8:08 am, May 27, 2015

Government News

Yellen plans on skipping this year's Jackson Hole conference

Yellen to be no show at this year's Jackson Hole central bank conference

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 08:18pm EDT

Lawyer says Sen. Cochran's marriage helps blogger's defense

Lawyer for blogger arrested over photos of Sen. Cochran's late wife: Remarriage helps defense

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 07:20pm EDT

A look at policing settlement terms between Cleveland, DOJ

A look at terms of policing settlement between Cleveland, US Justice Department

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 07:00pm EDT

Arizona House Democrat to challenge McCain for Senate

Arizona Democratic Rep. Kirkpatrick launches 2016 challenge for McCain's Senate seat

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 06:49pm EDT

McConnell: 2016 goal is to maintain, not grow, GOP majority

McConnell says he expects to maintain but not grow the Senate's Republican majority next year

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 06:30pm EDT

160,000 folding knives recalled after accidental cuts

More than 160,000 folding knives recalled after reports of accidental injuries

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 05:50pm EDT

Obama, South Korean president to meet at White House in June

Obama to welcome South Korean president to White House for talks next month

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 05:30pm EDT

US military begins search flights for stranded Rohingya

US military conducts surveillance flights to help search for Rohingya migrants at sea

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 05:20pm EDT

Police: Ex-death row inmate Cooper dead of apparent suicide

Indianapolis police: Former teenage death row inmate Paula Cooper dead from apparent suicide

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 05:00pm EDT

Biden tries to smooth over anger sparked by Carter's comment

Biden tries to smooth over anger sparked by Carter's criticism of Iraq's 'will to fight'

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 05:00pm EDT

John Murphy, NY congressman convicted in Abscam, dies at 88

John Murphy, longtime New York congressman who went to prison after Abscam sting, dies at 88

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 04:47pm EDT

Obama: US must examine how assets are being used in IS fight

Obama says US need to think about how its deploying military assets against Islamic State

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 04:46pm EDT

Supreme Court clarifies power of bankruptcy judges

Supreme Court says bankruptcy courts can rule on non-bankruptcy issues if parties consent

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 03:30pm EDT

Deutsche Bank paying $55M settlement on incorrect reports

Germany's Deutsche Bank paying $55M in SEC settlement over misstated reports during crisis

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 03:10pm EDT

Mary Landrieu, aide joining Washington lobbying firm

Former US Sen Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, aide join Washington lobbying firm Van Ness Feldman

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 01:50pm EDT

Supreme Court sides with KBR in false claims dispute

Supreme Court sides with defense contractor KBR in false claims dispute over work in Iraq

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 01:20pm EDT

High court won't hear child custody dispute

Supreme Court won't hear international child custody dispute

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 01:10pm EDT

Across nation, veterans' sacrifices honored in many ways

Nation honors veterans' sacrifices in many ways; Obama pays tribute to families of fallen

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 11:20am EDT

Congress' familiar path: short-term solutions

Deadlocked over long list of problems, Congress picks familiar path and goes short-term

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 03:50am EDT

'Ugly' potential fallout from Supreme Court health care case

Ruling may gut 'Obamacare,' but Republicans would feel the heat if millions lose subsidies

Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 03:18am EDT
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