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Cost-Effective IT in the Age of Mounting Cyber Threats

August 23rd, 2011 at 12 PM

Given the current state of the economy, there is increasing pressure to achieve efficiencies across the enterprise. However, in a time of cutting back, how do organizations keep their IT systems and networks ahead of the negative actors? CIOs grapple daily with an array of complex investment issues and at the same time, CISOs are trying to prevent attacks while fending off existing threats. What are cost-effective IT investments that deliver the cybersecurity needed for optimal protection?

Friday - 08/19/2011, 12:19pm EDT

Beyond Green: Making Sustainability Sustainable

April 21st, 2011 at 11 AM

In the midst of challenging economic circumstances, looming budget constraints, and compliance requirements with recent Executive Orders and policy directives, U.S. government agencies are under increased pressure to employ sustainability practices. Understanding the importance of sustainable efficiency in operations and the impact that the use of natural resources has on both our environment and our well-being as a society is paramount. Listen to "Beyond Green: Making Sustainability Sustainable" as part of the Booz Allen Hamilton Expert Voices panel series, featuring sustainability experts from across government to learn more.

Wednesday - 04/13/2011, 10:54am EDT

Global Illicit Supply Chains: Protecting Citizens and International Borders

March 23rd, 2011 at 11 AM

Criminal enterprises operating globally - so-called "Transnational Criminal Organizations" -- have spent years refining their approaches to all types of illicit trafficking including narcotics, weapons, illicitly gained and laundered money, and even modern day slavery. In many ways, these organizations can be considered multi-national corporations, given their size, reach, and sophistication. Indeed, their production and logistics operations rival best practices in the commercial sector, with highly resilient supply chains driven by the need to minimize the risk of seizure. TCOs often directly and indirectly enable, support, and facilitate insurgencies and terrorism; undermine state stability, security, and sovereignty; and corrupt legitimate global financial and trade networks. The stakes are high. U.S. Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense (DoD) find themselves at the front lines of this global security issue. As criminal organizations adapt to traditional interdiction methodologies, stakeholders across government are coming together to stem the tide, looking at what new technologies and whole of government approaches can be brought to bear to address this complex threat.

Monday - 03/21/2011, 01:37pm EDT

Cyber Hire: Ramping Up the Cyber Workforce

February 23rd, 2011 at 11 AM

As cybersecurity threats loom, the Federal government's demand for cyber talent is expected to far exceed the nation's supply of qualified professionals, and its ability to compete with the private sector for that increasingly scarce talent is challenged by an overly complex hiring process, pay freezes, and little agreement on the skills necessary to do the job. Given the direct tie of cybersecurity to national and economic security, our government has no choice but to engage with the best, and brightest, thinkers and practitioners in this arena. How can agencies cope in this difficult environment? How can they either develop or access a top-notch pool of cyber professionals, and prepare the very best of those professionals to lead? These are difficult questions, but they are vital to our national cybersecurity; the cyber 'talent gap' poses a serious threat to America's position as a global power, making it necessary for human capital and cyber experts across government agencies to come together to help the close that gap.

Friday - 02/18/2011, 12:42pm EST

Advanced Persistent Threat: Industrial Strength Hacking

February 8th, 2011 at Noon

Today's cybersecurity threat continues to evolve into a broad and sophisticated range of adversaries with the skills, resources, patience and motivation to accomplish their goal. Whether it is the theft of intellectual property, state secrets, or the disruption/destruction of critical systems and infrastructure that power our economy and ensure our National security, our Nation is at risk. America's cybersecurity against the Advanced Persistent Threat depends on Information Technology as never before. However, it is more than a technology issue. Cybersecurity requires an integrated approach across the full spectrum of people, process and technology to leverage and provide a way of thinking and action to address the issues. The threat to our National economic prosperity and cybersecurity has never been greater and is advancing at a rapid pace in its persistence every day. The goal of this discussion is to explore how the threat has evolved, what the implications are for business leaders, government officials, and our society, and an approach to address this growing challenge.

Wednesday - 02/02/2011, 12:56pm EST

Realizing the Promise of Health Information Exchange: Have We Turned the Corner?

December 9th, 2010 at 11:00AM

The value of accessing, analyzing, and securely sharing health information is clear—the ability to confidently come together as a single community to do so is not. How health information exchange will facilitate individual mission priorities, while advancing a common vision of a unified health system, is a constant demand. Core issues such as privacy, security, and trust must be put in the right context to make informed decisions, make health information exchange possible, and improve the health and wellness of our nation. Realizing the Promise of Health Information Exchange: Have We Turned a Corner?, part of the Booz Allen Hamilton Expert Voices panel series, features top industry and federal health experts who understand the opportunities and challenges of Health Information Exchange.

Monday - 12/06/2010, 01:17pm EST
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