12:32 am, May 6, 2015

Government News

Senate to hold hearings on police body cameras

Senators to discuss police use of body cameras after recent deaths of black men

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 08:20pm EDT

Menendez lawyer could seek venue change for corruption trial

Menendez lawyer could seek change of venue for senator's corruption trial

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 08:10pm EDT

House Roll Call: Cybersecurity

House Roll Call: Cybersecurity

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 06:50pm EDT

Hubble Space Telescope marking 25th anniversary in orbit

Hubble Space Telescope marks 25th anniversary in orbit this week, a crowning glory for NASA

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 06:50pm EDT

CDC eyeing bird flu vaccine for humans, though risk is low

CDC expert says danger to humans is low from Midwest bird flu outbreaks, but eyeing vaccine

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 06:40pm EDT

Man seeks to erase terrorism conviction, blames attorney

California man seeks to toss out high-profile terrorism conviction; blames trial attorney

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 06:40pm EDT

Can government squeeze raisin growers? Justices have doubts

Justices raise doubts about 1940s program that lets government pluck raisin growers

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 06:40pm EDT

Lawmakers face self-imposed pay freeze under House plan

Lawmakers face another self-imposed pay freeze under House plan; lawmakers to again earn $174K

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 06:40pm EDT

GOP spokesman: Benghazi report may slip into 2016

House Speaker Boehner says Obama administration not cooperating on Benghazi probe

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 06:37pm EDT

Obama sounds alarm on climate damage in visit to Everglades

Obama sounds alarm on climate change in visit to Everglades, says damage has already started

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 06:34pm EDT

House passes bill designed to thwart cyberattacks

House adopts bill to encourage companies to share data in fight against cyberspies

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 05:40pm EDT

FDA: Safety problems prompted review of homeopathic remedies

FDA official says increased popularity, safety issues led to review of unproven remedies

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 05:02pm EDT

Obama again avoids calling 1915 Armenian killings 'genocide'

After internal debate, Obama again opts against calling 1915 Armenian killings 'genocide'

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 03:03pm EDT

Top question for first lady? 'Can I have a hug?'

Children ask for hugs during annual question-and-answer session with Michelle Obama

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 02:53pm EDT

Officials: Ex-Pentagon spokesman to move to State Department

Former Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby will retire from the military and move to the State Department to be that agency's new public face, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 02:17pm EDT

Pentagon chief Carter: Europe 'not doing enough' on defense

Pentagon chief: Europe's military power 'slipping,' must be boosted to fulfill role as US ally

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 01:48pm EDT

Former W.Va. Rep. Nick Rahall joins World Affairs Council

Former West Virginia Rep. Nick Rahall joins World Affairs Council board of directors

Wednesday - 04/22/2015, 01:10pm EDT
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