10:03 pm, December 21, 2014

Government News

Bush officials did little oversight of CIA program

Don't ask, don't tell: CIA kept Bush White House in the dark about interrogation methods

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 03:54pm EST

Prepackaged caramel apples linked to 4 deaths

CDC says prepackaged caramel apples are linked to 4 deaths, 28 illnesses around the country

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 03:10pm EST

Final goodbye: Roll call of some who died in 2014

Among 2014's notable deaths: 2 who reshaped lives after violence, and stars who died too soon

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 03:05pm EST

Politics, shotgun marriage in government, war loom in 2015

The year ahead brings more war, accelerating 2016 politics and shotgun marriage in government

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 02:56pm EST

AP IMPACT: Abused kids die as authorities fail to protect

AP IMPACT: At least 786 kids die of abuse or neglect under watch of child protective services

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 02:10pm EST

Global oil impact: Who's hurting, happy, hopeful

Steep oil plunge slams Russia, Venezuela but US, China other big economies stand to benefit

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 01:06pm EST

AstraZeneca cancer drug, companion test approved

FDA OKs AstraZeneca 's first-in-class ovarian cancer drug plus companion test from Myriad

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 12:10pm EST

Obama cautions that change may be slow to come to Cuba

Obama cautions that pace of change in Cuba may be slow, suggests embargo will stay in place

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 11:48am EST

EPA coal ash standards a setback for environmental groups

EPA issues rules for the 1st time on coal ash, yet environmental groups unhappy with them

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 10:22am EST

Supreme Court won't stop gay marriages in Florida

US Supreme Court refuses to block gay marriages in Florida; some may start after Jan. 5

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 10:20am EST

5 topics for Obama's year-end news conference

5 topics that may come up during President Obama's year-end news conference

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 09:42am EST

Obama's Cuba switch forces exile groups to adapt

Miami's anti-Castro groups forced to adapt to a new paradigm in US-Cuba relations

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 09:16am EST

Bergdahl investigation wraps up; top leaders get briefings

Investigation into Bergdahl disappearance wraps up; top leaders get briefings on report

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 07:58am EST

Obama renews tax breaks, creates ABLE accounts

Obama renews tax provisions, creates tax-free savings accounts for people with disabilities

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 07:28am EST

Obama calls on women only at news conference

White House uses Obama news conference to highlight female journalists on the daily beat

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 06:32am EST

T-Mobile paying at least $90M for unwanted services

T-Mobile paying at least $90M, mostly in refunds to customers, for unwanted text services

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 06:00am EST

Obama: Sony decision to cancel movie a 'mistake'

Obama: Sony decision to cancel movie a 'mistake'

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 04:10am EST

Obama says North Korea hacked Sony, vows response

Obama: Sony made mistake in shelving film under pressure by North Korea hackers; vows response

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 01:26am EST

Bush officials gave CIA wide latitude

Senior officials weren't told key details about brutal CIA interrogations; they didn't press

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 12:16am EST

FDA OKs Cubist antibiotic for serious infections

FDA OKs Cubist antibiotic for complex abdominal, urinary tract infections

Friday - 12/19/2014, 11:50pm EST
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