Fox movie executive

Friday - 01/30/2015, 09:46am EST

On Super Bowl Sunday, veggies are most popular food

Pizza and wings are popular, but veggies are the champion of Super Bowl Sunday foods

Friday - 01/30/2015, 09:08am EST

Tape: Scientist offers to build nuke bomb targeting New York

Recording: Former federal scientist offers to build Venezuela a bomb targeting New York City

Friday - 01/30/2015, 07:46am EST

Yellowstone oil spills fuel arguments over Keystone line

Yellowstone River oil spill fuels Keystone debate; pipeline accidents increasing

Friday - 01/30/2015, 06:38am EST

McDonald's new CEO faces onslaught of competition

Even with CEO change, McDonald's facing onslaught of competition

Friday - 01/30/2015, 03:48am EST

Balloon crew surpasses distance record in Pacific flight

Balloon crew surpasses distance record, now planning to land in Mexico

Friday - 01/30/2015, 02:56am EST
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