4:57 pm, September 22, 2014

Government News

Justice Kagan performs her first same-sex wedding

Justice Kagan, in a first for her, officiates at same-sex wedding of her former law clerk

Updated 1 hours, 27 minutes ago

Kerry: US looking for help from Turkey against IS

Kerry: US looking for more help from Turkey against Islamic State now hostages are returned

Updated 1 hours, 35 minutes ago

White House orders plan for antibiotic resistance

White House orders government to create national plan on antibiotic-resistant bacteria by 2015

Updated 1 hours, 57 minutes ago

Health law enrollment now 7.3M

Latest health law enrollment figures show slippage from 8M high point

Monday - 09/22/2014, 01:54pm EDT

US general: Arab nations need to help in Iraq

Joint Chiefs chairman: Arab nations need direct role in fight against Islamic State group

Monday - 09/22/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Feds censure local police, yet give lethal weapons

Police departments cited for civil rights violations can still get surplus military weapons

Monday - 09/22/2014, 12:26pm EDT

Va. speaker blocks approval of Dem appointments

Va. House speaker blocks approval of Democratic appointments, cites FBI investigation

Monday - 09/22/2014, 11:20am EDT

News Guide: Steyer writes $15M to his super PAC

News Guide: RNC again tops DNC; Democrats' House and Senate committees best GOP rivals

Monday - 09/22/2014, 11:16am EDT

Lawyer, firm settle Va. bank failure allegations

Norfolk lawyer, law firm settle FDIC allegations stemming from Bank of Commonwealth failure

Monday - 09/22/2014, 11:10am EDT

Who wins Senate control? Nov. 4 might not decide

Louisiana and Georgia runoffs, Alaska vote count, could leave Senate control unclear for weeks

Monday - 09/22/2014, 10:08am EDT

5 things to know about possible Senate uncertainty

5 things to know about why the Nov. 4 election may not decide which party controls the Senate

Monday - 09/22/2014, 04:58am EDT

Tracing shift from everyday American to jihadis

From everyday American to foreign fighter: Shift may involve search for meaning, adventure

Monday - 09/22/2014, 04:54am EDT

NASA's Maven explorer arrives at Mars after a year

NASA's Maven explorer arrives at Mars after voyage of nearly a year, enters red planet's orbit

Monday - 09/22/2014, 04:42am EDT

A look at American jihadis: Why do they fight?

A look at 4 Americans who became jihadis and what motivated them to fight

Monday - 09/22/2014, 04:22am EDT

US applauds Afghan power-sharing agreement

White House applauds Afghanistan power-share agreement that ends drawn out election

Monday - 09/22/2014, 03:24am EDT

Relatives: Vet arrested at White House needs help

Relatives: Veteran accused of sneaking into White House needs help, wouldn't have hurt anyone

Monday - 09/22/2014, 03:06am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America

AP PHOTOS: A selection of our favorite images from Latin America and the Caribbean

Monday - 09/22/2014, 12:06am EDT

Checkpoints around White House may be coming

US official says Secret Service considering security checkpoints around White House

Sunday - 09/21/2014, 11:00pm EDT

Potential push for Obama to expand military effort

Obama already has extended military campaign against militants; how much further might he go?

Sunday - 09/21/2014, 08:48am EDT
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